The great revival in the west

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THE GREAT REVIVAL IN THE WESTThe great revival in the west

Translation Nuggets 31

I was shown from the Lord somewhere in the West, a great moving of His Spirit will take place. People will travel from all over the country into this place. Miracles of creation will take place, the dead will be raised in certain cases. At this time everyone that approaches will be healed, that He has drawn by His Spirit. Fantastic, No! The Bible says He at one time healed them all. He healed every one of them. The elect has waited 6000 years for this one. The strongest anointing of all time appears on the elect. This will occur or is connected to about the time California slips into the sea. He saves the best for the last.

The pillar of fire and the bride

We know every eye of the world shall see Him after the Tribulation. Jesus said, the church would not know the day nor the hour of the secret rapture. But He did not say that we would not know the year or the season. The Lord will not tell us the exact day the scripture says. But the bride at harvest time He will tell the season. Why? So the Bride (church) can make herself ready; for the Marriage Super. How? Watch, first the Bridegroom (Jesus) elects her, because she takes only His Name and Word. Then she rejoices when the general time (season) is given. And as she the (Bride) nears the time (season) given, she begins to make herself ready. {Somewhere on the scroll now or later the secret season is revealed}. Now the pillar of fire that Moses saw will settle completely on the Elect at harvest time for a separation to reveal His fullness and the closeness of His coming. When the Word (Jesus) and the Bride becomes one (unite together). Then the Bride is headed for a spiritual climax. Also the rapture takes place for the marriage supper.                                                                                                              SCROLL # 11 part 2.

{Comments. According to bro. Frisby, you only partake of the translation through SALVATION; that brings you into another dimension called eternity. Are you sure you are saved? Without salvation, the translation which is a supernatural escape will only be a mirage to you. Think it over. The translation has the stages, by the Lord; a Shout, with the Voice of the archangel, and with the Trump of God, (1st Thess. 4:16). Here the shout is a message, that is on, (Rev. 10), as we are approaching the sudden moment. This is to stir up the sleeping virgins and a sign to strengthen those who are awake giving the cry, amplifying the message in the shout. Bro. Frisby said, the Lord will be totally in-charge of this last move, He gives the shout and those who hear and understand spread it, Evangelism of a different nature and anointing to ripen the real wheat. The Voice is the Lord calling on those who are going for the translation and they will hear it. The dead in Christ will hear it and arise first, RESURRECTION, remember Lazarus the brother to Mary and Martha and also Matt. 27 : 50-54,(remember when Christ rose from the dead, some people came out of their graves and ministered to people because Jesus was going to ascend into heaven like the Translation. God has the master plan, just be sure you are ready. Then those of us who are alive and remain (in the faith, faithfully) are both changed and we all ascend through the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, for our journey to heaven in the eternity dimension. The Trump is a call, to gather, the translated, together in the heavens; with angels directing from the four corners of heaven. The Trump also signals the judgments of the trumpets, the vials and Armageddon. It is a spiritual warfare, cleaning out the way for the saints in the air.  (A look at CD #1459 supernatural Escape).}

{Comments. According to Bro. Frisby, the mid night cry (a message) is to startle awake the sleeping. That is the SHOUT and it involves the former and the latter rain. It is an act of God to have both of them in the same month, (as in Joel 2:23). The former rain and the latter rain messengers have come and gone, as they sowed the seed: but now it is harvest season, and the translation is in it. The former rain was a teaching one, to restore perfect understanding of the power of salvation, healing, faith and knowledge as to prepare the people. Restoring and refocusing people to the foundational teachings and revelations in the Word. The teaching rain restores what has been lost by man in his journey through this earthly life. The latter rain is the harvest one. The latter rain in the SHOUT, is revelative, eloquent, inspirational, powerful, royal, divine, elevating and majestic. The pillar of fire that led the children of Israel in the wilderness will be on the elect at harvest time. A combination of the former and latter rain in the SHOUT. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the one doing His work in us and no one will go in the translation in the wrong garment. When the former and latter rain strike the right balance, as ordained by God, the wheat ripens and is translated.}                                                                       (A look into CD #1079 A voice Double portion).

{Comments. Many according to Bro. Frisby, are partakers of the former rain but have refused to move on into the latter rain. Some people have served the Lord for 30 to 40 or more years but refused to move forward into the latter rain. It is a solemn thing and the cloud is moving without them following; including many Pentecostals who got salvation and refused the latter rain. Those that move forward into the latter rain are those going in the translation. If you do not go into the latter rain you will not ripen to be harvested for the translation. It is active faith to go forward. It is the latter rain that ripens the harvest. At the end you will have a group that gets so organized that they miss the translation. They did not go into the latter rain. But the other group that goes into the latter rain go forward and are translated, including the highway and the hedges brethren; the ones that accept salvation in the very last minute like the thief on the cross. Despite the former and the latter rain together, the Lord appoints the season for the weeks of the harvest. The Lord is they only one who appoints the time of the rains. After the former and the latter rains, the Lord then appoints the weeks of the harvest. When God unites them under the latter rain, according to His appointment, He loves them and these are the people going #in the translation. Those who will be translated must believe that Jesus Christ is the eternal one. Love, Faith, Wisdom and understanding will guide the elect.        CD #949A Go Forward.

The revival and the pillar of fire, come with the SHOUT/CRY (1st Thess. 4:13-18; Matt. 25:1-10 and Rev. 10:1-10). These all happen with the former and latter rain; as the latter rain ripens the elect, in the midst of persecution. Remember this, just before the Translation in the midst of a great spiritual stirring will come terrible persecution against those who preach the whole truth and those who have faith. This persecution will come from the lukewarm apostates who have been deceived and love not the truth. But this too is a sign, to let the true believers know that the trumpet of God is about to sound for them, as they are caught up in rapturous joy.                                                                     Rol #142 last para.