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The nation will give birth to a new form of government. Violence shall take it. It will change into a social type religious spirit finally like Babylon. Several top officials will betray the nation in an agreement concerning the nation’s foreign and social problems and wealth. It will look like a solution but I saw it bring the people under a diabolical plan of soon coming control. At first they help the colored people but trick them, giving them something totally different from what they asked for as the Lord showed me.

Jesus told me the church systems and government will wind up with all the power. This I foresaw and it will not fail. God will stand by His children. Soon these Scrolls will be the most valuable possession you own. Remember the Bible will be changed by man soon or taken, but not these Scrolls. The wise will see what God is doing through me. Russian satellites will appear over USA later with atomic war heads.

USA’s greatest mistake occurs because of inflation and indebtedness, USA government holdings will begin to merge with Roman Catholic and Jewish holdings which looks like a solution to the economy, but plays a great role in heading to church and state. It will come as a snare. Unions and industries will merge pouring billions into the economy. Through shrewd maneuvers the Jews, Catholics and Protestants merge their wealth. A world church is formed and the World Bank is created; but poverty and famine will still plague many nations.

Mental disorders will be common because of motion pictures, drama, narcotics, world conditions and rejecting God’s power; brings on a surge of demons from satan because he knows his time is short. Horrifying, plaguing and mental diseases are coming on the world. The only chance a person will have is to stay with God’s anointed servants. Reading the scrolls will relieve and protect against mental nervous disorders. My prayer cloth will set up a standard also. Remember stay on God’s side no matter what the church says.

The sodomites, the Lord told me preachers won’t cry out against this anymore but go along with it. (This is happening today). Radar controlled bubbled top cars, at Christ’s appearance (tear drop shaped). Phones with pictures of image, cosmic different type of lights to help cure many diseases, yet many more new diseases appear and baffle man.

Several new inventions will create more idle times and produce immoral minds, soft degenerates. Sin will be unbelievable. It will bring the appearing of the sodomites. Homo-sexualism taught and encouraged in education. Homosexuals will plague the backsliding churches and even Pentecostal organization will be affected. All these I saw and much more. Men will marry men! Women will marry women, in unprecedented numbers. Sodomites of all time appear. Morals will completely collapse. Worldwide abortion will be legalized. Doctors will sell seeds through insemination and the races will be mixed, like the dark race buying white seed or white buying Jewish or dark seed and raising them. A curse will follow for their adulteries.

People will join the Sodom churches as to be able to do more than if they were in the world. Listen closely, a religious spirit will come over the nation; but it will allow the person to do anything they desire.

Five major signs, the Lord told me to tell His elect when the anti-Christ system and satan’s man begins to take hold.

  1. He will pretend to be a friend of the Jews, with much promises and flattery. He works a way with the Jews to control the wealth of the world, but tricks them and absorbs the whole wealth.
  2. The anti-Christ will work with the Russians behind the scene and makes the same promise he made the Jews, to both control the wealth of the world. Makes promises to them that no one knows, not even the Americans.
  3. The anti-Christ will take the Western Europe, USA, England captive through promises; to solve their social problems and wealth. He will say we need better understanding, let’s come together as the Bible said. He will use part of the word of God to trap them. He says let us be one body under God. Looks and sounds good and like God, but is not. The Lord is gathering His own in a different way and in a spiritual body by His word and supernatural gifts.
  4. He will pretend to be a friend of the poor. His plans will involve taking the wealth of the developed countries to support the undeveloped ones. By so doing he gets the poor nations to his side and also the reach nations think that peace was obvious. He is lying to these nations and gradually collecting their gold reserves before issuing the mark of the beast with total control of the nations and masses. He will use words like “War is too costly, ought not this to be spent and given to the poor nations to bring peace. But he lies and is about to defraud the world into his mark. He will begin to change the Bible; but all nations head to Armageddon, Atomic horrors!
  5. Holidays will be changed and working days shortened. God’s commandments, laws and words will be changed. Our calendar will be changed as the world heads for the anti-Christ revolution.


Confidential to the Bride

Now, this is to warn God’s chosen. Some of the salvation groups and some of the Pentecostal groups will be tricked shortly, into a massive confederation out of which some eventually will make up the anti-Christ bride, fallen church. Listen closely, if you are a member of one of these groups don’t get frightened but when you see them going in then come out from among them. This I was shown and it will not fail. The church leaders will be told that they could still worship, pray for the sick, preach, like the Bible says. This is used as a bait to trap them. The government will offer them more help and turn around and change the Bible for all Christian groups. Church and State unite. Praying and preaching is banned and the mark introduced. To get out will cause many their lives.

The wise virgins foresaw this prayed and stored up their oil (sealed) by God and raptured because they did not agree with this massive confederation. If the good protestant agree with this massive confederation God will class them as the foolish. Don’t go into the confederation, stay out, suddenly God will rapture you; I have thus saith the Lord on this. I am sent with the angel of the Lord to warn you. Remember only the wise will see it. My message is not to the foolish but to the wise. The wise will hear until they are endured with power from reading the Scrolls. The Lord is going to protect and talk to that chosen group. These Scrolls will play an important part for many during the great tribulation and to the Bride NOW.              (Scroll #7) was written about 55-57years ago.