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Prophetic Scrolls 7 part 1

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

Revolution – U.S.A. – Riots, bloodshed, Teenage rebellion will catapult the nation through a change “never seen before” (Religious, social and civil). The nation will give birth to a new form of government. Violence shall take it. It will change into a social type religious spirit finally like Babylon. Several top officials will betray the nation in an agreement concerning the nation’s foreign and social problems and wealth. It will look like a solution, but I saw it bring the people under a diabolical plan of soon coming control. The Lord showed me the Colored people will be tricked into, and finally given something totally different from what they ask for. At first, they will help them. Finally, the only kind of freedom they get is through a mark to buy, work or sell. Jesus told me the church systems and government will wind up with all the Power. This I foresaw and it will not fail. This is not written against Gods chosen Colored Christians. But God will stand by His children. Soon these Scrolls will be the most valuable possession you own. Remember the Bible will be changed by man soon or taken, but not these Scrolls. The wise will see what God is doing through me. I do not mean the Scrolls will take the place of the Bible. But there will be a famine for the Word of God. The Bible will be changed or very scarce during the nearing and into the tribulation. The Scrolls will be a great help nearing the dark days ahead. Nothing must be put ahead of the Word of God!

Inside Russia – It will go through a purging or revolution soon. Probably could cause a change in regime or leader, that will work for world trade with Western Europe, England and U.S.A. Russian satellites will appear over U.S.A. later with atomic warheads. Vietnam compromise halts later. (Some of this is a dual prophecy and will have a greater meaning in the 70s).

1967 through 72 and years of the future foreseen – Terrifying inventions bring short peace. Key World Leaders will change- China, Russia and several major men in America. Almost every major power will change! (1968 through 72 years of perilous times).

Financial boom – Although some inflation comes. I saw a financial boom in the Western Hemisphere. Craft will prosper and on the other hand awesome sights and fearful times. Man will face a financial crisis on gold, but out of the formation of the Western World, a boom in building and money uncontested in history. Through shrewd maneuvers the Jews, Catholics and Protestants merge their wealth. The Common Market booms, creates financial wealth, finally it gets so great, they think a certain man is God and that he’s brought in the Millennium, but he will bring them to the brink of hell (A world church formed), and World Bank created. But poverty and famine will still plague many nations. (Watch 1971 for tightening and possible 1973 for loosening.)

U.S.A. greatest mistake – Because of inflation and indebtedness-u.s.a. Government holdings will begin to merge with Catholic and Jewish holdings, which look like a solution to economy, but play a great role in heading to church and state (Mark 3:6). It will come as a snare to them. Unions will merge; industries will merge to try to pour billions into economy. It will happen just watch the Scrolls. (This will happen in a cunning manner).

Mental disorders – Due to motion picture dramas and world conditions, narcotics and rejecting gods power brings on a surge of demons from Satan, because he knows his time is short. People will see horrifying creatures and spirits. Children plagued with new mental diseases terrifying madness sets in on the world. The only chance a person will have is to (stay with Gods anointed servants!) Reading these scrolls will relieve and protect against mental nervous disorders. My Prayer cloths will set up a standard also. The churches that reject the anointing of Miracles will receive what has been mentioned. Remember (stay on Gods side!) no matter what man says.

Men of god be taken – Yes, as Moses was taken out of the way, just before he entered the promise land (type of heaven) god showed me several men will go also. Remember Joshua lead them on into the Promise Land (Names withheld to protect the Ministry). The Lord is about to do a new and startling thing soon! Only those of the Elect will know about His plans. The foolish will know nothing. A major Prophet will thunder (speak) at the mid-night hour!

Fantastic inventions – The sodomites – it was hard for me to write the last part of this. The Lord told me preachers won’t cry out against this anymore, but go along with it! This is not written to be indecent, but for a sign. The Lord told me He no longer will restrain man, but now would be like the flood. Super knowledge doubles now. Fantastic inventions almost like supernatural methods, like magic, a push button world in 3 yrs. Early 70s tremendous advance in outer space. Gravity control machine invented. Man will live in outer space platforms. (God steps up His (supernatural) Gifts also! Miracles from God become so incredible as to amaze the first men that were sent! God will now move at a fantastic pace, gathering the elect Bride. While the foolish are caught up in the Miracles of World Inventions! Soon via-satellite TV God could show His Signs to the whole world with evidence in (one night)! New car motors will make present ones obsolete. Radar controlled, bubbled top cars, at Christ appearance (Teardrop shaped). Planes without wings (rockets). L.A. to New York in 60 minutes. Clothes painted on (one fashion)! Almost if not “dress less” attire soon. Sun rays help produce travel energy by light. Light beams for cooking. Phones with picture of image. (Discover different light rays). Cosmic different type of light to help cure many diseases and medicine will seem supernatural, to heal many diseases, not healed before. Only to have new ones appear to baffle them. Man will discover to travel, with atomic rockets and use light rays.

New dimension in colors and TV. New use of supersonic waves. Discovery of new elements. Some of this I was shown years ago. Some is coming to pass now. All these fantastic inventions cause leisure of time. This will produce idleness and immoral minds, soft degenerates. Sin will be unbelievable. It will bring the appearing of the Sodomites. Homosexualism will be taught and encouraged in education. Homosexuals will plague the back sliding churches. They will reach greatly even to Pentecostal church organizations. All this I saw and more. Men will marry men! Women will marry women! In unprecedented numbers. Teenagers (naked!) will run wild upon our beaches, the summer night parties with drink, sex, and dope, order of the day! Indescribable! They will gaze upon one another in groups, as they practice their orgy scenes! For purposes of blasphemy and (immoral kicks!) and stimulation! Their chief purpose in living will be to revel in unspeakable debaucheries, perverted sex, exploring for new ways in sensual pleasure, sadistic into the stage of madness. Music will change to hypnotic, trance-like type, sex movement, compelling tune, with lust-full sound, bordering on insanity and worship). The Sodomites of all time appear!

Morals will completely collapse. Worldwide abortion will be legalized. The dark race will buy the white seed from doctors, and through insemination will have children. The white can buy Jewish seed or dark seed and raise them! A (curse will follow for their adultery). People will join the Sodom churches as to be able to do more, than if they were in the world. (Listen real close). A religious spirit will come over the nation! But it will allow the person to do anything they desire. The church system will legalize sin for money. You will never see anything so loathsome! (For God will give them up! Soon they will find themselves in famine and uncontrollable epidemics of disease. And invasion of billions of destroying bugs, insects and locusts, never known before to man. Atomic horrors will come. Now weather conditions change to devastating proportions. The handwriting is on the wall! They are weighed in the balances and found wanting. (All prophecies were written months ago, even years- Some already coming to pass!)

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