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Translation Nuggets 27

The anti-Christ will put down rebellion and anarchy by using force that he calls peace. He will have an agreement with Russia and the United States. He will in some strange way resolve the Arab-Israel feud for a while. He will work with and control the Catholic Church and all religions. But as we said, in the end will destroy all religious institutions. He is a military genius, because it says, who can make war with him? (Rev. 13:4-5). He is a wizard in electronics to control. He makes it look like he is master of all he surveys, (Ezek. 28). The master of the games trade, prosperity and peace but underneath the pot will be boiling. His kingdom will erupt like a volcano – Armageddon.                                                    Scroll #115.


He (anti-Christ) will also conquer and rule the Arabian Empire; he will make a covenant with them and Israel. And then he will finally sit in a Jewish Temple, claiming himself as god the Messiah, (Rev. 11:2; 2nd Thess.2:4; Dan. 9:26-27). By the spirit of prophecy, I foresee that he will use science and technology to further himself as a world dictator. That he will do away with the type of currency that the world has now and implement his own standard of wealth and prosperity through his money seal. Evidently this is or works into the mark of the beast. The seller cannot sell without a code and the buyer cannot buy without a number. Also they want to have a cashless society using marks and numbers, so that people can buy, by computers, right out of the living room, later in the age. (Happening today, this message was 1980 and today is 2020). Also in association to this, they are planning what they call the charge card of the future, “the Electronic Card”. They are calling it, the all in one electronic card. I definitely believe in similarities, before the ending of the 1980’s this type of electronic means will be used in a new form of money system. And from this it will lead to the rapid take over by the anti-Christ system. The people who do not know about prophecy are going to be taken completely off guard. A big surprise in our money system is going to take place. By then a new president (leader) will bring many changes and do things that other presidents have not done. His plans will completely captivate the people.

In the years ahead, there will be more falling away into apostasy and uniting to false churches. But on the other hand, to the true believer will come a mighty restoration revival in the miraculous uniting of the true believers; into the spiritual body of the Lord Jesus Christ.                                             Scroll 114.


This one is in the image and worships the first one that we spoke of, (Rev. 13:11-17). Now what we see here is the new world, the new great cities; it is the Americas. The United States fits into this pattern perfectly. Verse 11 reveals religious freedom at first, but then turns into a dragon system and speaks what the first beast dictates to it. The two horns and the Lamb denote religious and civil power joined together; it is apostate Christianity at its worst. It says they will unite together and command everyone to worship the image of a man that will rule world trade and commerce with code mark and number, (verses 17-18). There will definitely rise a super leader in the USA that is very clever and charming and magnetic to the point of being gifted-like. One who seems to have the answers that people are looking for: Evidently the religious element is behind this personality. Finally, none before will deceive as this one.                                                                                                                                              Scroll #123.


A reality. After we have some economic crisis later: we will have a terrible and major crisis worldwide. And all paper money that we know of now all over the world will be declared worthless. A new electronic money system will be set up. We will see the early stages of this beforehand. A new way to buy, sell and work is coming. A super dictator will bring the world into a new form of prosperity and madness. A fantasy of delusion never seen before, but it also will end in doom. Before all this takes place the worst global famine and starvation the world has ever seen will be occurring, leading to the horror of the apocalypse, the black and pale horse (Rev. 6:5-8). The nightmare of terror commences. Oh how wonderful it is to know the elect will be with Jesus.                                                                     Scroll 125.


That women and a woman would enter politics; daily this has occurred before the nation’s eyes. The scripts said, that religion and politics would begin to mix. We saw this particularly in the Republican Party. The falling away from the true gospel into lukewarmness. But at the same time, I have predicted that a great wave of revival will sweep among the elect just before the translation. I will restore fully saith the Lord, that which was written in Acts 2:2-4; Acts 3:: 19-21.                                         Scroll #124.


Before this president completely comes to power, the Bride will probably get a glimpse of the leader about 1972-76 or sooner. To look at him one would not know how deceivable he will be. The Bride raptures before he completely becomes a dictator. He goes into office from the backing of the Catholic Church and apostate Protestants. He uses the religious element but also with his rise to power a woman is involved in this office. Armageddon will happen under his rule.                         Scroll 11 part 1.


In the sixth vision there arose up in America, a most beautiful but cruel woman. She held the people in her complete power. I believe this was the rise of the Roman Catholic church, though I knew it could possibly be a vision of some woman rising in great power in America due to a popular vote by women.              Scroll #14.