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Translation Nuggets 30

The political organization that leads to the false prophet: In the background lurks a subtle man with tremendous influence at his disposal. He has a grip on all the vital places, ruling a large portion of this country under cover. I am not told if he will continue but his political machine will. Even if this other person does not appear into power, his political organization will put in another person. The political system will finally overwhelm the government of the USA, and will eventually blend into another power (religion, – Catholic, Protestant). Out of this ushers forth the false prophet ruler. Later also a woman ruler will rise before or with this last false prophet statesman. Women will soon receive more power. There is coming what is called a women’s revolution. The scrolls will give a final answer to this and the end. The Bride is privileged to have the scripts as a time guide so she can make herself ready, as God measures the time. The cycles and dates converging and inner looking together in astounding fashion prove we are in the hands of Divine Providence.                                                               Scroll # 40.

I saw the Pope and world leaders working out a plan for Jews. How to co-exist with Russia. Forming the Beast power. A way to bring United States protestant churches together and join with Roman Catholic to form image; church and state. The vision is sure and plain.                                               Scroll 1.

I was shown a religious figure that controls the world and church. As Christ came forth of the anointed church seed Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David etc. The anti- Christ will come out of the false church seed, Cain, Babel, Jezebel, Babylon, Roman Catholics. Christ is called the Lamb. The false Christ is called the beast.                                                                                                                                             Scroll #2.

A Pope rises, a world genius that is able to work with government, world leaders, and all church systems. I see the Jews fascinated by him. He controls much gold. His speed is cunning and craftiness. He will move the world in the most diabolical plan ever. The same prince that tried to over throw heaven is with him. The Communists are startled by him. When he spoke the whole world listened. Watch for he is close. I see him as a fallen star.                                                                                 Scroll #3.

(We are at the foot of the image of Nebuchadnezzar, the iron foot age and the clay, remember.)

Now I see the feet and toes, the Iron and the Clay move together Dan. 2:43. The last kingdom comes into power. I see the image stand up. The whole world looks to the little horn. Beast 666, satanic prince I see him with a wicked by the hand Babylon (Catholic) and a fallen eagle by his side (Israel and USA agreement). ——– He says I have brought peace, but he lies.                                               Scroll #5.

Sleeping churches: I saw this plain. The dead united protestant churches with Babylon (Catholic) but not the bride. The next move is first the protestant all unite, then combine forces with civil power and join the Catholic spirit as one. They so influence the state they become like Babylon. Then like Israel they will make an agreement with the anti-Christ system and go through the great tribulation with the Jews. Vision is positive.                                                                                                                                 Scroll #6.

Death angel cries, the pale horse, the Iron and Clay move together, Dan 2::43. The last kingdom comes into power. I see the image stand up. The whole world look to the little horn ———-. The iron, false religious state; and clay, communism break I see him gather them into a place called Armageddon. I see the little horn is king of all Babylon (Rev. 17). Catholics and Protestants make agreement with the Jews. The little horn rules both church and state by deceiving the Jews, USA and Russia. He is beast 666. This I saw and it will not fail. His government comes from the horns Rev. 17:12, Communism, also the anti-Christ controls the west through religion out of Babylon, ————. Remember this the longest day that you live. God tells me the only one that does not push at the anti-Christ is the west, the iron kingdom; because he is all of the west (England, USA and Western Europe).                                              Scroll #8.

According to bro. Branham Communism is nothing. It is a tool in the hand of God to bring revenge upon the earth for the blood of the saints.                                                                   The First Seal, March 18, 1963.

Don’t you never fear communism. Communism is a godless move, but you hear some of these preachers stand in the pulpit condemning communism. I don’t believe in it either, but don’t you; telling the church, ‘Oh, we are all going to be swallowed up; the world is going to become communist.’  That is exactly contrary to the God’s Word. There is no place the Bible says that that will be that way. There is iron curtain; there is a bamboo curtain; and there is a purple curtain. Brother, don’t you fear none of the rest of them, but watch that purple curtain. She is setting right here on the throne today, in this country. What is the matter with you? Sure, selling your birthright like Esau did, for a mess of pottage. That is all you are going to get; that is all: forming an image of the beast. Exactly. Don’t you fear communism. You fear Catholicism. Communism is not doing anything but playing right in the hands of God. ———-, That is the reason I say today no matter how good it looks, how many preachers are saying this, that, or the other, Communism is going to take the world and throw it down, don’t you ever try to fight Communism, fight Romanism; For that is THUS SAITH THE LORD. The Lord said, Romanism is going to rule; not Communism, it is a puppet.                    Restoration of the Bride Tree, April 22, 1962.

Just a note, the Former and the latter rain messengers have delivered their messages and gone to their rewards. They have warned and alerted the true believer about the end of time. Remember the Image of Nebuchadnezzar, it started with the head of gold and ended with the feet and toes of iron mixed with clay. The feet and toes are the end of the image. The iron is Babylon (Rome and Catholicism) and the clay is the Communist group centered round Russia. The iron is the little horn, a religious leader. America was from the beginning Protestants. But gradually Romanism permeated the entire country of USA and the rest of the world. Bro. Branham by the spirit of the Lord said, fear Catholicism, fight Romanism. This was 58 years ago, and it is here now and many are already trapped. The snare is in every nation. Even in USA, Romanism has infiltrated everywhere. Politics, religion, finance, technology, education, science, you name it, they are there. They started long ago, now look at the top posts in the USA, they are Catholics. You know why, they are strategists and the prince of this world who understands dark sentences is with the system. It is a sign of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. USA has changed and no matter who is the president, congress or court, the Catholic system will dictate and eventually control and speak as a dragon, no more a lamb. They are everywhere. The Pope gave his ruling on gay and lesbian etc. issues, and since then the issues has gone to the back burner; even preachers do not want to approach the issue again. So sad; because many preachers have compromised their faith and their congregation is numbed. These two messengers who have come and gone warned us to watch. Saying fear Catholicism, fight Romanism; it will swallow the world. Come out of her and be ye separate, (2nd Cor. 6:17 and Rev. 18:4).  Make your calling and election sure. The hour has come, be ye ready to answer, when the Lord calls. In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye. The door is shut.