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Prophetic Scrolls 6

Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby

Editor – Brother Frisby has been given a deep personal message to certain of gods chosen saints. If it’s hard for you to see now the Lord will show you in time, The Lord told Bro, Frisby after his testimony and message is finished (no one knows when that is) God will smite the earth with fire and plagues, I can say one thing for certain watch this young man! He knows more than he can speak now. (Next month is his greatest article). I’ve never seen so much power and Miracles, since God backed up Moses on his way out of Egypt!)

Will Billy Graham and Oral Roberts join world systems – Both have done a tremendous job, for Gods work. Now if they unite with the lukewarm coalition of the churches, then later world system (church and state) to get tax deductions for their multi-million dollar building programs (Later I know the state will exert pressure). Be careful they may get in too deep. If they do just before this time. God will gather His elect children, or I’ll be greatly deceived! Remember Lot went right on into Sodom. (Abraham stood with God) Gen 13:11-12, Gen 18: 22. If the Pentecostal Organizations go into the lukewarm world Protestant systems too (then they move toward foolish virgins!) (Behold I come quickly! Watch be thou not deceived neither by man nor angel, but search my word and when man makes this move, come out from among them’ saith the Lord. For I have spoken it and not a man! (Oral Roberts, Billy Graham and all are still valuable to God now. But watch less they lose their power like Samson when he laid in the lap of a woman. Judges 16:1 and 19. Rev. 2:20.

Elijah saints – Yes, they will leave the earth without seeing death at Jesus coming, the ministry will separate them through a mighty prophet, (also prophets) and a prophetic anointing, angels will direct this move in the spirit of the lord, some will be transported, even to preach on occasions in other lands, some will raise the dead and have creative power etc, their joy and power become great as they get ready for the rapture. Then after they leave all this pours over greater into the Jews and the tribulations. With Moses and Elijah, as they plague the earth. (Lo saith the Lord it cometh even now!)

Sleeping churches I saw this plain, the dead united protestant churches unite with Babylon (catholic) but not the bride. The next move is first the protestants all unite, then combine forces with civil power and join the catholic spirit as one.- They so influence the state they become like Babylon. Then like Israel they will make an agreement with the antichrist system and go through great tribulation with the Jews. Vision is positive.

Mark of beast Is when harlot churches unite with government, then the antichrist system is formed. The mark is to take the word of the religious antichrist and government in place of Gods Word. This will seal their doom, if they do. Also, a number will be issued.

Great pyramids – God’s divine wisdom constructed the first architectural wonder of the world. And God will build the last architectural wonder of the world. (New Jerusalem, the holy city) God marked the pyramid in the center of the earth. Isa. 19: 18-20. This is something to think about. The worlds greatest authority on the pyramids has absolute proof it withstood the flood. This same (type knowledge) handed through Enoch and Methuselah is what built the ark at Gods divine command to Noah, although the Egyptians help build the pyramid God put it there for a sign. Later false Egyptians used the pyramids for burial and religious ceremonies. That is what threw scientists off in the mystery of who built it. The lesser two pyramids man could have built. The Lord showed me man will make a discovery concerning the Great Pyramid. Though I would caution people against being led astray by mystical interpretations of the Pyramid. Yet there’s no doubt it was built in the providence of God.

Into the teenage world – Their sin will double. They will do things through narcotics inspired by music and pills that will make ancient Roman mild in comparison. What God has shown me is unbelievable yet true. Orgies once hid in back rooms will come out boldly popular through the youth. I foresaw seducing films. The human form nude. Male and female both together, in fixed image doing that which is unseemly. Since I received this awhile back, they already are beginning it, in what they call psychedelic “trip” movies. It depicts bizarre realistic orgies of the flesh in motion and in color uncut with flash shots so brief it puts the mind into passion and the imagination goes wild. Then on to other weird plots, and then brief flash shots again. The Lord says (Sodom) will repeat. You can base your own opinion whether the elect church will still be here or not? Soon Satan through an ungodly plan, through the modern youth and older will blend riotous sex, music right into a new religion and church program. And on to Babylon. Rev. 17. The cage of every unclean spirit. (Lo it will come to pass!)

Flying saucers – (Evil spirits) Traveling in cosmic light! Before you say anything read the whole thing. Actual cases told “Look” Magazine upon contact with illuminating power off the craft, that they were healed. Now lets take a close look in the spirit. Now I know some kind of cosmic power can probably do so much healing. Scientists are searching more into this today. Usually on contact a cut or abrasion was healed – but remember no spirits were cast out. (The blind or deaf did not see or hear). Now the Lord told me the Saucer spirits will begin to appear and say they are angels from God. Some will even say they are Christ, but are not. Some will tell many they are sent to save them from destruction, and to believe in them. This is satanic. Also, they will tell the people to attend Mystery Babylon church systems. Many on contact will also have illicit affairs with them by hallucinations. This has already been stated to “Look Magazine”. As the Bible says this kind of religion will repeat at the end Most saucers being reported have some kind of (cosmic atoms (lights) appearing in different colors, which are (fallen angels of light) Many strange things are about to take place just before Jesus comes. I am thoroughly convinced that the devil has imitated what Ezekiel saw. Gods living chariots which Ezekiel called a wheel within a wheel (Ezekiel 1:9, 13, 14, 19, 21. – (Ezekiel 3:13, 14 -Ezekiel 10:8, 10-17). With beautiful colors. Satan and angels are (called fallen lights and stars). They can pulsate and allow light to flow like cosmic atoms. Some are like mechanical wheels, radiating cosmic colors. Remember Satan is created from some kind of atomic (cosmic light) Certain spirits can definitely travel in cosmic light. (Fallen Cherubim’s) Satan’s light was used to cover the throne, but was cast out. Ezekiel 28:13-14. Now Satan is imitating what Ezekiel saw. Gods true living creatures (Chariots of fire) showing judgment is just ahead. Remember Gods true lights appeared just before He marked Israel. And judgment prophesied under the Ministry of Ezekiel 10. Read Psalms 68:17; – 2 Samuel 22:10-16 Isaiah 66:15. Read the first few chapters of Ezekiel. He saw modern planes and Gods supernatural lights of some angelic order.

006 – Prophetic Scrolls

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