Prophetic scrolls 120

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                                                                                                  Prophetic Scrolls 120

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The revelation of the angels in God’s kingdom — Ps. 99:1, “The Lord reigneth: let the people tremble: he sitteth between the cherubims; let the earth be moved.” — “Tremendous power! — The Eternal Monarch sits in between the cherubims overshadowed by the seraphims (beautiful glowing lights). — Even His throne is shrouded in mystery, but He reveals it to us by revelation; and without spiritual insight one from the natural would never understand it!” … “There is much more to it than even what the prophets revealed. — But first let us consider the angels in their positions. God’s kingdom is a spiritual one, a literal government of order and authority. Each created angel has its specific task of order, authority and administration!” — “The cherubims in God’s kingdom are the guardian messengers of the Throne!” (Rev. 4:6-8) — In a moment we will reveal that they also take flight with the Lord! (Ezek. 1:13, 24-28) — “The seraphims within the Throne rank among the highest of the 9 or 10 orders of angels! — They are priestly like, who, in the Temple of Heaven, direct universal worship to the Creator!” — Isa. 6:1-7, Verse 2, “reveals these heavenly beings cover their face and feet with wings and fly. These stand above Him!” — Evidently at times the whole view of the Throne is pulsating and moving as creative and vibrant in eternal living! … “ There is never any weariness, tiredness or dissatisfaction; they are never bored! . . They need no rest! (Rev. 4:8) — Neither do the seraphims or any of the angels need rest! . . . The cherubims are indeed strange little angels; they have eyes of light round about them as probably the seraphims do! . . . They are known as the burning ones! . . . It is also possible that their form changes when they move!” (Ezek. 10:9-10)

The universal kingdom — “These angels are messengers of God in His never-ending kingdom! Probably the seraphims and cherubims have individual names known only to God. And we know of only three among the angelic order that are named; these are archangels. We have Michael, Gabriel and, of course, the fallen one, Lucifer, called light bearer — son of the Morning! — “Now Jesus is the angel of the Lord, the greatest of Archangels, the Bright and Morning Star, creator of the angels! (St. John, chap. 1) — Read I Thess. 4:16— God, the Archangel!” …“What many people don‘t know is that satan was also highest ranking among the cherubims, for he was the cherubim of overshadowing light!” (Ezek. 28:14) — “It says the ‘anointed cherub’ that covers!. . . Then he had wings, and may still have them. It describes him on the holy mountain of God walking up and down in the midst of the stones of fire!” — “These stones of fire could be creative actions or the angels of blue glowing flame like glowing and dazzling sapphire stones!. . . Remember the God of Israel stood before them on a paved work of sapphire stone!” (Ex. 24:10) — “A convincing manifestation! These living sapphire stones flank the pathway to God when one approaches!”

The kingdom of God is a sovereign power — “And it is moving towards a progressive and victorious goal in which all things will be placed under the authority of the Lord Jesus!” — “Is God’s Throne moveable? Why of course, if need be! — He is a living and active creator overseeing all of His works in the universe! In several good Bible references they refer Rev. 4:3 (throne) back to Ezek. 1:26, and verse 6 is referred to Ezek. 1:5, 18 and Rev. 4:8 referred back to Isa. 6:1-3!” — “I personally believe that it is moveable akin to an active creator. Remember He can set for one thousand years seemingly and yet it is as one day with Him! A thousand years is like a watch in the night David said!” (II Peter 3:8) — “Also at one point God was stationary over the north where satan fell! (Isa. 14:13) — The astronomers tell us today that there is a blank spot there depicting this! (Read scroll #101) — Satan was going to set up his own kingdom, but fell like lightning out of the north! (Light moves at 186,000 miles per second.) He was that far from the throne in one second!” — “Now let’s turn to Ezek. 1:26-28 to reveal the portable throne! . . . Ezekiel had seen a ‘cloud of glory’ moving towards him like amber fire; four messengers came out. Then he saw wheels, cherubims, as coals of fire and lamps running and returning out of the cloud as a flash of lightning! —It was as though all of heaven moved in on him for a moment.— Seraphims,angels,wheels,etc.”- Verse 26, “mentions the throne, mentions the rainbow, mentions His glory. And he says ‘one’ spake! And all this refers back to Rev. 4:3, 6-8, Ezek. Chap. 1 and chap.10 reveal the movements and all those around His throne are with Him!- So we see evidently He can have a ‘stationary throne’ or a moveable throne! — He is Eternal, you can be sure that He can do the unexpected!”

Continuing — revealing God’s marvelous ways — Dan. 7:9, “reveals an Eternal Throne of fiery movement (creative action) that had ‘wheels burning’ as fire! — It seems as though piece by piece God is revealing to us that He can appear anywhere in His endless universe in which manner He chooses. To put the final touch to it He is Omnipresent (everywhere) . . . Omnipotent (all power). . Omniscient (all knowing).” — “None of the angels are like this, and needless to say certainly not Lucifer! — For there is none and never will be any like our Lord of Hosts!” — “The Lord has 20,000 moving chariots that are controlled by angels. (Ps. 68:16-17) — David saw one of the most unique aerial wonders ever seen! — It is mentioned in two places in the Bible, but here is one place, II Sam. 22:10-15. ‘And he rode upon a cherub and did fly’! — David saw God on the wings of the wind, etc. It mentions, ‘and he shot forth something that looked like cosmic arrows as of lightning’!” — “But Elijah the prophet saw and got into the very chariot of Israel! (II Kings 2:11-12) — It mentions the horsemen, thereof; who are these? — The cherubims or the angel messengers controlling the chariot ship? — The chariot of Israel is none other than the chariot and pillar of fire by night in the wilderness! — When it moved forward, Israel moved forward. Amen! — The Bright and Morning Star in a cloud of amber!” — How beautiful God’s revelations are! — In speaking of God’s 20,000 chariots, Elisha definitely saw many of them all around him! (II Kings 6:17) — They were seen in Eden! (Gen. 3:24) — “I might add many of the lights that are seen today are God’s angels warning and a sign that time is short! — And of course there are also satanic and false lights that are evidently seen, for satan himself is an angel of light! — We could add much more Scriptural evidence to this, but we now want to relate more concerning God’s angels!”

The nature and position of other angels — “Now angels do not die. (Luke 20:36) — Neither do they age! The angel seen at Christ’s resurrection was called a young man, but evidently was ageless or trillions of years old! (Mark 16:5) — Angels are not omniscient like God. They actually don‘t know the exact time of the Translation until it is given! — Some angels are organized into legions! (Matt. 2 6:53) — They are interested in the conversion of sinners!. . . The elect will be introduced to the angels! (Luke 12:8) — Angels minister around Christ!. . . Angels are guardians of God’s little ones!. ..They carry righteous at death to Paradise!” (Luke 16:22) — “Angels gather together the elect at Jesus’ coming! — They sever the righteous from the wicked!. . . They execute judgment on the wicked!. . . Angels are ministering spirits to the redeemed!” (Heb. 1:14) — “One other thing, the heavenly angels do not marry. (Matt. 22:30) — But evidently the fallen angels or earth watchers on earth promoted or tried something of this fashion! (Gen. chap. 6, ‘flood’) (II Peter 2:4) — (Read Scroll #102)

Lucifer and the evil angels — “A third of the false angels rebelled against God and His government. (Rev. 12:4) — Lucifer led the rebellion to set up his own kingdom. (Isa. 14:14-17) — The warfare between Lucifer’s counterfeit and God’s real kingdom has continued ‘til this day!” Read Dan. 10:13. . . “And the warfare continues into Rev. 12:7-9, casting satan completely into the earth! (Read Isa. 66:15) — And Rev. chaps. 19 and 20 show the final warfare when it is completed wherein God and His angels defeat satan and his angels in finality … then the eventual cleansing and restoration of the earth to its Edenic perfection! (Rev. 21) — Then God’s plan for this galaxy and planet will be accomplished!” — “Can’t you just see God’s Throne where one sits wrapped in a rainbow of light, surrounded in eternal glory, (Rev. 4:3) lights sparkling in color of living essence, etc. Where we will finally really feel at home!” — “So whether God is moving or sitting in His throne it is a majestic and glorious sight!”

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