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The Lord shows me to trap many Pentecostals, Satan devised a clever snare during this revival. During the out pouring many Catholics and Nominals came over among the wheat (true believer) and some received the Holy Ghost, but others received nothing and are a counterfeit. Satan has to become just like the real thing in other to deceive the foolish. They are part of and have fellowship among our Pentecostal Organizations today. The counterfeit ones are what help persuade and convince many of the Pentecostal leaders into joining the World Protestant movement. More will pretend to be filled with the Spirit as Satan leads them, but Satan will not fool the Wise. Although the tongues are for a sign and wonderful the Wise won’t go for tongues alone but for every Word that proceedeth from the mouth of God, Amen. The Bride will not be deceived, “THUS SAITH THE LORD”. God’s Bride Revival will be outside the Confederation. In the name of Jesus Christ I speak this.

Catholicism with utterly catch on fire with its growth. It will rule politics directly and indirectly no matter who is voted in. The headings will be on the Pope and USA churches often. The greatest religious spirit will come on the people the world has ever seen. But it will not be a Christian spirit. The Lord told me the body Satan will enter in to become the beast is on the earth now and will be revealed soon. A trap has been devised for the foolish. Read Rev. 12:9-13 and 17.

Jesus told me some incredible and exciting things are in store for the Bride at the end. Remember He will reveal Himself to His own. But the foolish and the world will laugh their way into destruction. Jesus said the Church would not know the day nor the hour of the secret rapture. But He did not say we would not know the year or the season. The Lord will not tell us the exact day. The scripture says but to the Bride at harvest time He will tell the season. WHY? So the Bride (Church) can make herself ready for the Marriage Supper. HOW? Watch. First the Bridegroom (JESUS) elects her because SHE TAKES ONLY HIS NAME AND WORD. Then she rejoices when the general time (season) is given. And as she the (Bride) nears the time (season) given she begins to make herself ready. SOMEWHERE ON THE SCROLL NOW OR LATER THE SECRET SEASON IS REVEALED. Now the Pillar of Fire that Moses saw will settle completely on the Elect at harvest time for a separation to reveal His fullness and the closeness of His coming. When the Word (JESUS) and the Bride becomes one (unite together) then the Bride is headed for a spiritual climax. Also the rapture takes place for the Marriage Supper.                     Scroll 11-part 2.

And the clock is ticking; it’s turned the corner. There is coming a climatic turn of events in the period ahead. We are in one form of the phase of the beginning of sorrows. An awesome amount of incredible occurrences is pending. The portent is far beyond anything we have seen yet, similar to what we have seen in the past but it will worsen. (God’s hands are upon His children). The USA has been given into the hands of the SCHEMERS. At this point right now they have bankrupted its assets. Divine providence will have to guide this nation. Actually it is owned by our enemies. What a preview sight I saw.

“Do not forsake me Oh my darling on this our wedding day,” the theme of a song: And that is exactly what they are doing to Jesus. THE COUNTERFEIT SYSTEMS, INCLUDING SOME PENTECOST, ARE ENTERING A DECEPTIVE PERIOD; AS WE TELL THIS A COLLISION WITH THE ALMIGHTY IS INEVITABLE. God’s plagues are already falling. All of my partners will encounter some tests but your bodies will face the stimulation of the Holy Spirit.

Great places shaken up. Renowned Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, White House, California, Las Vegas. Just about every monument in the U.S. will crumble. A lot will take place in 2009 -2012. (The rest in a new cycle concerning the dates we spoke about). IT WILL HAVE TO FORSAKE THE WHITE HOUSE AND OUR MONUMENTS ALSO. Some could be 10 years after. (Ten years more puts us around 2019 -2022). Also a world turnabout will be involved in some of the dates mentioned.

In the later cycle our own flag will be changed. We will have the flag but they will attach something above it for the world system – the anti-Christ no doubt. There are so many things now in this warning period that the Lord showed me, I am only telling part of it. Also read Matt.25:1-9. The Lord told me that this is where we are at right now: Verse 10, “And while they went to buy the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with Him to the marriage: and the door was shut.                         Scroll 318

If you notice the Lord is warning His children to stay prepared, steadfast. Within just three years there will be such powerful changes and upheavals that you will think you are on another planet. To some it may seem unbelievable but it shall be so, saith the Lord. They will think they woke up in a night mare – worse. Robotic technology and inventions work like magic. Our whole way of life will change swiftly in the periods we spoke of and many without resources and food. We are in it now seemingly no limit of what can suddenly pop up or leap forth. Through these dates we are nearing, “IN A MOMENT, IN A TWINKLING OF AN EYE,” meaning upward.

Some will never dream what they are going to see in the next few years. We can look back and finally see what God has given us. It will back up exactly what He foretold. We are now headed for not only strange changes but also massive events. They will never realize this until it hits. THE DIVINE PURPOSE IS HOLD STEADFAST. He is very close to those He loves.

DON’T FORGET TO REMEMBER ALWAYS Matt. 25:10.                                                               Scroll 319.