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Translation Nuggets 28

The nations shall be in astonishment for the events of this age shall be unexpected and climatic. It shall surprise the people for they shall be caught off guard. The generation that the Lord God spoke about (Matt. 24:33-35) is finishing it’s course up. The events in the next few years shall really cause the heads of the people to spin. The earth’s changes will be tremendous. The magnetic forces will also be acting in a different manner. Be watching for the unusual and occurrences and mysteries never seen before. And also keeping our hearts on Jesus return at any time. This decade will produce the unbelievable in occurrences concerning the population. But yet it shall be so. Also while people have been caught up in a fantasy pleasure world, a snare has been set, and the last part of the puzzle have been set.

This is no time to spiritually sleep but to be awake in the Word and Prophecy. The Day Star (Jesus) is coming to every open heart and will manifest his enormous love and power to them. Take courage, have faith. Soon time for His people will be no more. Eternity will have a place for them. This is the hour for urgency, alertness and steadfastness in the spirit. Jesus words were, “be ye also ready.” Notice the word ALSO, meaning the very elect should not be hindered. For He says, “in an hour ye think not, the Son of man cometh.

Yea, when mankind worsens more than they are now and children become their own guide, not listening to man or spirit, the Lord neareth the calling- His own. Behold even the animals and domestic ones will be filled with madness and demonic powers among the streets and etc. And the animals and birds of the wilderness change their environment and migration routes, (some of this is occurring now). Yea the Lord appeareth. Yea saith the Lord, when they shall say good is bad, and bad is good, so shall this government become an abomination, likewise the people. And new sights and sounds shall there be from the heavens, celestial wonders giving forth warnings. For they speak of My return. When most of the church women (including fundamentals) dress, look and act like whores; I am beyond the door. Notice, most of the men and women are following the trends that Hollywood and Paris has produced. Yea saith the Lord, for men shall be also like women and what I have just spoken. Yea saith the Lord Mystery Babylon the goddess shall seduce the nations (Rev. 17): For the people already are acting like these scriptures (Rev. 3:17). Pagan Rome is rising, as illusion and witchcraft are spinning a web in her. Commercial Babylon (Rev.18, her counterpart) shall lead the nation to a fiery ruin, as she falls and rises not again (Verse 21). This is the late hour saith the Lord, and ye must do my work for these events are already creeping like a shadow across this earth.

Behold the translation is hidden in the heavens, the same as My First Coming. But the wise will understand. The wicked will continue in their ways despite warning from My witnesses. Note, structural upsurge, new type cars for highways, new governments, greater activity like unto Sodom springs forth, fantasy replaces reality. When inventions and technology take the place of wisdom and knowledge in the minds of men. When movies change in light and dimension, and become demonic; and carelessness everywhere, no peace, rest nor quietness; Here comes Jesus, in an hour you think not. When the moon gives signs and the sun produces strange and differential changes, scientists take thought. The Lord will appear in clouds of glory.                                                                                                      Scroll 215


I foresee a sinister and powerful figure who will rise in China and will influence all of Asia nearly and possibly at the very end Japan: No matter how good of friends they act like towards the USA now. This leader will be worse than Genghis Khan or the late Mao. God will give him an evil heart like Lucifer and he shall descend from the east.


Over thirty years ago (1960s’) I saw and drew on a piece of paper the type of car that would be near the translation. And just by coincidence I saw the prototype that is coming, and it won’t be long. It was different than the car seen on the highway by another prophet. It was more of a car that you would use off an electronic highway, but it still may be one that you could use on a computer electronic radar highway too. Behold saith the Lord, surely I come quickly, Rev. 22:20.                               Scroll 218.


They have a Jewish Covenant almost completed, and just need to be confirmed by a false prince. This is no time to sleep, it could even be quicker than we think. Let every day count, watch and pray so the Holy Spirit can keep you sealed in. Let’s get the gospel out quickly.                                   Scroll 223.

STUDY SCROLL #105 PARA 1. (Jesus said, as the elect watched and prayed they would escape the horrors of the Great Tribulation, Luke 21:36. Keep your confidence that the true Church will be translated before the mark of the beast etc, Rev. 13).                                                           Scroll #105.