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Jesus gave each Church age a promise (Rev. 2:1, 7) first, the Church at Ephesus the (manifestation) He was walking in the midst of 7 golden candlesticks. The Promise is the “Tree of Life” (Rev. 2:8, 10) Second Church Smyrna, (manifestation) the first and the last. The Promise, “The Crown of Life.” Third Church   Pergamos (Rev. 2:12, 17), manifestation a sharp two-edged sword. The Promise, “A new name written in white stone” and “hidden manna.” Fourth Church Thyatira (Rev. 2:18, 26-28) manifestation eyes like unto a flaming fire. The Promise, “power over nations and rule them with a rod of iron and I will give him the Morning Star.” Fifth Sardis Church (Rev. 3:1, 5) manifestation the seven spirits of God. The Promise, “clothed with white raiment.” Sixth Church Philadelphia, (Rev. 3:7, 8, 12) manifestation He is Holy and True. The Promise, “the key of David” and will make him “A pillar in the   Temple of God,” “An open door and the new name of God written upon the elect.” The seventh Church Laodicea, The “Amen” standing on the outside, (Rev. 3:14, 21) manifestation, the beginning of the creation of God. The Promise, “the overcomer will sit with me in my throne.”

But He states in verses 16 and 17 that He will spew the rest out of His mouth. Most of these in this last rich church that do get in, “go through Tribulation.” Finally the seventh Church Age completely apostatizes into world system. Right at this point Jesus begins to separate the wheat from the tares, (Matt.13:30). Jesus is outside and now He pours all power and promises and manifestations into the sons of God.

And unto the elect the beginning of new things, (promise) the seventh seal prophecy of the seventh Angel’s message, the “manifestation” secrets revealed in the Thunders. They receive a new song, a new name in stone and the new name of God. And a new rainbow message (complete revelation of God). But the 7th Church Age, Laodicea (Rev.3:14-15) does not receive this, because they are spewed out. But the Bride receives a message (secrets) out of His mouth (Rev. 10:4). God’s Headstone (7th seal) message is saved and goes to the elect. A revelator wrapped in lightning (Rev.10:4-7). A lion, who shall be able to stand all four powers in Rev. 4:7 representing the past messengers will be mixed in one servant at the end producing rainbow prophet (Rev. 10, Thunders the power that went to the seven Church Ages and Messengers will be combined together poured on the Bride unleashing 7 lamps of light producing translative faith, giving birth to the Man Child. The Silent Seal is a quick short work.

The Head Stone message does not go to the organizations. The little group believe it. Behold saith He with the flaming eyes, these sayings are true. The 7th Seal, the 7 Thunders and the 7th Angel go together with the Little Book. The six seals are like the large part of the pyramid; the 7th Seal is like the “eye” Capstone of glory above it.

John saw Him as the revelator in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks, clothed in fire as the noon day sun. He saw Him “as one” on the throne, with a rainbow and stone (Rev. 4:2-3). He saw Him in thunder and lightning, He saw Him in Rev.10 as the messenger, in a cloud, as a clothed revelator wrapped in deity plus angelic form, with a message which set in motion the seven Thunders. He appears in the last Gentile messenger as the Pillar of Fire (Revelator). It’s just a little book but Jesus type of appearance makes it the most important of the ages. A covenant message, the redeemer. He appears to His elect in dramatic fashion covered with all the wisdom of the ages. Yet all this is connected to a “Little Book” rolls. Ezekiel saw Him in a whirlwind, with amber fire in wheels, glory and blazing light. He and Daniel both saw Him as a living emanating creator vibrating and magnetic.

All these manifestations and power will be behind the “Sons of God” at the end. “I am the living light and I appear as it pleaseth Me and not men.” I am the Ancient one, remove not these words lest ye remove not your own self from the kingdom of the Most High. For it is He who writeth and speaketh unto thee. There were seven messengers sent to the seven Church Ages we just spoke of. But the 7th angel as the “time” messenger goes to the elect Man Child.