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translation-nuggetsTHE ROCK SIGN

He has given a witness and sign to the very elect! Israel received great signs coming out of Egypt, but Jesus will reveal to us even mightier signs, and satan will not be able to imitate this “last sign and 7th wonder seal, for there is fire with thunder in it.” I have seen the face of the Lord in the morning and in the twilight, I have seen His form and countenance. Oh He is real! Believe with all your heart ye people! I stood right there and looked right at Him and He is ready to do unusual miracles. “David said thou art my rock and fortress.” In Psalms 61:2 he said lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

Also I am literally writing under the shadow of a GREAT ROCK! The Lord has given the great ancient mountain sign to jolt the elect into preparation for His return, giving faith for translation. If a person rejects the picture of the Lord Jesus on top, then he will receive judgment from the one whose head is in the corner! The great rocks line up with the very corner of Capstone. There are several parts to the mountainous rock, but form only one face and head! (One God, the Headstone!)

Yea delight thyself O elect for this is the Lord’s work and is marvelous in our eyes! Yea this is the appearing of the “White Eagle” the very God, (Omega) prophet in Rock. God’s voice directly through a messenger will report time is no more. And at his cry, 7 Thunders uttered, The mystery of God is finishing up. Thus saith the Lord! Part of the secret of the Thunders is the very time element. (Rev.10:7), and in the days of the voice (sign) of the 7th angel (God in a prophet) crowned with 7 anointing, Rev.4:5. This would be his job to reveal the very nearness of the translation. Not the exact day but the nearness of the translation, and the answer (mysteries) would be written on rolls (little seals). And when he shall begin to “sound,” (stir) reveal, call the elect, who will hear the “sound.”  It was a particular “sound” a noted thing. The bride (elect) will hear and receive it.

Remember there was “the voice” and “the sound.” The voice is the sign in Him the 7th wonder to the “sound” of the voice (sign). When we hear the ‘voice’ in this messenger we will know by the ‘sound” that it is a heavenly message in him. The “voice” and the “sound” of the 7th angel (Christ) uniting His own. The times of the Gentiles are ending in this last messenger.                 Scroll #62.

Now Moses was called off to do some writing, a message to God’s Elect Church, (The called out chosen ones). That’s exactly what I am doing now. The names I receive will not be by chance. “And the scrolls are the work of God and the writing is of God.”  Now while Moses was writing the message from God (like I am) thousands in the church of Israel grew tired of waiting for Moses return. Watch the people of today are also tired of waiting for Christ to return.  [When they got tired it yielded the golden calf in Israel and today is yielding the confederation of churches or the ecumenical council of churches—church and state united}. But the real seed waited for the word from Moses.

Scroll #10.