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The Angelic personage is the angel of the Lord God in the pillar of fire, to me as a messenger overshadowing me in mysteries. Now He will come to the elect Himself using voice and the pen of fire. He will be a spiritual cloud over them. The pure elect is translated through the message of chapter 10 (Rev.), and Christ will smite the colorful array of the beast at Armageddon, (3rd woe). “I am He Jesus, and I shall bring it to pass.”

Out of the Church Ages and the 7 Seals will come forth different groups in God’s divine plan: One is ‘Israel Jews’ (sealed) 144,000 (Rev. 7:4): But there is definitely another hidden group of 144,000, (Rev. 14:1-2). There is a cry out of the Thunders at midnight to the wise, this voice cannot be stopped (Matt. 25:6), the voice to the wise was go ye out. This group (144,000) was evidently part of the ‘wise virgins’ yet separated as a very high of the spirit Bride. The first fruits and the wise together are raptured (scroll 30). They are a part of yet a ‘separate voice’ to them.

Now the voice was separate from the wise virgins who were grouped and asleep with the foolish. Yet the wise are of a higher degree spirit (oil) than the foolish and were separated by the ‘voice’. The ones who made the cry were not asleep. The foolish were without oil and when the cry was given (Rev.10:4 and 7) the wise got out from them. The foolish virgins are part of the organized religion. Yet they themselves are a little higher degree than the false churches; because the foolish virgins have the word but no oil. Later they will come out of Babylon (organized churches) during the tribulation like sealed Israel.

The last degree that is left is the ‘beast seed’ of Babylon with all the light finally being taken out, only darkness and judgment remains on the beast, utterly burnt with fire. All of this is God’s way to harvest the first fruits and the wise, then the gleaning. He will lose nothing of value in His degrees except the false vine which never was with Him to begin with in His divine plans, (they are the system of the false churches alone). His first fruits cannot be deceived.

Yea these mysteries are only to those which I knew and called from the beginning. For I foresaw their heart and have chosen them to be here, blessed are the wise children for they are mine. They have no part in Babylon, Rev. 17: Yea who will believe? Yea him which I call will believe.    One more thing, “voice” has to do with the Bride as a sign. The voice in Matt. 25- there was a midnight voice, {the voice of the 7th angel, (Rev. 10:4 and 7) and the voice of the Bride in Rev. 18:23}; My sheep know My voice. (Notice the VOICE, Oh! how sweet.

The group in Rev. 14:1-4 are called the first fruits (the sons of God), these evidently are associated with the wise as a particular group. They were called the first fruit and this would put them ahead of the Tribulation group or the 144,000 Jews. Notice those in Rev. 14 sang a new song (verse 3) but the Tribulation group of Rev. 15:2-3 sing the song of Moses, instead of the new song. The first fruit with the wise have more than just oil, they never lost their first love. And there is a true written message across the heads of the 144,000 revealing also the “man child”, the Sons of God. Here you have the pure word elect.

First take (Rev10:4, 7) place it into Rev. 12:5, then place the latter scripture into Rev. 14:1-5 then you have the voice, the Thunder and the birth of the Sons of God. Now all this is connected to Rev. 8:1. That is why the 7th seal was silent then. He is going to do it now in the 7 thunders. The pure elect sons follow Him wheresoever He goeth. This is what the 7th church Age prophet saw, but could not go to or place together. It is the 7th seal secret. Thus saith the living Word, the Amen. Yea the King’s message in the Thunders is a royal invitation to her. What God did not reveal in the Bible in the 7th seal (Rev. 10:4), He will do in His acts to the elect. Again great creative power will be restored to the Sons of God in the 7 Thunders and they will be filled with bright light (anointing).

Scroll 53

The wise virgins were asleep too (Matt.25:5); but the group that made the cry were not asleep-Amen. The 144,000 of (Rev.14:1) were called virgins also, so there is a connection together in the Bride body, although having a different work. One thing that set them aside, they knew what the name of God was. Although they believed in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, they only had one name written across their forehead. They did not believe in three different Gods, only one Lord working three different ways. They were a special revelation group, they were associated with Thunder.

On scroll 26 and 27, what I was trying to explain was, for the last two years I have been writing the mysterious scrolls God spoke about. This is to separate and prepare the elect for the rapture. I know this is great and yet so humble and that many will miss it. This is sent to a special group upon the earth.

Scroll 30