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The three nations and their principlesThe three nations and their principles

In the bible, according to 1st Cor. 10:32 we were informed that there are three nations on earth now as far as God is concerned. The three nations are Jews, Gentile, and the Church of God. Before Jesus came two thousand years ago there were only two nations-the Gentile and the Jews. Before these two nations, there was only one nation the Gentile nation before God called Abram (Abraham) out in Gen. 12:1-4 and that led to the birth of Isaac and Jacob (Israel-Jews).

Gentiles (world) are without God, they are idol worshipers-heathen. The Jews are the old covenant people of God while the church is the new covenant people of God saved by the precious blood of Jesus. (Eph. 2:11-22). These are predestined and called out ones from Gentile and Jewish nations, into a new body of Christ,-the new creatures God’s dwelling place,-the church of God.

These three nations have their different principles, just like the nations of the earth having different constitutions. The principles of the Gentiles are different from that of the Jews and that of the Jews are different from the principles of the church. Each of these nations is expected to keep to the principles that apply to them. The Gentile-world with their traditions, rudiments, (Col.2:8). The Jews with their Judaism-Jews religion (Gal.1:11-14)-the past truth the old wine. The church should also stay with their godliness-the word of God-the present truth, the new wine (Luke 5:36-39), (Col.2:4-10), (Titus 1:14), (2nd Peter 1:12). Let us now concentrate on the church of God. I said the church has their principles, the word of God-the present truth-the new wine (John 17:8), (John 17:14-17), (2nd Peter 1:12).

The church are the sons of God, and we are to keep to the word of God only, we have nothing to do with the principles of the Jews and Gentiles. We are neither Jews nor Gentiles, we are sons of God the church of God. We are to keep ourselves pure as Jesus, our example kept himself pure (1st John 3:3). We are not to touch the unclean things-foreign principles (2nd Cor.6:14-18). We are to avoid and reject principles that are not ours. One cannot be living in America and be obeying the constitution of Nigeria. We are in the world but not of the world. Why should the CHURCH that is not Jewish or Gentile obey and observe their principles? This ought not to be so. That is why it is difficult to know who is who, because of mixed up principles. If we are members of the church, the body of Christ we should also keep to the church principles only. We are to be Christian in and out and not masquerade as -Christian inside, Gentile and Jews outside; because of their principles we are observing.

Any Christian who wants to go in the translation must overcome these foreign principles and ungodliness and keep 100% word of Christ in his or her heart (1st John.3:3), (2nd Cor.6:14-18), (John.14:30). The Lord commanded holiness (1st Peter.1:14-16), (Titus.2:12). We are not to fashion ourselves according to the former lust of the Gentile and Jews in our ignorance, but as the Lord who called us is holy, so we should also live holy, by the Holy Spirit. Brethren let us watch and pray. Any principle, standard of living without scriptural backing in the New Testament is not for the New Testament saints.

There are differences between worldliness (gentile), Judaism and Christianity. John 1:17 says, for the law (Judaism) was given by Moses, but grace and truth (Christianity) came by Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, the church has become worldly and Jewish by imbibing the principles of the Jews and Gentile. These foreign principles must be purged, they are leavens that leaven the whole lump. Ours is Christianity-the word of Christ and not Judaism or worldliness. The bride takes only the word of Christ her husband. If we are going to be a faithful bride, we should keep to the word of our husband Christ the bridegroom alone. Friendship with the world is enmity with God, (James 4:4). May the Lord help us to remain faithful in Christ by keeping ourselves pure and holy, waiting patiently for Jesus, who is coming soon to take us to His palace. Amen.

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