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Finally instituting a credit number in the flesh. On the dollar, the eye above the pyramid represents the All-seeing Deity. The pyramid stands for strength and lasting; and so the dollar has until late. Above the eyes are the words, “Annuit Coeptis” meaning, God has favored our undertaking. At the bottom of the pyramid are the words, “Novus Ordo Seculorum” meaning, a new order of the ages. And those words appear on a narrow scroll. Then below this, just outside the circle, is printed The Great Seal. The words, a new order of the ages is also prophesying again there will be a new beginning that will lead into a world system.

Later in the age watch for the replacement of the U.S. dollar and its symbolic meaning. We are headed for a new system and when the U.S. currency goes, the new order of the ages will finally eventuate into Rev. 13:16-17. And then the people of the earth will receive a credit card or number in the flesh, verses 16-18. Evidently a tattoo identification mark associated to the money (or gold 2nd Chron.9:13) of the new super dictator. Probably a computerized credit record and money, etc. Rev. 13 reveals the revived Roman Empire; the U.S.A. will give way and merge into the rising of Western Europe as the age closes (forms) into a United States of Europe.                                                                                                                                           Scroll 85

Men now have the means to control the world; all commerce, working, buying and selling. Soon he will give his code mark and numbering identification system. This coming decade is one of fearful changes and upheavals. It appears the 80’s are preparing for the regimentation of the world’s population. Take heed and watch (Lk. 21:35-36): For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

Let us do all we can now, because severe economic conditions are coming, then afterwards it will go back into prosperity, but leading to the mark. Also after currency is removed people will be given some kind of electronic money (credit identification) through the mark. So let us give and get the gospel out and lay up treasure in heaven while we still have freedom.                                                          Scroll 84.

The nations are suffering from an international monetary crisis and they are perplexed and in bewilderment. The man of fierce countenance that Daniel saw and understanding dark sentences will appear in the midst of worldwide problems. In the future there several major things to watch which will confront the world and this nation. It will be shortages later on, there will be labor crisis and international debt will be one of the greatest problems. No doubt the coming economic storm will re-shift or redistribute the wealth into the hands of the Babylonian system. A super church state level, the government could use the oncoming crisis as an excuse to finally bring strict wage and price controls under the beast system, and that’s found in Rev. 13:15.

One noted economist said a tremendous economic convulsion is about to destroy the entire financial structure of the world and affect the United States. The end results will be a recession and it will be in a sort of a depression era and the magnitude of which we have never experienced. Millions will be out of work around the world and millions will go hungry. Riots and killings and plundering will sweep the nations. This could definitely occur entering the Great Tribulation, until prosperity is restored out of the chaos.

Although the Bride does go through some dark trials and hours, she does not go through the last part of the Great Tribulation. We have probably seen nothing yet compared to the worldwide economic conditions that are coming to bring in a new system that we’ll be confronted with. All the nations are ready to unite into one government, into one giant computer. Now watch this, the antichrist would have millions of subjects under a tyrannical control of one diabolical master mind, could not be imagined possible. Suddenly it is here and coming through the electronic age. They will worship this man’s system. A person who would refuse membership in the system could not buy, sell, travel or rent. A tyrant could take over all the money, the system and it’s a weapon against those who would oppose him.

What is happening in our world today is not the immediate result of some sudden impulse. It is rather a plan and system methodically developing over several years. This is a quote from another person, while we lived in Brussels we heard the quotations from the lips of the leaders of the world and European Common Market. I heard the leaders answer the question. They said, “Do you plan to cancel the old currencies?” The answer was, “Yes, we will cancel the currencies. We must establish one universal medium of exchange.” Now when they do this on currencies we do not know. But that’s what they are wanting to do and they will declare they want to put it into one system.

Money is worthless without any backing, the United States may have to borrow huge sums of this rare metal to back up when she gets in trouble, and this is probably when she gets in trouble. If it doesn’t come through borrowing the (gold) metal, then she is going to be in debt and owe herself to the other nations. This nation it said, would turn and speak like a dragon. The whole world would be joined to this system. It’s thus saith the word of the Lord. America has served her purpose, been a gallant nation, has protected the world but she’s weakening now from within and from without, and you can stamp on her soul; foreign powers have the rights to this nation nearly.

Sermon Book- The image 666 and the Electronic Brain.