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The Lord has declared that in the last days He would pour out His spirit upon all flesh; and will shake the young and old alike (Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17). Something definite, extraordinary and unique is about to occur. The tide and wave of it will sweep the bride right into heaven. We are living in the last hour of this age, revival of unprecedented proportions will appear to the elect upsetting the lukewarm, so powerful actually causing the religious system to unite against them. This age will quickly turn into the beast system. Not many will see it until too late. But the bride part will be different in this mighty move they will hold the oneness of the Word with it, and will have an over flowing of God’s presence. The world will feel a great move, but millions will not hold to the Word and will go shouting right on into Babylon (world religious system) and the foolish into Tribulation. The latter rain is to bring forth the precious fruit (the bride to maturity). During God’s mighty move many will fall away into what they think is true because of a few signs and divers miracles in the beast system. But the bride group like the eye in a needle and the point in a sword will gather close in unity to the Lord Jesus. His very own is small but mighty.

The trials of the last days has served as fire to refine the gold, out of this the Lord will present Himself with a purified bride. Behold I prophesy that the last move will come during a time of unparalleled trouble in the world. Famine, war, pestilence, earthquakes and storms of staggering proportion. All things will get worse as the end nears. International calamity will mingle with the awesome display of God’s power.

Scroll 61

Did you know this, towards the end of time, He said, the first shall be last and the last shall be first. He’s got that Elect and some of those have never even entered a church yet, all the better. Amen. There is appearing a powerful move upon the earth, and this is what I am down here just a few nights to tell you about. Only the pure Elect will be refined and gold will come forth, because none but the Elect will be able to stand that awesome, tremendous presence that is upon the earth and that’s His Bride. Because they are His own and He will give them strength and power unheard of before.

God has His hand out. It’s because the Lord is going to return to the earth and the building will be left as a sign. God has made a way as we told you before and it’s already paid for. Why? BECAUSE IT WILL BE LEFT AS A SIGN; we are near the Rapture. I don’t have to worry about paying for it. You see I am not here to build a church exactly, we just want to pray for the people and let them go, and I have got a headquarters. I am a warning point and I am sent from God to tell you: There is no more time left. I am a man sent on a mission and want to get it done and meet the Lord in the heavens. Last night I had said, “they are on their way to Babylon but God is going to separate a group and that is what I am here to tell you.” And the wise will run further and further even if they have to worship in their homes for a while.

And as I have spoken before, we will begin to usher in towards the translation, people will be crying out for God. As we usher into that, the Bride is raptured and the rest goes into a hotter and a hotter tribulation and it gets hot. And then we know as the great tribulation sets in then when the mark is beginning to be issued and the Bride has been caught away. And that is the Word of the Lord; one shall be taken and one shall be left. And the Lord shall stand by the harvest group. He will stand by the Elect. He will stand by the Bride. And the Lord shall come to His people. That is called the Great Tribulation: The Lord raptures just before, as we converge into the first part. And then as we get over into where Daniel’s visions were, something occurs, the Lord pulls His people out.

And the Great Tribulation begins to come upon the face of the earth. And you have the harvest tribulation saints, they are all in there. The Bible says as the sands of the sea and God gives it and no man can get away from it. There are people in the tribulation, God still sees something in them: But brother I wouldn’t want to be one of them. God knoweth my heart and I know these things are true. If you are not just full of the Spirit of God you are just going to go to sleep and be sucked right on into the world system.

Well we have had the trembles in the last revival, a shake here and a shake there and this will lead into an earthquake jarring among His people and they will be shook and they will be woke up. And it will be a spiritual earthquake and a spiritual power and He will begin to show His people the exact thing and He will lead them the exact way and no man can lead them, but the Lord can lead them through the messages in the mail and in the magazine and literature and however I would send out the word and the word that goes forth here.

The Lord is going to give a strong delusion in Babylon and only the predestined that is awake will He call out of there. A great delusion shall sweep the others away. And you have got to pray to stay awake, because if you don’t pray, you will go to sleep. I know who I am, and I know Who sent me, and I know where I am going, but we don’t care to say too much about it. So the Lord is One, keep this in your mind and ye shall succeed in this next move. This is the Lord. And the scrolls if you want to read them, you will see mysteries that you have never read before, and He will begin to show you these things are coming upon the earth. He is doing it and it will lead into stronger, mightier and greater things. Because the Lord is calling people like He has made them. God is dealing with them face to face, personally in the Spirit.