The watchman

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The watchmanThe watchman

Translation Nuggets 48

As we see crises after crises and the perilous conditions of nations, plus the profound changes appearing in society, altering the very nature of man’s being and the tremendous influences upon the youth and the subtle tactics in promoting drugs etc. This should make every christian a watchman unto prayer. Divine knowledge and prophecy cry out. But ye brethren are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Therefore let us not sleep as do others; but let us watch and be sober, (1st thess. 5:4-6). Scroll 151, last para.

The prophetic scriptures

It seems we are entering the age of boasting. Men make great promises of what they can do or what finances can do for them. They boast in science and inventions; they boast in false gods and etc. Until the greatest boaster of all times, (the anti-christ), rev. 13:5. But herein is wisdom for all, james 4:13-15, “go to now, ye that say, today or tomorrow we will go into such a city, and continue there a year and buy and sell, and get gain: whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away. For that ye ought to say, if the lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that,” amen. Our boast is in the lord jesus and his miraculous. Scroll 153, last para.

Divine providence

Angels will have a direct hand in uniting and gathering the elect. The lives of christians will be in serious jeopardy, if angels were not watching over them, (psalm 91: 11-12). People often see their lights coming and going in the heavens, but they cannot explain it. This is a warning to us that this is the end of the age; world crisis. My feeling is that the future is pointing to radical changes in the climate. And because of the over population of the earth, famine etc. It will lead to political and economic upheavals, and international violence and will be almost beyond human comprehension. Then finally a world dictator will rise to power through revolutions and etc. And promising the people a solution. A fantasy world that works briefly then fails. At this time certain angels will be present as guardian to the elect. And also before the translation a multitude of angels will be working with the lord’s people. Because, just before the rising of the anti-christ, angels even will be seen more often; their activity is ceaseless. Though you may not see them often, they are all around. Angels possess a superior intelligence and bring messages to god’s people concerning the future. Scroll 154 para. 2

What about angels?

But right now, the reason the spirit is revealing this is because of the nature of the coming of world events and crises; more angels are going to intervene and be dispersed upon the earth. Because the lord is going to raise up a standard against satan’s onslaught and protect god’s children preparing for translation. Scroll 154 para.1

Comments {salvation and time -1001bthere is coming a powerful outpouring people better stay in. The lord told me saying that the churches are not packed because the satan told the people, they have time and then delay sets in; in following and seeking the lord. Otherwise the church would have been packed. When time is used for prayer and in faith, it is of eternal value. Nothing will be of eternal value than your prayer with time and faith, because some day time will vanish.

One of satan’s tool which he uses apart from discouragement is time. Telling people they have time, go back into the world, seek the lord later, you have plenty of time; seek jesus later for salvation or baptism of the holy ghost. Satan is unique in one way, he knows how to use the time element. Saying put it off for later but it does not work.

Remember the rich fool who made all his plans (lk. 12:16-21), but left god out; the time element. This night thou fool your soul is required; satan told him you have time, delay sets in. In the case of lazarus and the rich man, the rich man like the middle class people and others, the devil told him you have time. In hell he wanted to go and be a preacher but it was too late, because satan used the time element on him and he delayed.

Today satan tells many of the young people in particular that they have time; and they never came back to seek god and to some it was too late. Many churches are waning because satan is using the time element on them, saying to them, there is plenty of time. But today is the day of salvation and miracles. Right now is the time to receive the holy spirit. There is wooing of the people do not delay. What is your life but as a vapor, that appears for a while and vanishes, (james 4:14). Don’t delay for your whole life is less than a second in god’s eternity.

Time is strange but created by god. Do not delay come to the lord jesus christ today? Delay has caused lukewarmness and slow growth. But there is coming the urgency of the holy spirit and a powerful move of miracles. It will be a quick and short work, better stay in this time. The last supper is approaching and the invitation is gone out. This is the time to seek salvation for in the hereafter it will do you no good. It is important to keep the people up with the urgency for soon your riches will do you no good. Anyone can be called home by god anytime, and you will rise when the translation comes if you are saved.

Gravity is said to be stronger than the speed of light. But the translation is stronger and faster than the speed of gravity. If you are saved and partake in the translation, gravity cannot hold you down; because of the power and speed of the glorified body which is eternal. In my heart i don’t think about hell, i don’t want to go there. God’s love and mercy will out way the judgment he will ever bring. Whatever matches the bible is so, but if it does not leave it alone. God is past, present and future; he is eternal and time will never change him. Christians are walking potentially in eternity by faith promises, although they are trapped in time that god created. God created the prisms of time. Such as a time for everything as in eccl. 3. In his prisms they contain when you come and go, when you will be do all, you as an individual will do on the earth. When you cross peoples path, where and when, all within the prism of time.

God created time, but did not create eternal or eternity; he is eternity. He is the creator and cannot be created. When matter appears time starts. He alone is eternal, don’t put off salvation, for this is your time. Remember your whole life is as a vapor as may suddenly vanish. According to 2nd peter 3:8-13, the lord is not slack concerning his promises and has no wish that any should perish. But that all may come to repentance and not delay, because of the time element, the trick of satan. Because one day it will be a fiery holocaust as in sodom and gomorrah, (remember lot’s wife lk. 17:32). During the day of the lord, the whole earth will be burnt. The earth will melt with fervent heat; the earth and the works therein shall be burnt up. Elects are long gone. Remember that a day with the lord is as a thousand years. And a thousand years as one day. God told adam the day you sin that day shall ye die. Adam sinned and died on that day, even though he lived 930 years. He passed away within god’s prism of time for him. He died the same day. Remember a thousand years is as one day with god. When you are saved and translated you have the glorified body. We can be going about when god burns up things and heaven and earth pass away because we are already eternal and no fire can have power over us: as god creates the new heaven and earth and burns up the old ones. He is the creator and has given every true believer eternal life through salvation, by christ jesus. The day of the lord will come while the bride is in the holy city. Armageddon and the day of the lord are different. At armageddon god interrupts or no flesh shall be saved, but the day of the lord comes with burning of the elements and all the earth. (the earth and heaven fled away and there was found no place for them and the devil was already in the lake of fire, rev. 20).

The devil tells them to dance and be merry that they had plenty of time, delay. The lord said, before destruction was by water but now it will be by fire. The holy city is prepared for the translation group. He is a god of love relate to him. Believe the gift of salvation, the only door and the only name for salvation the lord jesus christ. When you accept him it is a short snap to eternity. The lord says, now is the day of salvation but satan says rejoice and be merry for there is time, deceit. In rev. 10 the angel says, “time shall be no more.”

If the righteous scarcely be saved where will the sinner and ungodly appear, (1st peter 4: 18-19). Those that hear my voice, the lord bless you, he will guide you, and call you and deliver you. Prepare yourself for now is the day of salvation. Do not worry about the millennium. The time of salvation is running out, don’t delay or you will be missed. Stay in the ark of revival. Tell your neighbor that the lord is coming soon. When the super structures begin to melt, i want to be in the glorified body which is eternal. We need to understand these things because they are coming. This is salvation time, do not delay.}

048 – The watchman