The angel with secrets

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The angel with secretsThe angel with secrets

Translation Nuggets 31

What one saint said to another saint; also the sealed book of Dan. 8:13-14, depicts a certain time was revealed to the saints concerning a particular subject. And this definitely reveals to us at the end time that the saints will know a certain time (certain season) of His return and speak it one to another. Daniel wanted to know the time of end events too, (Dan.12:4-6). Verse 7 shows the same celestial figure which was in chapter 10 of Rev. 10, and He told Daniel that the book was sealed unto the end, (but the time will be revealed in little rolls). The former 7th Age messenger revealed the operation of the serpent seed (Gen.3:15) working (sin) in the 7 Church Ages but he did not reveal or go to the Man child seed they were yet to be born (matured). The 7th angel’s prophetic message finishes this. Thus saith God the Amen.                                                                                                                                           Scroll 49 L para.

Where do we stand in time

How close are we to the Translation? We are definitely in the season of time proclaimed by the Lord Jesus. Wherein he said, this generation shall not pass away until all be fulfilled, (Matt.24:23-24). There are quite a few prophecies left concerning the Great Tribulation, anti-Christ and etc. But there is hardly any Biblical prophecies left between the elect and the translation. The predictions concerning fears, unrest, perplexities in all nations reveal to us that we are in the final hours of this age. The world’s greatest turn about and change looms before us in the near future. World-wide events will literally shake the earth. The foundation of society rotates into a new earth. If the Christians could see the total picture of what is coming, I am sure they would pray, seek the Lord and be very serious about His harvest work, indeed.                                                                                                                 Scroll 135 para. 1.

The mystery

Will the translation (rapture) be seen by the unbelievers or the ungodly of the world? No it will be like a thief, secret. The first fruits will meet the Lord in the air, (1st Thess. 4: 16-17). In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, our body shall change to a glorified one, very celestial and unique. Jesus has a special purpose in the translation of the first fruit saints; for one thing they will have the task of judging the world with Christ, (1st Cor.6:2). This judgment by the saints with Jesus is definitely stated in Psalm 149:5-9. We are also told that the man-child company (elect), rule all the nations with a rod of iron associated with Jesus, Rev. 12:5. Now we see that with such a great assist work before them is one of the reasons they should be raptured first, so that they can prepare for their future duties.                             Scroll 162, para. 7 & 9.

Be ye also ready

Right now in this very hour, they are working plans to fulfill Rev. 11:1-2; 2nd Thess. 2:4. In all I have written here, what I am actually trying to say is that truly the whole world is going to be caught off guard. More false Christs and false prophets will rise. The Bible predicted in the last days a great falling away would occur just before Translation. Some people are not actually falling away from church attendance, but from the real Word and Faith. Jesus told me, we are in the final days, and to declare it with utmost urgency.

The final days

Along with the technology, science and inventions will come new styles and changes for women and men. Soon the Pentecostals of our past age will look more like the movie world in appearance. Very few are going to hold onto the old paths and stay with the full Word of God. I tell you, as I have told you before, revolutionary changes are coming that one will only believe as they see it. Such a world of sin and debauchery: ——– Truly man is trying to replace reality with fantasy for the appearance of the anti-Christ.                                                                                                                                      Scroll 200, para.3 & 4.

Comments on the CD, The Departure.

Look for this CD #1741 and listen to it or read it in the Alert, soon. Brother Frisby, left us a lot of nuggets in the message but will only mention a few; and you search out the other nuggets from the full message. They include: a. the real seed of God will accept the word and the Bible; b. Those that satan strangles their faith begin to dry up; c. John on the island of Patmos saw the mark of the beast been stamped on peoples forehead or right hand: And knew that the name and number was the same thing as hidden in the mark. God hid it that way and will be known by revelation; d. the word falling away in 2nd Thess. 2:3, and the word perish out in Micah 7:2 both have double meanings concerning departing, perishing or falling away. They involve one group falling away from the truth of the word of God and the other is departing or vanishing or caught away to God as in the translation; e. When the Holy Ghost begins to leave a person, the person they dry gradually and eventually fall away. The winds of false doctrine, pleasure and strife blow them away and they cannot take persecution.                                  CD # 1741.