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translation-nuggetsTO THE WISE

These are words of comfort to those expecting the move of God at this end of time. Our Lord Jesus Christ promised in St John 14:1-3, that He was going to prepare a place for us and will come to take us home with Him. It is always on my mind, this earth is not home no matter how man may garnish it.

If you have the scroll book of 35 scrolls, turn to page 126, you will see some interesting revelations of God to us:

  1. Yea satan is nearing his time that he shall put a covering of death over the world (false religious spirit). Scroll 32, now God created certain animals that can blend right in with scenery or the surrounding of sage, jungle plants, trees and grasses etc. So their prey could not see them there though looking right at the animal itself. I foresaw this as the Lord showed a serpent of a certain color gradually crawl into some flowers, rocks and weeds, blending right in with the surrounding environment. If I had not known it was there, I would not have seen it until it moved out of its place. From this the Lord showed me a prophetic view of how it is happening to the sleeping churches at this late hour. Only now this takes place in the human realm. Satan’s imitation (serpent beast church) is gradually moving until it will be laying right in with the other churches becoming part and parcel of other religions; working together with other lukewarm Christian surroundings, blending together until finally looking just like the real thing. ONLY THE ELECT WILL SPOT THE SERPENT RELIGION LAYING RIGHT AMONG THE SLEEPING CHURCHES. They not knowing, how it is because it slowly formed together looking like the original church environment. But when the satanic beast makes its last move it will be too late. The poison will have already been injected the mark 666, Rev.13:17.
  2. Page 126 in the 35 scroll book, Bro. Frisby wrote, But I the Lord shall put a covering of life on the Saints (true word anointing). Yea many of those that I first called are now preaching ease in Zion, but I say unto thee that this is not time for ease. ——–Behold this is not the voice of a man, but it is the Almighty who setteth up and taketh down kings. Behold I have sent the written word! I have anointed it as it were the presence of the Lion and many will MISS it.
  3. Continued; the Lord is about through being a lamb! We are now entering Rev.10:3 Save and read this letter often. No matter what satan says or does, THE SCROLL WILL KEEP YOU IN THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT. Hold on to them. THIS IS ONE OF THE SECRET WAYS JESUS IS VISITING HIS ELECT JUST BEFORE HIS RETURN AND I HAVE A GREAT RESPONSIBILTY TO BRING THIS GROUP TO CHRIST. No matter what satan tries, the hand of God will stand firm. YOU ARE CERTAINLY HONORED TO BE CHOSEN IN THIS MESSAGE. (says the messenger of the thunders).