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Be careful, every Bible reader knows Judas fellowshipped right around the disciples. Jesus said Judas had part in the deliverance type ministry: But at the end joined the organized religion, (for 30 pieces of silver) betrayed and killed Christ. Now watch this closely, Jesus told me some gifted ministries are and will be right in the midst of the Bride working miracles when He suddenly separates her; but some of the gifted ministries will continue on the same trail to Rome or the organized system for pieces of silver. (Nevertheless some great true gifted ministries will stay with the True Word and the Bride). There will be a revival among the foolish and a true revival of the wise when God separates His children. Then you will see who is the true Elect by what direction they go; Man’s system or God’s Word, gifts or no gifts. The Bride has the prophet message and the Royal whirlwind of fire.

Two astounding signs to watch which will be seen and give us the secret to Christ return. Firstly, when you see Russia begin to align or “join the USA” in a “pact” watch. Secondly, when you see “a new type urban car run on electric or guided by radar.” (Nevertheless when we see it, we will know He is right at the door (rapture). Also watch the churches which are silently uniting.                                   SCROLL 44

A great sign given to the Elect just before the rapture, first the churches will unite. Now watch just about this time and just before the revealing of the anti-Christ, the Bride will suddenly leave; because Jesus told me He would return very close to this, or during the final uniting time. When the Elect see this they will know He is even at the door. Watch I also see Russia will begin to try to control more power and land around Israel. They are secretly getting ready for the last war. *But before this war they will embark later in history on a peace crusade with the world.                                                        SCROLL 30

(Note in October 2019, President Putin invited all African leaders and some Middle East leaders for talk in Sochi, Russia- African forum, signing and selling weapons of war in billions of dollars to 30 African countries). Sound like Armageddon preparation.                                                                       Observation