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translation-nuggetsTRANSLATION NUGGET 13

This nugget comes from scroll 283 and needs careful study. As you know time is moving faster than any can imagine. This makes it necessary for each person on this earth to ask themselves what will the end of all these things be?

Now the 8th paragraph of the scroll titled PROPHETIC INVENTIONS reads, Radio, including TV. And internet, computers, telephone – Job 38:35, “Canst thou send lightning, that they may go, and say unto thee, here we are?” It also involves the micro-chip. Rev. 13:11-16 shows the same thing, making fire and electric, signs and wonders- and mentions the ‘image’. It will be seen over television. It also explains the electronic age, where it comes from, giving the ‘mark’. The word ‘in’ the forehead- something is put in the forehead and the hand. Matt. 25:10, “And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came: and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.” The door – midnight cry – foolish ones went to the door – it was closed. The ark door is still open – body of Christ. But soon God will shut it. Rev.4:1-3 shows where we’re caught up before the Throne – Same in Matthew 25 where He closes the door after the midnight cry is given by the Elect. It mentions “go ye out”. It means – to get out of the system that does not believe in His soon return or full word! Rev. 3:15 – He is knocking for the last time!

THE RETURN – Events will move swiftly, and they are now. It says He will come as a flash of lightening, suddenly- unexpectedly. The Elect will know by the signs and prophecy of His word. And in the book of Revelation before it closes, it repeats three times. “Behold I come quickly,” revealing unexpected, in an hour ye think not.

In paragraph 10 (last sentence) reads, “The electronic and wireless wizardry, cell phone will control the minds and soul of the people completely.”