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translation-nuggetsTRANSLATION NUGGET 4

But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets and maketh known to His children what shall be in the latter times. In each paragraph is a hidden secret, study Scroll with Bible.

This Scroll is one of the powerful revelations of God that brought to bro. Neal Frisby exactly what Daniel saw in the days of exile in Babylon. He wrote, “the angel of the Lord is with me. I can see the prophet’s visions unfold, the mysteries are being revealed. The Lord is getting His people ready to receive them. The end is near. I see the image, the head of— Dan 2:32.”

I am shown a monarch, powerful, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon; where God turns a man’s heart into a beast 7 years, Dan 4:25. I see an image appear also. This is strange. I now see another man in the last kingdom on earth, whose heart is turned into a beast, the anti-Christ, insane ruler. Image appears, modern (Rome) Babylon. Thus saith the Lord, the USA, Israel and England will go through great tribulation for being involved with Babylon (Catholics) at the end. I see a fierce lion walks here, Dan 7:4

Now I see his breast and his arms of silver—, Communism comes through here at the end. I see a bear walk out here Dan. 7:5

I look at his belly and his thighs of brass, I see a mighty king go forth Alexander the great. Now I see him exhaust his body in alcohol and perversion. At 32 he passes into darkness. I see a satanic prince like him in swiftness arise at the end. I see the same spirit enter the little horn. I see a leopard crouches here, Dan. 7:6.

I watch the legs of iron. I see all three come together. The lion, bear and leopard; they form ancient Rome and rules the world. Christ comes lives 33 years and leaves.

I see the 10 toes of Daniel’s image. A little cone rises like a pope’s cone (hat) with eyes. He is a religious figure, a false revelator, Dan 7:8. Now I see the lion, bear and leopard returning back together as one, (anti-Christ system rises). Now the star appears. There is a silence, (Rev.8:1). I hear— Behold I come quickly! Some graves open Bride unites with Christ, 1st Thess. 4:13-18.

Now I see the feet and toes. The iron and clay move together, Dan 2:43. The whole world looks to the little horn. The last kingdom is comes to power. The beast 666, satanic prince appears. I see him with a wicked woman by the hand Babylon (Catholic) and a fallen eagle by his side (Israel and USA agreement). (Remember that by peace and flattery (Dan. 11:21) the anti-Christ got the people including this agreement of peace; an agreement of death.) This is just a commentary.

He says I have brought peace, but he lies. I see a great war follow and millions die. Suddenly a pale horse comes into view and the rider is death. Armageddon follows. Now the earth shakes and the heavens light up. Every eyes see The King of Kings JESUS.

Now the Lord speaks— if any man takes away from this prophecy I will take his part out of the Lamb’s book of Life. I am Alfa and Omega, the first and the last. I am He that liveth and was dead and was dead. I am alive for ever more. A man hath not spoken to thee, in all this, but I the Lord hath THUNDERED.

And I Neal, understood and wrote these things and worshipped Him who is the beginning and the end, standing beside me Amen.

No one knows the exact rapture date. Jesus said we would know the season. The Mystery of the 7 thunders could lead to and involve Rev. 10:4 and also uniting Bride together.  There will be uniting of world governments and church systems.  And prepare for Jewish covenant and temple. There will be uniting of apostate churches, the appearing of the anti-Christ and preparing for Armageddon.

Remember Lot went right on into Sodom. If you see the Pentecostal organizations go into the lukewarm world protestant system then, come out from among them, saith the Lord.

Yes the Elijah saints will leave the earth without seeing death at the coming of Jesus Christ. A prophetic anointing will prepare them. Angels will direct this move in the spirit of the Lord. Some will be transported to preach in other lands. There joy and power become very great as they prepare for the rapture. When they leave, the anointing pours over to the Jews and tribulation saints as Moses and Elijah plague the earth.

I saw this plain, the sleeping, dead united protestant churches unit with Babylon (Catholic) but not the Bride. These protestant join civil power and later merge with catholic spirit as one. They then make an agreement like Israel with the anti-Christ and go through the great tribulation. The vision is positive.

The mark of the beast is to take the word of the religious anti-Christ and government in place of God’s Word. This will seal their doom as a number is issued.

Teenage sin will double. The Lord said Sodom will repeat. The flying saucers, evil spirits travel in cosmic light. Now the Lord told me the Saucer spirits will begin to appear and claim they are angels of God, some will even say they are Christ, but are not. This is satanic. Many strange things are about to happen before Jesus comes. The book of Ezekiel will give you a picture of God’s true lights.

The Lord told bro. Neal Frisby that after his testimony and message is finished, God will smite the earth with fire and plagues. Watch, (study scroll 199).