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The signs of the last days are actually over taking the earth. We are leaving twilight soon, darkness is just around the corner for this planet. The sands of time in God’s prophetic hour glass is finishing up. This nation is darting towards its prophetic destiny; so likewise the world. Mankind is on the threshold of a new age that will push it into one world government suddenly. Isaiah 5:8, reveals our modern land with house to house, and where there would be no privacy in the midst of the earth. The Lord gave a “woe” for them of that day. Meaning crowded, so close together, the weather, war and etc. would be more devastating to them. Plus a great earthquake could cut off the water, food and all supplies.

The conditions reveal a perfect picture of what will occur soon.  The earth is entering a period of great turbulence not only concerning the catastrophic events that we will see in nature, but social unrest and violence of the revolutionary type. Finally mankind will be controlled by electronics and super computers. We have spoken about the 3-dimensional computers and the coming of artificial life in them. And we also know that some type of electronic machine is used in Rev. 13:13-15. We also see a 3-dimensional number is given 666 (verse 18). You say dimensional? Yes. The number, the name and the mark, essentially mean the same thing. Without this dimensional number no one can act.

Entering the tribulation era (beast) –futuristic – image character – women fixed like cat eyes, pagan goddess look, vulgar – wild – loose –sadistic – lustful – open – gay – lurid – mean- whorish – luring. You say what about the men? Beastlike desires, savage, brute – the urge of Rome in both types, to kill (blood thirsty). And of course, their appetites will be appeased, some as they see millions slaughtered for not taking the mark of the beast and worshipping him. The elect will already have been translated before.

Luke 21:26, It is like in the days of Lot- they are so caught up in commercialism and building that they fail to see angels witnessing through a deliverance ministry warnings of the coming of a fiery holocaust at Armageddon. We see the signs of the distress of nations in perplexity. We are also living in the sign of the “last generation”, and again people fail to see it, (Matt. 24:33-35).

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Israel is God’s prophetic time piece. And it has been said Jerusalem is the minute hand. The scriptures compel that time is running out for the Gentiles; Luke 21:24 is fulfilled. The Jews reclaimed the old city of Jerusalem (1967). They now want it as their capital. Seemingly the nations are disturbed about it, especially the Arabs. Why? Because it is a sign that time is short for satan (Rev.12:12). As the fullness of time for the Gentiles has come in, also the cup of iniquity is being reached.

Prophecy fulfilling:

The increasing lawlessness, the crime wave and the moral decay. Jesus said, violence, crime and immoral debauchery would fill the earth (2nd Tim. 3:1-7). The sign around us is so evident around us that even many Christians have forgotten that it is a sign of the end of the age. He gave religious signs, the apostasy, the departing from the faith and falling away. Many are joining churches and organizations without joining to the Lord Jesus in full power. They have a form of godliness, but they will actually deny the power. They will turn away from a true prophet and receive an imitation. By watching the masses we can truly say, surely delusion has already set in. Some are joining independent churches thinking they are playing it safe, but if the independents do not have the true Word, then they will fit in with all organized systems, (Rev. 17:1-5). I believe we are in a transition period and living on borrowed time as it is. That is why we must watch the signs of the time and pray.

The day is coming when paper money will have no value at all. We are given a remarkable prophecy that a day is soon coming when there will be a new economy and antichrist social order, a new political system, plus a new religion. Super computers will mastermind the economy and no one will be able to buy or work without these code marks, (Rev. 13:15-18). Credit cards will one day be obsolete. Coming next seems to be the debit cards; evidently leading to the electronic mark. An economic mark of credit and worship is given. Time is short, let us do all we can for Christ while we have a brief period left to work.

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PROPHECY MATCHES ON– By the spirit of prophecy we know that ecumenism is alive and working underneath in the nations now and will rise up later like a submarine and will control with the antichrist. Rev.17 describes a scarlet colored beast as representing the end time false church. This is the religious power which is described as an ominous sinful woman, Babylon – who is seated upon the beast, the political power. This means that the false religious power will control, for a limited time, the secular political power. Rev.17:16 describes how the whole Roman Empire will finally throw off even any pretense at religion and proceed to worship the beast. The Beast and the woman go together. The union is the worldwide apostate ecclesiastical system.  It is now well on its way and both soon headed for destruction – (Rev.17:16), (Rev.18:8-10).

Surely, all of these patterns and events are significant and portray to us the Lord is soon to return; and we must work diligently for Him. I printed these changes so that you could keep them for your benefit in watching events ahead.

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