Prophetic scrolls 119

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                                                                                                  Prophetic Scrolls 119

          Miracle Life Revivals inc. | Evangelist Neal Frisby


The clock is ticking – “Israel is God’s prophetic timepiece! And it has been said Jerusalem is the minute hand. The Scriptures compel that time is running out for the Gentiles! — Luke 21:24, is fulfilled! — The Jews reclaimed the old city of Jerusalem. (1967) – They now want it as their capitol. . . . Seemingly the nations are disturbed about it, especially the Arab. Why? — Because it is a sign that time is short for Satan!” (Rev. 12:12) — “As the fullness of time for the Gentiles has come in, also the cup of iniquity is being reached!” Dan. 8:23, “When the transgressors are come to full a king (anti-Christ) of fierce countenance and understanding dark sentences shall stand up! – The way that this is worded is as though he has been around for some time but suddenly takes his position! — It says he understands things that are hidden to others! — This covers a wide range of subjects. He is like a stored up computer with his ever-ready knowledge, and wickedness covered up by religion, peace and good intention! – He will have a line of propaganda that the earth has not quite heard yet! — Working hand and glove with Satan he is none other than a super con-man according to Ezek. chap. 28, glorified with worldly supernatural wisdom; he is an economic wizard and a sharp trader that will finally lead to his downfall!” (Dan. 11:36-45) — “With his peace and prosperity plans he absolutely deceives the nations for a short period!”—“By what is happening around Israel we know that the end is near, and Jesus’ return is soon!”

The end of the age signs — “The Scriptures bear out that just before Jesus’ return that Russia would be a strong power in the North. And that this power of the North would suppress Israel on each side…. This is in fulfillment! – One nation in particular has been Syria!” -“Another sign is the Chinese expansion in industrializing, Japan, and the kings of the East, etc. (Rev. 16:12-14) — Another sign is the 10 nations coming together to give restoration to the old Roman Empire! (Rev. 13) — This is called the Common Market of Europe!. . . Also remember the Middle East was finally under control of the Roman Empire wherein the false prince stands up and finally rules the world from during the Tribulation period!” (II Thess. 2:4 near or in Jerusalem— Dan. 11:45)- “Another prophecy fulfilling is the discovery of weapons that could actually annihilate the population, bringing vast destruction, cobalt, neutron, atomic bomb, energy and space weapons, gamma-rays (death ray) and chemical warfare!” (Joel 2:30 — Luke 21:26 — Zech. 14:12 — Rev. 18:8-10) – “One more sign that the Bible predicted would be the arming of all nations for Armageddon. Daily in the news one can watch this prophecy fulfilling!”

The plague sign – In Matt. 24:7, “Jesus spoke of the pestilences in association with His soon return! Disease and epidemics will break out in many parts of the world, growing worse into the Tribulation. …Also the word pestilences takes in all type poisons like what we see in our industrialized cities, smog, etc. and the poisons leaking into our underground water systems! — And all of this was prophesied in conjunction with the coming of Christ!” – “As you know these subjects are in the news daily. . . . The other day they reported some underground volcanoes seeping out smoking fumes in parts of the sea! Plus, when the huge asteroids strike it may cause these volcanoes to explode, bringing further destruction to the sea! (Rev. 8:8-9) — And also we know that some volcanoes have already erupted in some seas making new islands. It’s one more sign that the prophetic gift predicted!”

The famine sign — “The famine sign was to appear in intensity just before the return of Christ; this has been on the increase and will definitely grow worse! -The apocalyptic horse of death will appear in the near future! — Starvation will haunt many parts of the earth.” (Rev. 6:5-8) — Jesus said, “that great disease would sweep the world in the last few years of the age! . . . and Yea, it seems even at the door!” — “Also we might mention the population sign coupled with famine will bring disaster on an enormous scale in the 80’s and 90’s!” – “According to Luke 21:25, all of this activity and events are not without the forewarning of the ‘lights in the heavens’ for signs! — Scientists admit that many strange events are taking place in outer space…. Plus Halley’s Comet is on its way. Well known comets have always forecast futuristic events; they are omens leading to strange occurrences and ominous situations! They are associated to political upheavals, war and the changing of times!” — “These types of events take place many years after a comet has come and gone! — In another place Jesus said, fearful sights and great signs shall there be from the heaven! — In the next Paragraph we will list some signs that substantiate His near return,” quote . . . In Stavanger, Norway, there appeared a most remarkable vision in the heavens. One of the many eye-witnesses relates the following: “A large black cloud arose in the west, becoming very red, as though it were all fire, and forming an arch out of which appeared great letters: ‘ Be ye converted for Jesus is coming soon.’ Then there appeared an angel with large white wings, at whose side arose a large cross, and below whom stood the word, ‘Amen’. During the whole time it was light but afterwards became very dark, as a big cloud hid it all; and the sight alarmed us! ”

Prophecy fulfilling — The increasing lawlessness, the crime wave and the moral decay… “Jesus said violence, crime and immoral debauchery would fill the earth. (II Tim. 3:1-7) — This sign is so evident around us that even many Christians have forgot that it is a sign of the end of the age!” — “He gave religious signs, the apostasy, the departing of the faith and falling away! . . . Many are joining churches and organizations without joining to the Lord Jesus in full power! — They have a form of godliness, but they will actually deny the power. They will turn away from a true prophet, and receive an imitation! By watching the masses we can truly say, surely delusion has already set in! . . . Some are joining independent churches by thinking they are playing it safe, but if the independents do not have the true Word then they will fit in with all organized systems!” (Rev. 17:1-5)

The sign of the cult and the occult explosion — I Tim. 4:1, “reveals in the latter time seducing spirits would come forth. Never in all mankind have we seen such a revival and restoring of witchcraft, demonism and Satan worship as of late. … The activity is everywhere! … in films, horror shows, TV. . . in fact witches and some of the occult want to put in their own television channel so that they can be in direct contact with many people! — This will surround certain events and will intensify!” — “And I quote from Scroll #113. — ‘When children act like men (drink, crime, rape, etc.) and have no correction — and women rise on high and are rulers as men (political, groups, etc.) then witches take charge and sorcery shall lead — it shall stand!’—All this finally leads to destruction and hell!”

The last generation — Jesus said, “Verily I say unto you, this generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled. (Matt. 24:34) — He was speaking concerning many of the events that we have just written above. This was especially associated to the budding of the fig tree, wherein it meant that Israel would blossom again as a nation!” — “This great sign occurred May 14, 1948, and the ‘Fig Tree’ was taken as their national symbol, just as was prophesied. — Therefore evidently this generation started about that time. . . . How long is a Jewish generation? A Bible generation is about 40 years.” — “Verily I say unto you this generation . . . did He mean (Israel as a nation, 1948-88). But remember they did not get the old city back until 1967 … 30 is a Messianic number, and thirty years from that date would come to conclusion somewhere in the middle 90’ s — This generation shall not pass away until all be fulfilled!” — “But we know the elect church is translated much earlier than His final statement (till all be fulfilled) ! ” — “It seems the Scriptures are telling us that the 80’s is our preparation and harvest time! — Compare these writings with other Scrolls and Scroll #106 and we will know that we are in the time and season of His coming!” — Irenaeus was an ancient writer, not too long after John the Apostle. He wrote many centuries ago the following: “For in so many days as this world was made, in so many thousand years shall it be concluded. . . and God brought to a conclusion upon the sixth day the works He had made.” — “This is an account of the things formerly created, as also it is a prophecy of what is to come . . . in six days created things were completed; it is evident, therefore, that they will come to an end at the sixth thousand year!— As we know our calendars are not correct. — Men claim that the 6th thousand year runs out sometime before the 80’s – 96! I believe we are in a transition period and living on borrowed time as it is! — That is why we must watch the signs of the time, and pray! ”

The world economic conditions – “Every nation now is suffering inflation. The USA is in what we call creeping inflation which could turn to hyper- inflation later in the age…. The day is coming when paper money will have no value at all!” — “We are given a remarkable prophecy that a day is soon coming when there will be a new economy, a new anti-christ social order, a new political system, plus a new religion!… Super computers will mastermind the economy and no one will be able to buy or work without these code marks! (Rev 13:15-18) — Credit cards will one day be obsolete, coming next seems to be the debit cards, evidently leading to the electronic mark! ” – “We will have severe inflation near the Tribulation, but the worst type of galloping inflation will take place during Rev.6:5-6. ‘Depression-inflation’ will become so bad that it will require a full day’s wage to buy 2 loaves of bread! — And all the gold is hoarded away! (Dan 11:36-43) – An economic mark of credit and worship given!” – “Time is short, let us do all we can for Christ while we have a brief period left to work!

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