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translation-nuggetsTranslation nugget #7

What comes to mind in our sober moments is our mortality. If you travel to different countries you see the hopeful, the down trodden and the comfortable. Some from birth have had a hard life, some are very comfortable and some are hopeful. In all these environments Jesus Christ is always present. I was sick, hungry, naked, in prison, unemployed and helpless but you did not come to help or visit me. If you did not do it to one of these little ones you did not do it to me saith the Lord, Matthew 25:36. Everyone will stand before our Lord Jesus Christ every soon to give account of themselves to God.

Many of us are drowning in the pleasures and comforts of this earthly life. We have anything we desire, lack no natural things. Yet our neighbors suffer lack, some people today have no idea what is hope; because they have lived in hopelessness. No matter what environment you find yourself, talk to Jesus Christ, He is present. You must first repent and be converted, believe and work by His words while it is called today.

No matter if you are comfortable, down trodden or very hopeful, the day of His coming is upon us and what you are, or think you are or acquired on earth will mean nothing. But be it known unto you that God is gathering His own; and among them are the people described in Special Writing #123 paragraph 5, which reads, “Only the Elect will be called into the Headstone ministry of the living God. The 7 Thunders will prove and bring all things that God has promised, ——- The Lord Jesus will purge His elect in living fire of the Holy Spirit.”

Now it is your problem to find out who are the elect, what is the Headstone ministry and what has God promised that will be found in the 7 Thunders. My mortality is assured and changed to immortality only in JESUS CHRIST, AMEN; what about you?