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translation-nuggetsTRANSLATION NUGGETS #3

SCROLL #4 Deals with topics that affect the church in a sensitive way.

  1. Television and internet use and watching are things we need to be careful with, because later it will become more degraded, and pull you away from God. To own these items is not the sin, but the time element, the valuable time lost in communion and prayer. The main thing is Jesus must come first. The secret is if you are busy working and praying you won’t watch the wrong program or these.
  2. The foolish virgins are some of the nominal churches that received salvation and declared they had the baptism of fire; the other is part of the Pentecostals that received the baptism and now quit praying and praising God until their oil ran out. These two groups with the Jews make up the tribulation saints. Remember the Jews believed in God but rejected the oil of power that was in Jesus, like the foolish virgins did. (Thus saith the Lord!). Moses and Elijah return during the great tribulation as the two witnesses. Now the main thing is stay joined to Jesus. If at all possible, go to church. If no good word church around you, set a time each day for prayer and Bible reading, as long as you are saved.
  3. If you were divorced unknowingly before you were saved, then Jesus forgives. But if someone knows different and premeditates and plans a divorce after knowing the truth (then seeks forgiveness) now the judge of heaven will look at it from a different view point. Those who are suffering divorce which was not their doing, God by divine wisdom, and all knowing will judge accordingly.
  4. When men reject the gospel their morals become like animals. I saw a world plan under way to blend dope, music, sex into religion (Mystery Babylon Rev.17:1). I saw America start through its most immoral seizure ever.
  5. Watch the false predictors. This is how to discern them. First it must come to pass, secondly see if it matches God’s word, thirdly see what means are required to receive it, e.g. crystal balls, cards etc—if it pulls towards apostate Protestantism, Catholicism or witchcraft, then beware.
  6. Angels will appear to individual and groups more towards the tribulation. Yes there is coming the Bride revival, it will be quick, powerful and short, it will be outside the religious system. It is to the church (Bride) within the church.