The Lord is calling

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World conditionsThe Lord is calling

Translation Nuggets 50

Yea hast thou noticed the way I have created the animals, each calleth his own kind and with a different sound. Yea the bird calleth his mate, the deer and the sheep his; even the lion, the coyote and the wolf calleth his own. Behold I the Lord am now calling my own and those born of Me knoweth My voice and the sound thereof. It is evening time and I am calling My own under My wings to protect them. They hear My voice in the signs (word) and times and they will come, but unto the foolish and world they will not understand the cry that goeth forth now. (For they gather, with the beast call, (Rev.13).

There appeared a great wonder in heaven – A woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, on her head a crown of 12 stars. (Rev. 12:1-4); “The Man Child Bride” and Israel the servant. Sol. 6:10. The symbolic sign represents the Body down through the ages in conflict with Satan. (Gen. 3:15); until finally the child is born (raptured). This is symbolic also of Christ past birth and resurrection. This woman is clothed with the Sun, indicated she was wrapped with (anointed power); the moon under her feet represents “revelation” from the Son (Jesus); Revealing the true church, conquering the power of darkness (sin). The crown of “12 stars” depicts the 12 patriarchs (Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, etc.) 12 princes! Also this could denote the 12 apostles of Christ. The Sun, Moon and Stars here remind us of Joseph’s dream predicting events of Israel’s seed! (Gen. 37:9). When he said the Sun and Moon and 11 Stars made obeisance to me. Joseph being the 12th one; Joseph here was also typing Christ at the end when everything will bow to Him (Jesus). “Israel is represented in the woman but she has spiritual children also. Isa. 66:8. Rev. 12:17 shows others of her seed. The woman travails – rejecting is what brings birth and rapture to the child. Rev. 12:5. The Man child (Bride) has to be rejected from the Body first then is raptured. The children are those who follow afterwards (separate groups: the 144,000, the foolish virgins, etc.) Jesus knows the different groups! The Man child caught up is the Saints; displaying part of the seed will leave just before the Tribulation. But a remnant of her seed is left (Rev. 12:17). The woman flees into the wilderness “after rejecting the Child” because the dragon (Rome) makes war with her seed left. These face the beast but will not take the mark 666 and come through Tribulation. Matt. 25:11-13 said He did not know the foolish when He shut the door, but this did not mean always, for something happens later – Tribulation. Many scriptures show the first fruits (Bride), the second fruits (foolish), harvest and White throne judgment, gleaning, sheep nations, etc. Matt. 25:32-33. II John 1 sees her as the Elect Lady and her children. The Sun woman represents those called out ones in the ages who Satan persecuted. She was the church in the wilderness as Israel escaped Pharaoh, Acts 7:38. God’s church is like a wheel in a wheel, each part completing her task, finally blending together in Him. The Sun clothed woman with Moon under her feet also covers the spiritual part of the USA. America just put the moon under her feet when man landed! This is a significant sign of the coming rapture! The Lord will appear at a certain date from the time man set his foot upon the moon. By man putting his foot on the moon, shows God is about to put His foot upon the earth! Rev. 10:2. When Christ comes it could be during the summer months.

Another woman appears – mystery Babylon – The whore and harlot, Satan’s bride and mistress. The Lord has a bride, so does Satan (the False Church). Satan hates the sun clothed woman and Tribulation seed, but he loves mystery Babylon, the “mother of harlots” (False protestants, Catholics, false Jews) Rev. 3:9. Both have children, one has Gods’ children; the other has harlots (Rev. 17:1-6): One is clothed with love and power, the other (Babylon) is decked in scarlet and luring jewels. One has the moon under her foot (God’s revelation) and a crown of 12 Stars (God’s ruling Messengers). The other rides the 7 headed beast of Rome (old and new empire). Christ is the head of the Sun clothed woman, the 12 Apostles and the Bride, they shall sit on thrones with a rod of iron. Rev 12:5 – 6; Matt.19:28. Matt. 19:28. Now Satan is the head of the other woman who rides the beast with the 7 heads (Kingdom). And with 10 horns which are crowned with 10 ruling kings, evil stars over the earth! Rev. 17:3. Amen. One is kept by God; the other is supported by the anti-Christ beast power. (Rev. 17:12). The two women have been rivals in historic prophecy. The Sun woman is the True Church of the Old and New Testament, which finally gives birth to the Man child Bride! And the other false woman gives birth to the bride of Satan at the end (mother of harlots) filled with satanic and sensual, (Zech. 5:7, 9, 11). The two storks represent two false spirits. Satan promises the kings of the earth ruler ship with him (Rev. 13). And God promises the Man child will rule the nations with a rod of iron over heaven and earth. The two women have been mortal enemies and truly at the end, it will be “thunder in the Sun.” God pours out the Holy Ghost fire on His Elect at the end, and the other false church He destroys with fire (Rev. 18:8, 23)

The super – the last of the three calls – the third voice – Luke 14:16 – 24 portrays the calls of the servant (Holy Spirit). The first call shows many were too busy to accept the invitation. The voice of the third and last final call is coming, Glory! Read Luke 14:22-23. The Lord said; go out in the highways (where people spiritually are traveling in different direction). The Lord said, compel them! This means great outpouring of miracles so strong with such powerful force that it practically pulled them into the Elect body to finally finish up His quota! He says that “My House may be filled”! Verse 17 “Come for all things are now ready! The supernatural will break forth suddenly in the last call and His house will be filled! The last part of the revival is near. Notice in verse 24, all who made excuses did taste of the supper! The 3 calls also correspond and type His long range historical calls of the 2000 years each, we just spoke of (one period He Himself came with a Healing Ministry and a strong compelling force. He invited all, but look at how many turned Him away). We are now entering the last call. Rev. 8:1; Luke 14:16-24. These 3 super calls also mean many different things prophetically. Those who turn down the invitations are invited to another one. Rev. 19:17-18; Ezek. 39:17-19. Ezek. 39:17-19. Under the Thunders the Bride leaves (the 144,000 Jews gather under God, Rev. 7). The foolish gathers with the World Churches, all under the 7th Seal and the world gathers for the execution of the 3 frogs of Armageddon, Rev. 16:13-14. The 7th Seal and the Thunders is when the world gathers for judgment! Also, “The Lords ‘name’ is revealed and glorified in the Thunders!” John 12:28-32.

Important mystery – the angel of light; Read II Thess. 2:8-11. Even him (false Christ) whose coming is after working of Satan with “all” power and “signs” and lying wonders. (The words “all power”, “all signs” mean something else besides just false religion and witchcraft. The word “all power” shows the cunning anti-Christ system before it is truly revealed! It reveals he deceives some gifted men into his religious system which afterwards he becomes the beast and they are trapped in the tribulation, all those who follow on into the world system will receive a strong delusion (verse 11). It is a religious system, an “angel of light” that will deceive all but the Elect! Matt. 24:24-25. The Elect will have great miracles outside this (Iron Gate). “Thus saith the authority of the Lord”. Some gifted men will go the wrong way before they realize it. It is still alright to support some of them but keep your eyes open. (I believe in miracles 100% but in Gods way completely!) Scroll # 36

Prophetic conditions

Midnight clock strikes. Jesus is like a man on a far journey and now ready to return. And because of the cares of this life and carelessness the multitudes are completely asleep. This is a very exciting time and it is the hour of the elect. Let us take advantage of His fullness of the spirit and the precious time we have left to witness to others. I foresaw like one would see flashes of lightning at night. The elect in a different way will see flashes of God’s glory among them, uniting them in complete restoration: As God’s spirit will sweep suddenly as a sweet wind. Healing them and preparing them for the catching away. The midnight cry goeth forth. Scroll # 241

COMMENTS {CD # 734 part A, The Mystery circle and the Revelation stars – This message brings out the Lord’s seed and the seed of the dragon (Rev. 12) and where we are at. Satan does not mind if you work a few miracles but do not expose him. Sometimes it will come from people you least expect. If you expose him, you better put on the whole armor of God, because he is the kind that snaps back. He hates to be exposed through his acts and the way his in-corrigible seeds operate in the seven church ages. Because you are exposing and cutting him off. (Every true believer must study and understand the seven church ages as revealed by Jesus Christ to John the apostle, to know about being an over-comer).

Jesus Christ has mystery circles, such as the 500 disciples that witnessed His ascension, you have the 120 on the day of Pentecost, you have the 70 disciples he sent out to witness to the people, you have the inner 12 apostles and you have the 3 closest apostles Peter, James and John who saw Him at the transfiguration. Yet you have according to Matt. 25:1-10; another mystery circle, the bride (those that gave the midnight cry and were awake), the sleeping virgins made up of the wise that had enough oil (Spiritual oil of the Holy Ghost, the word of confidence), who were ready when the Bridegroom arrived and went in with him: then the foolish virgins that had no extra oil (anointing) and were left behind, make up another circle. Still you have the circle of the 144,000 Jews sealed by God, then the circle of the unbelievers among which are those that will not take the mark of the beast. Then you have the totally lost. You also have the 4 beasts, the 24 elders around the throne on God in heaven. You also have different classes of angels. All these make up the mystery circle and revelation stars. The important question is where will you likely be? These circles are different dimensions each group on their own frequency; none breaking the ranks and God is in the midst of it all, like dimension of the rainbow. The bride is a different dimension of light and the attendants are in another dimension of light. The Hebrews will be considered in another light. They will all exist around the Lord in the same world, but in different dimensions. The bride is so close to Him that it is like where so ever He goes she goes.

The bride is the closest to the Lord. Which is the prize that Paul talked about (Philippians 3:13-14), to be near Christ for all eternity. The bride class is the innermost circle. There is a dimension coming to the bride in faith. You will see the dimension (anointing) on me coming upon the people as it operates on me; and will increase more and more on them, as their body can take it, but faith will increase. Job 28:7, talks about a path which no fowl knoweth, and which the vulture’s eye hath not seen. But on that path you find gold and precious things. You know why others cannot find it; it is because those who will find it, He will give and lead them with spiritual eyes to see and find it. Not with natural eyes: Only those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High (Psalm 91). There is a secret path; it is knowing, the secret place of the Most High and how to approach God. (Remember the sermon the Qualifications; that requires, Faithfulness, Obedience, Loyalty, Patience, Confession of short comings, Talk about, translation, hell, heaven, great tribulation, anti-Christ, white throne, new Jerusalem; Love of the truth, Predestination, Urgency, Expectancy, Witnessing and much more- listen to the CD; Or check the Translation Alert # one). This path speaks of the highest plateau in the Christian experience for those who have spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear these things. It is the advanced lessons of faith. If you have got to that realm, you can move the devil and bring the Lord closer to you, (Secret place).

In that realm you can overcome the petty annoyances that trouble and aggravate you. When you rise above these petty things and stay in the Path of Job 28:7, and Psalm 91, then you are advancing to where God can use you. Then you can speak and things can happen. There are Christians that are slothful and some are negligent. They are haphazard in their ways of doing things; they are too casual and are apt to resent anything that will disturb their comfortable routine. The only thing that is important is to obey the word of God and be caught away. Always keep and carry the Word of God with you.

As long as I have a free will; I am going to strive (Luke 13:23-30) and see what the Lord will do with me. Paul said, strive to make it, and if you to make the prize and don’t make it, you have something good. God does not like anyone slothful, get in the race and stay in the race. You can see why you must get in the race and you must win that prize; which is getting as close to Jesus as possible; the inner circle and spending eternity with Him. That is what the bride and the prize is all about. Others are too disorganized to win the race.

To spend eternity with the Lord in the inner circle is what the PRIZE is all about. You have to put every effort that you have got. You cannot go about saying I am saved only; don’t you want to be positioned. Don’t you want to make sure you are doing what the Lord wants you to do? Get behind it with everything that you have and God will bless you. To be in the inner circle group requires full surrender, concentration and dedication. The prize is to be part of the bride, close to the Lord for all eternity; which is the supreme joy.

I don’t believe once saved always saved and you go about drinking and doing stuff. If they fit in His wheel, and they are his seed but backslidden; when He handles them, they will be happy they are in his mercy. Every time you listen to these messages something is happening inside of your heart. I want to be in the inner circle of the Lord. This message is a foundation to part two the real message (CD #733, The Bride Prepares).
Comments- CD # 733, the bride prepares – 4/29/1979: the Lord’s promises are true, keep them and don’t allow the devil steal them from you. God is worth all the trials and tests we go through for His name’s sake. If you are truly the Lord’s, even if you stray or backslide, he will find a way to deal with you and bring you back. When he has finished with you, you will be happy he did handle you that way.

The elected seed, loves the word of God, believes and lives by every word of God: And believes everything in the Bible, even if they don’t understand it; and are prepared to go all the way with Him, which many today do not want to do.

There are some incorrigible seed that will not come back to God they are not even of the foolish virgins that come back to God through great tribulation, or even of the 144,000 Jews. But the sons of God that love God will come to God; through chastisement (Hew.12:8). It is a spiritual thing, (Eph. 1:4-5).Sin brought forth diseases and sickness but Jesus paid for it all at the Cross. Strive to go in and hope for the best, (Rom. 8: 14-27). Don’t be ashamed of anyone or circumstance when you step out to shake hands with Mr. Eternity. The sons of God in the Sun Cloth woman (Rev. 12:1-5) are getting ready to be birthed. The whole creation groaneth together in pain until now even ourselves groan, which have the first fruit of the Spirit, for the redemption of our body.

God promised he will shorten the time; but how and when he does it is unknown to man. We do know God goes back and also operates with 30days a month calendar and not man’s 365 days a year type. No one knows the day or the hour of his coming; just watch, pray and be ready. The Lord will come at the appointed time of the Translation. Remember, the Sun cloth woman of Rev. 12, that gave birth to the man-child, elect, that were caught up to God, has other children in verse 17, her remnant: “And the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God and have they testimony of Jesus Christ, (but missed the translation) these are the tribulation saints. The woman was also in verse 14, given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. God’s children are numbered and the serpent seeds are numbered.

After the translation the dragon was now crowned. He blasphemed God and those that dwell in heaven that includes the Man-child group that were suddenly given birth to and caught up to God, (Rev. 12:5). And this is when the mark of the beast is given. Satan is doing everything he can to prevent the true seed of God from rising. He now uses Compromise, Camouflage, technology etc. The devil will charm the people at the end of time. The Lord himself will send them great delusion for rejecting the truth that can save, (2nd Thess. 2:3-12). Satan will like to get the seed of God to violet their vow of Separation and compromise. He tries to get the people and denominations to come together, let your guards down and compromise for the good of all, but he lies. He applies the principles to get the people to try and have affinity with God and with the world, (Rev. 2:20). This will not and will never work. Study scroll 80.

I don’t care what people think about those who say there is no translation, they are not converted; no matter what and how much tongues they speak. Because there is a translation, the coming and the Lord told me that. Some who were healed and went the way of compromise lost their healing with time. The Lord will come for his own as a thief in the night, in an hour you think not. I am not saying the elect will not go through these trials and tests that also usher in part of the tribulation period: because she surely goes through that; but will not be here for the mark of the beast. Those who yield to Jezebel seduction will go into great tribulation except they repent. The spirit of worldliness is killing the people and their preachers. This is the time to hold to the word of God; the people are not there or perfect and that is why I am sent with the star of God to guide you, to prepare you for the day is getting closer and closer.

This is the time to renew your vow of separation from the world. God is looking for dedicated people looking up to Him. Those who are faithful will have the position promised to the over-comer, Man-child- company, (Rev. 2:26-27 and Rev. 12:5). We are waiting for the birth of the man-child moment. Be in the man-child-company or group. Be caught up with the Lord, in a moment, in the twinkling of and eye, in an hour you think not.} Let the true believer listen to and study the word of God by his prophets. Study, The church ages, the Qualifications, The mystery circles and the revelation stars and then the bride prepares. They are like a series. Study to show thyself approved, a work man that needs not be ashamed.

050 – The Lord is calling