Prophetic scrolls 118

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                                                                                                  Prophetic Scrolls 118

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The genesis secrets come alive by revelation – According to Gen. 2:7-8, “The Lord created Adam first; and then it says that afterwards God made the garden, and there He put the man!” – So Adam was not made in the garden, but in a different place, and David evidently explains the secret! Ps. 139: 15, he says “in the lowest parts of the earth.” He was speaking of the first man Adam being created! – The substance to make Eve was already in Adam, but it was not taken out of him until later in the Garden of Eden! Adam before hand, with his kind of dual nature, was almost an angelic form with a glow! – “Both had a startling presence before sin came!” (See Scroll # 101)

What would have happened to Adam and Eve if they had not sinned? – “Well, of course, they would have lived forever! One of the reasons Enoch was translated was to reveal what would have happened to Adam and Eve if they had not sinned. They would have been translated to Paradise above, rather than seeing death!” – “Also a day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one day! (II Peter 3:8) – For the Lord said ‘in the day’ that they sinned, they would surely die. Adam lived to be 930 years old. So he died in the same day that he sinned according to God’s time!” – “Also Enoch proved what would happen to the Saints of God who have salvation at the end of the age. They will be translated alive!” Gen. 5:24 – Heb. 11:5, “reveals that he should not die – meaning, evidently, that he could not be one of the two witnesses, because they die, and it says he would not! (Rev. chap. 11) – Two things, it says his ‘faith’ was all important. He pleased God. He was in continual faith fellowship, and he was translated!” – “We notice that the period from the Eden fall, to Enoch’s translation is exactly two cycles of 70 weeks (prophetically 7 years, per week) or 2 X 490 years cycle. So he was translated between 980 or just before the first thousand years was up! – And from now 80’s or within 1999 all should be over, translation, Armageddon, etc. – Here is another view point. 10 is God’s number of completion. And 10 X 12 is 120. And from between the later 80’s thru 1995-97 will make 120 Jubilees since the creation of Adam!” – “Also the prophet Enoch foresaw events that would take place at the end of our age. He saw the coming of Christ with ten thousands of His Saints! (Jude 1:14) He was translated 69 years before the birth of Noah, the man who would carry on Enoch’s ministry!”

The mysterious chapter of genesis 6 – But first let us consider Gen. Chap.5 concerning longevity! Gen. 5:4-5, “reveals Adam Lived to be 930 years old Verse 3 reveals he was 130 years when he begat Seth. And way later up in the years he had more sons and daughters!- Verse 8 reveals Seth lived to be 912 years old, also begetting children after he was hundreds of years old! – And Noah himself was 500 years old before any children were born! (Gen. 5:32) – And if his wife was pregnant at 3 or 4 hundred years old, it surely is an amazing event for us to look back upon, but it is true!” – “We may ask the question, did they hold their looks. Why, sure, women hundreds of years old still having babies would still look nice and very young looking; likewise the men! – According to the Scriptures, in the flood women 2 or 3 hundred years old were having sex with teenage men. We will prove this with Jesus’ statement in a moment!” – “Evidently Adam and Eve held their looks quite well until the day they died! – But it was a proven fact that the longer men lived, the more wicked they became. The Cain seed evidently did not have quite the longevity of Adam’s seed, so evidently they began to inter-mingle with the opposite seed in order to lengthen their children’s lives. And also giants were produced, but the whole thing didn’t work! God’s judgment came!”

Now retiring to chapter 6 – The awful sins and the birth of giants… What caused the flood? – “A disregard for God’s Word in the preaching of Enoch and Noah! – People hardened beyond recovery! – There was a rapid increase in population, an increase in severe wickedness, violence filled the land, and undue prominence of the female sex worship!” – “A disregard of the marriage vows. – A rapid progress in mechanical arts and different sciences, therefore giving them more time for pleasure! – The fallen watchers revealed to them the fine arts and idols of lust, and the worship of stars! –An alliance between the false religious and the seed of Adam that once had the Word! – Also men have found ancient artifacts of that era, and it reveals that the men and women went undressed; also painted over many parts of their body! Evidently that was all that most wore!” – “All of the above sounds just like today, doesn’t it?” – In Luke 17:28-30, “Jesus said, that the end of the age would be just like the days of Noah, and the days of Sodom! Meaning that Sodom’s day was like Noah’s day!

Continuing incredible events – According to Jesus’ own statement that in the days of Noah and Sodom they committed the same type sins! – And according to Gen. 19:4, and other Scriptures, it reveals that the young and old had sex together, and with children. The same is prevalent in our time!”- “So, according to His statement, during the flood men and women 3 or 4 hundred years old or older, were involved with the very young in their sexual acts! -According to the Hebrew’s interpretation there were all types of perversion! – They had some type of evil angelic sex. They were taught and led by the fallen angel watchers! (See Scroll #102) -Because the genetics changed rapidly and giants were produced! (Gen. 6:4) -It says that they were from men of old (renown, of the past)! – As we said, the women were beautiful at hundreds of years old and still looked young or they could not have seduced youth! – And the giant child was mature at 10 or 12 years old bringing on a new form of orgie in tremendous sexual power! Because of the great age of the men and women they were more wicked and experienced in the art of seduction and pleasure! – And this is in a type of what happened in Sodom! – During the days of the flood it was like a fantasy world to them! According to the Scriptures, like today, they were in a sexual revolution that had never been seen before! And it got completely out of control!” (Read Scroll # 109)- “The young giants and the Cain seed produced some of the most lurid, lewd and debauched evil ever seen!” – “During that time of idol worship, the evil spirits actually appeared to them and pressing within them. The demon powers became so strong, super lust was created in their bodies! … They had insatiable pleasure urges continually! – Therefore, it was unrestrained passion mingling with all type ages! – (Also they worshipped and had sex with serpents.) – In type the same things are occurring today; they are entering a regular fantasy world!” – “In the very latter end of our age the women and men will take on a fallen angel look creating the demonic urges in sins that were spoken above! – Already today there is proof that women are in contact with the spirits in the manner that we mentioned and concerning idols! – More can be said, but this reveals to us that prophecy is true and is coming to pass! These are real facts! By combining the other scrolls mentioned you will get a cleaner picture!”

Some final words and revelation – II Peter 2:4-6. “According to these verses Peter said the angels that were chained were associated to what happened during the flood! And that they remain chained in darkness until the day of judgment! Then their crimes will be revealed of what they did during the flood in leading this great apostasy against mankind! – What God allowed them to do was very rare indeed because the other angels and demon powers have already been judged! – But here these have to wait for their judgment concerning their particular mixture with mankind! – This brings up other interesting subjects. – There are many distinct places in the spirit where classes of wicked spirits are confined!”

The different locations concerning evil powers –“First, the bottomless pit. (Rev. 17:8) -It says the beast ascends out of the pit abyss. This same prison house will contain Satan during the millennium! (Rev. 20: 1-3)-(2) -Hades or hell is where the wicked human spirits are confined…where they are kept until the day of judgment, after which they are cast after the lake of fire with Satan!” (Rev. 20: 14-15)- (3) – “The lake of fire: This is where it will all end where the humans who have sinned are cast after the judgment of the White Throne!” – “But before this the false prophet and the anti-Christ are cast directly into the lake of fire!”(Rev. 19:20) – And after the millennium Satan is cast into the lake of fire with them!” (Rev.20: 10) – “To this may we add the word Tartarus; it seems to be the place of wicked angels as mentioned in II Peter 2:4. It is probably associated to the bottomless pit, too! ” – “The lake of fire in the Old Testament was called Tophet (Isa.30:33) – In the New Testament it is called Gehenna!” – “Before we finish, also Rev.chap.9 mentions a confinement! – Jude 1:13 and also Jesus mentions a place of outer darkness seemingly similar to space, etc. – In this particular location it seems to be outer space somewhere, etc. Study these revelations and you can’t help but have new knowledge and insight in the dimensions of the Lord Jesus!” – “In contrast to this above, heaven is our home!” (Rev. chaps. 21-22)

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