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Behold this is a revelation to my chosen, and those of the world who say it is not true shall suffer Tribulation, and will not be taken up with my Elect bride. For the hand of the Great God hath written this concerning the Godhead. And who is great enough that he shall call the Lord Jesus a liar. For all power is given to Me in heaven and earth, (Matt. 28:18).

Now I will write by command, even if a person is baptized in the original way of the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38) for that matter the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and has not ‘love’ he is a loud noise. I am become a sounding brass and a tingling cymbal, 1st Corinthians 13:1. Although important, the water alone will not rapture you. But love will. That’s the secret which raptures the Bride away. Live by the Word with spiritual love. This is the message which we received from the beginning, (1st John 3:11). Again the Lord warns us not to put our salvation and confidence in just water alone, or to argue it, no sir. The Lord does not want that. It is absolute fact the Early Church (of Acts) baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus (Acts 8:16, Acts 2:38) but not in Jesus (only); because some people name their children this in foreign countries, but Lord Jesus is different. The water baptizing and the Godhead is one thing the Organization can’t decide for a person, you alone will have to according to the scripture, (John10:30). I do not deny the Father, Son and Holy Ghost but state emphatically and it is the absolute truth that these three are one same spirit. Just like in Rev. 5:6 it says 7 spirits of God, but these are one spirit working seven revelative ways. If people knew who Jesus was then they would know what He meant when He said in the ‘name’, (Matt.28:19, Acts 9:17 and Luke 10:21-22).

Behold what I have spoken about the water is true. What I have spoken about my name is true. It is I the Lord Jesus who hath spoken unto my people the Bride. And unto them who take my name will become my Bride. Behold I have hidden myself in Jesus in such a way that the foolish virgins and the world cannot see Me, until the time that I shall reveal it, but My Elect was born to believe it and another they will not hear. I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA YEA A MAN’S HAND HAS NOT WRITTEN THIS BUT THE HAND OF POWER, THE LORD OF HOSTS HAS WRITTEN IT.                                                                                   SCROLL 35