World conditions

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World conditionsWorld conditions

Translation Nuggets 49

Dear saints be not deceived, Satan and his subordinate demon powers is now beginning in every way to prevent, harm or destroy the very elect, and will do away with them first if possible, but God is preventing it. The devil is working through various types of the science, medics, and many levels of the government and through many of the cults and false systems. And it is and will be bringing railing accusations against the true. Already through the anti-Christ spirit, I have definite proof, evidence and witnesses that Satan is cleverly trying to harm in any way he can, those who are going to be translated and believe in the Lord. But the Lord said, He will protect His chosen in His powerful hand, against the devil. So in the days ahead be not afraid, saith the Lord, but only believe, watch and pray. Through electronics and computer means and etc. Satan probably has many true Full Gospel peoples’ names and will reveal them to the Babylon system, (Rev. 17). But just before the mark; the Lord will catch up His elect, (Rev. 12:5; 1st Thess. 4:16-17). Oh how wonderful Jesus watches over His children.


Revolutionary age

A most prophetic era concerning vast changes in science, inventions and technology. Man is carrying himself into a third dimension and will try to make his electronic and light forms (inventions and etc.) look more supernatural than God. But at the same time the Lord is pouring out the former and latter rain and will supersede anything than ever seen before. The midnight cry is awakening. The thunders uniting the elect together. Bodies of light will soon burst out through the graves, as we go up through the air together, to meet Jesus. The final prophecies of the true believers are fulfilling. What a fantastic hour to be living in. Look up, soon the heavens will break forth in great light and it will be over with. Be ready.


Fascinating future

In one way or another, things are going to become so dimensional in the supernatural that people are not going to know which way to go, except those who know the Word of God. Because of new inventions of all kinds, including working and pleasure. Even now, people do not know the difference between fantasy and reality. The world will chose the fantasy, leading to false worship. But the people of God, will have God’s word of guidance and power and will be swept away into His presence; evidently into the fourth dimension. Speaking of the disappearance of the saint, read Re. 4:1-3. Whatever God calls this dimension the world cannot go with the true elect. Elijah and Paul got an experience of it. Yea, saith the Lord, I am sending more and more special angels to gather and be with the elect, Amen. May your home be brighter and glow with His presence from now on.



Society is showing us that Jesus is coming soon, by their actions; drunkenness, drugs, fast living, more ladies of the night etc. Their attitude is eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. God has put it in their heart unconsciously that a great catastrophe is coming. They feel it. (For the fear in their hearts, atomic, etc. Luke 21:25-26). All of this is a sign to the Church that Jesus is coming soon. Society’s action is proving He is coming. The severe sensuality, sexual power and sudden desire will be so strong that it will even overwhelm the Christian Church and will rip it apart. It’s beginning and will be more prominent. Family unity and prayer is absolutely necessary. The whole earth is entering a lurid and debauched society. Scroll 246.

Comments {terminating – prophecy- cd #1151: time is terminating. We should always bring to the peoples’ remembrance the second coming of the Lord and how near it is. Because that was what was on Jesus’ heart. The Lord made several prophecies about the end of time such as the weather patterns, TV, automobiles, computers, earthquakes, morals etc.

When you see all these coming to pass and Israel in their home land, and do not preach about the soon coming of the Lord, you are a hypocrite; saith the Lord. That makes you like the unprofitable servant, who did not give them meat in due time. Those who have given their heart to the Lord all they want to hear is the coming of the Lord. But many sinners today don’t want to hear about the coming of the Lord. Israel is the important time clock.

At midnight there was a cry by those not asleep (the bride) saying, behold, go ye out to meet Him. The wise who are part of the bride barley had enough oil to go in. And if not the bride, they would have been left behind, when they woke up. The foolish woke up to go get oil (when the wise could not give them of their oil), for their lamp, the Word of God; and the door was shut. You cannot make amendments then but now is the time; by getting your relationship with the Lord right.

Go ye out to meet Him, means you have to do your part to get there. It shows action and effort on your part. You are not waiting for Him to pick you up. Elijah the prophet went out to meet Him for his translation. In Matt. 25:5-6, there was a pause and a great falling away and the Lord arrived; and the door was shut. The elect church is here now at the pause or delay or tarrying, and the former and latter rain will come together. The Lord identified Himself as coming at the Midnight hour after the pause.

Only God knows the time of His coming. No one knows, and Satan is stepping up also his activities on the earth, knowing that his time is short. We are terminating this body and leaving it for the glorified body. This is drawing closer and closer. We are in a transition period. This is the time to prepare your heart and get it ready. This is the very period Jesus said, that those who do not want to hear of the coming of the Lord are the very ones who will be left behind. And those who want to hear about how close his coming is, are the ones He will prepare to make it. Every minister or layman must always remember that the coming of the Lord is very close. It should be right before the people now, because there are too many signs around us now. When is the Lord coming, He is coming every day. He said to look for Him each day.

Now, the importance and urgency is this, the time clock (Israel) is in their home land. The Temple was built as a sign. God is calling his people. The Capstone head is the Lord Jesus Christ and the bride will receive Him. We are in the last (7th) church age and this parable of Matt. 25: 1-10 is here. If you are not ready, you cannot go out to meet Him. He said, I am come in My Father’s name, (John 5:43) The Lord Jesus Christ. The only name you need to know, in this midnight hour, is the Lord Jesus Christ. The One that controls the clock of your life and the clock of the world}.

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