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In Luke 21:11 it says, “great signs shall there be from the heavens!” “This takes in both sides of the good and the evil that will appear!” – “Also it takes in consideration the atomic blasts in the heavens!” (Verse 26) – “Also our future laser beam weapons will shake the powers of the heavens with awesome explosions during Armageddon!”

“Some of the astonishing aerial phenomena being seen in the different lights is warning that the cup of iniquity is full and that great judgment and destruction is just ahead! This is why the lights are appearing! (Sin is reaching its limits.)” – “Right after the lights appeared to Ezekiel in Ezek. chap 1 and as the cup of iniquity reached fullness we see in Ezek. 9:4, 7-9 that God sent destruction!” – Dan. 8:23, “reveals that when the transgressors have come to full the king of fierce countenance will stand up (the anti -Christ) and the prince and power of the air (Satan) will be with him!” – “This is just one deceptive way that Satan is preparing for his man of sin!” – “In ancient history when God’s lights began to appear it was just before disaster came!” – “It’s the sign of evil dictators, severe economic conditions, great quakes, famines, storms and geological upheavals!” – “The lights warn time is shortening! There will be many strange and unusual signs occurring before the coming of the Great Day of the Lord!” Joel 2:30 -31, “I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, fire and pillars of smoke!” “Also preceding this God will do spiritual wonders and great exploits through His people!” (Verses 28-29) “All this strange phenomena is in conjunction with the rising of the beast and is an omen of the cataclysmic events predicted to arrive in our age!” – “In doing this the Holy Spirit only gave a few Scriptures, there are many more to substantiate this subject!”

“One final word concerning true lights and false lights. We know in the garden of Eden there were both kinds. The false light from Satan was with the serpent beast, and the light of life was in the tree of life!” In Gen. 3:24 it gives an unusual passage. “After He drove man out, the Lord placed at the east of the garden of Eden cherubims and a flaming sword which turned in every way to keep the way of the tree of life!” – “Cherubims would be like what Ezek. 10:12-13, 19-20 revealed.”

– “A flaming sword which turned in every direction would be a wheel within a wheel, sharp, seeming like edges turning in every way (direction), in circular motion with flaming edges!” – “I am not saying this is the interpretation, but I thought it good to bring out this point! It could have been just a real flaming sword and angels!” – “According to other Scriptures we do know that God had in similarity celestial patrollers watching the earth, it says to keep, to watch!” – These patrollers were present just before the flood and some strange occurrences took place that you can read in Gen. Chap. 6. There are some real secrets in this chapter that some day I would like to explain, should the Lord permit! “And now one final Scripture on our subject is found in II Kings 6:17 wherein Elisha saw the mountain was full of chariots of fire all around him; of course angels of protection in them.” In Scriptural symbolism horses would be symbolic of power! Our fiery vehicles today are referred to as so much horse power in the engines! – Yes, Ezekiel saw God’s fiery glory wheels, and some day we will know the whole story of His wondrous works! – “So let us stand with His Word which is the true light of the Holy Spirit, and as far as the aerial phenomena is concerned, leave it with the Lord and follow the Bible truths!”

In God’s abundant love and blessings,

Neal Frisby