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Daniel’s 70th week! Daniel 9:24, there were to be 70 weeks determined upon his people, seven years per week. The time started from the going forth of the commandment to build Jerusalem, until the Messiah (JESUS) would be crucified at the end of 69 weeks and this would be 483 years later. Then was left the last 7years for our age. God would finish up His preordained plans, there was to be a total of 490yrs. Seven years will be left to finish at the end, entering first part of three and one -half year for the Gentile gathering (rapture) and entering the last three and one –half years is for the Jews 144,000 gathering.

An important thing to take into consideration in the 70th week cycle is the Great Tribulation takes place in the last half of the delayed 70th week, (42 months, 1260 days). (Rev.12:6, 14; Rev.13:5). (Verse 26 says, and the people of the prince that shall come.  Those people then were Romans and the one to come will be a Roman Prince, “little horn”).  He will make an agreement of death (verse 27 and Isaiah 28:15, 18). He makes the covenant at the beginning of Daniel’s delayed 70th week; and when three and one-half years passes, the beast breaks the agreement and declares himself God in their Temple. “Shortly before this the Bride raptures.”

Rev. 13:18, reveals two personages in the anti-Christ system, they are aligned in unison, and the wicked false prophet, the second beast (verse 12) will work united together and set up a protestant harlot image to the first beast, (verse 1). The little horn (Roman Prince), (Dan. 7:8) and false prophet will take over completely and the world reels in agony of doom. We are entering a transition period soon of 7 last years. Where main events take place. In other words after Christ’s death and between the 69th and 70th week, a long time elapsed. It reveals an amazing time element.

The 70th week will occur and is connected to the Thunders (Rev. 10:4). The top of the pyramid depicts this missing gap; the 7th Seal (Rev. 8:1) depicts the missing gap also. It is like delay and matches Matt. 25:5. The Headstone here is seen and is connected to the missing gap. Dan. 9:20 speaks of a holy mountain, Dan. 2:45. After the last prophet’s message there also was a delay, and now we are ready to enter the last gap of time. Thus saith of Neal, he is My servant and shall perform all my pleasure even saying to the Gentile elect, thou shalt be built up into the Temple of the Lord, behold thy foundation is laid, “Capstone.” For I the Lord hath appointed him to be prophet, king in the earth      (elected). I have raised him up in righteousness and will direct all his ways, saith the Lord of Host.

Scroll 66.

In the NEAR FUTURE we will see the 10 kings join with the beast. (Rev. 13:1; Dan. 2:40-44). Rev. 12:5 is getting near and evidently at some point in the 80’s we will see the scattering of the foolish virgins (verses 6, 15-17). It won’t be too many years until we will begin to move into the cycle of the mark of the beast. It will definitely be issued and sooner than people think. In the 1980’s we will definitely witness James 5 reaching fruition. The reckoning of the rich industries is not far off and the labor problems too. There will be economic convulsions. One just before and in association with the rise of the anti-Christ and another at the end of his rule at Armageddon when people will throw their money into the streets, Ezekiel 7:19. Right now world economic problems are precarious and will definitely see some worse things ahead.

Now is the time to work and give to the gospel while we still have a little value left. We don’t have long. You don’t have forever to give, because something could occur overnight and the opportunity will be gone. With all vindication and symbolic evidence, can anyone doubt? We are very near for Jesus to command His Bride upward, where a door was opened and one sat in a rainbow glow, (Rev. 4:1-3. So believe, give, act and occupy.

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