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translation-nuggetsTRANSLATION NUGGETS #1


The Lord’s people and messenger are being unveiled in this hour- God’s manifold plan and wisdom is doing it. His message shall thunder for my voice is in it. Come ye children of the Lord; Soon I shall close the eyes of the seer and shut the mouth of the prophet to this nation. Watch for what thou readest shall surely come to pass. The message is connected with the 7th Seal and the ushering in of the 7 thunders. The Capstone Ministry of the Bride is connected to this The Elective Bride will believe this message.

Behold, I will anoint mine elect and they shall blossom for as the flower, I have watered and now I shall give her more sunlight(anointing). For she is ready to bloom. Those who remain faithful I believe have their names written in the Lambs Book of Life. This is dedicated to all who are predestined to believe and receive this book (message).

The spiritual impact of this prophetic book will inspire the reader to respond to a compelling motivation to endeavor to attain the goal of the over-comer and lift one to the realms of faith never known before. A profound understanding of the significance of the times and seasons we now live in will be obtained. One will be possessed of a far greater knowledge of the divine plans and purposes of God as supreme crisis of the age deepens; and doubt and confusion will be replaced by confidence. A sense of expectancy will take hold.


Russia Red and Roman Imperial purple, mixed together produces a scarlet color of the Beast. The woman that sits on the Beast is the Roman Catholic Church. But thousands of them catholic will come out to salvation before this event(translation).

Earthquakes of great magnitude; parts of California will float into the sea. Death rate and property damage unbelievable. Music will lead teenagers to worship their idol singers. This will help lead to worship the Beast and his image.

A prophetic anointing comes to make ready the Bride. Also a new anointing will bring calm and rest on the chosen Elect in this crisis time.

I saw the Pope and world leaders working out a plan for Jews. How to co-exist with Russia, forming Beast power; bringing United States protestant churches together and join the Roman Catholic (to form image ) and church and state.



Bro. William M. Branham had seven visions in 1933 of the end time.  Several of them have fulfilled except may be two of them. One of them is as follows:

“There arose up in America, a most beautiful, but cruel woman. She had the people in her complete power. I believed  that this was the rise of the Roman Catholic church; though I knew it could possibly be a vision of some woman, rising in great power in America due to a popular vote by women.”

Scroll #43,” I saw the nation of USA go into a hypnotic trance in not too many years ahead. We will receive a leader which will be a mysterious and lamb like personage, cunning and completely different than any before. Bewitching and fascinating, who will charm the masses and lead them to doom. This person will turn over or put all the power of the USA behind the anti-Christ and issue a mark, ————- ———-.Also a well known woman will be connected in all this.”

Scroll #11, before this president completely comes to power, the Bride will probably get a glimpse of the leader. To look at him one would not know how deceivable he will be.  This coming president, “He uses the religious element, but also with his rise to power a woman is involved in this office.”

Scroll #40, “Later also a woman ruler will rise before or with this last false prophet statesman. Women soon will receive more power.

Scroll #285, ” When children act like men (drink, crime, rape etc and have no correction; and women rise on high and are rulers as men ( political, religious etc) then witches shall take charge and sorcery shall lead – it shall stand.”

Scroll #123, “There will definitely  rise a super leader in the USA that is very clever, charming and magnetic to the point of being gifted like. One who seems to have the answers that people are looking for. Evidently the religious element is behind this personality. Finally  none before will deceive as this one.”

The Bishop’s vision on scroll #79 states that, “Soon the Republic elephant fell over dead. This marked the end of the Republican Party and soon after the Democratic Party. As the nation dissolved into chaos– he prophesied the end of the USA government as we once knew it.——. At some point he saw the parties searching the land for someone strong  enough to lead the nation. The USA government soon reached a state of chaos and collapse.”

Neal V. Frisby wrote in scroll #20, “If God allows time to continue very much longer, a president will be appointed or proclaimed by a church oriented congress (church and state). The people would have no choice.”

In 1937 Joe Brandt, had a vision in a hospital room. He saw the great earth quake that will occur in California in the areas of Los Angeles, San Bernadine, San Francisco, Boulder Dam and Grand Canyon of Arizona. No matter what you believe, scientists see the quake as not a matter of if but when. The interesting thing about this vision is that in the vision he saw the quake happen at ten minutes to four pm, as seen on a clock on the boulevard. He saw a newspaper stand on a street corner, carrying the picture of the president at the moment of the earthquake. He could not see or make out the date of the newspaper. But he was sure it was not the then president, Mr. Roosevelt. This president was bigger, heavier, big ears. He foresaw the last age president. This is the president during the Big One.

How complex prophecies can be,  a woman will come to power. This false man will rise with a woman. The president around the quake is bigger, heavier, big ears. The congress may appoint the next president during a chaos when they search the land for a strong man. Women’s popular vote and religion play a terrible role. Religion which includes, Roman Catholic,( Jesuits), harlot Protestants etc will underneath influence things with money and the anti-Christ Mafia. The real man is in the shadows but also in the open. It only makes the Bride to know that her departure is near. Remember Neal Frisby beloved said,” the translation will occur before or around the California quake.”