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translation-nuggetsTRANSLATION NUGGET #12

Bro Frisby said, “Jesus told me some incredible and exciting things are in store for the Bride at the end. Remember He will reveal Himself to His own. But the foolish and the world will laugh their way into destruction.” Scroll 11 parts 2. (As great miracles take place), Soon the strongest anointing of all time appears on the Elect. This will occur or is connected to about the time California slips into the sea. He saves the best for last.

Jesus said, “The Church would not know the day nor the hour of the secret rapture. But He did not say we would not know the year or the season. The scripture says, but to the Bride at harvest time He will tell the season. Why? So the Bride (Church) can make herself ready, for the marriage supper. How? Watch first, the Bridegroom (Jesus) elects her because (a) she takes only His Name and Word. Then (b) she rejoices when the general time (season) is given. And as she (Bride) nears the time (season) given she begins (c) to make herself ready. Somewhere on the scroll now or later the secret season is revealed.” Scroll 11 parts 2.

Scroll 13 para 6, you can see that while Our Lord Jesus Christ is planning for His Bride; satan has his plans too. First, “he comes by peace and deceiving, then by force and pressure; then the third step is to kill all who will not take the world mark.” These are the manifestations of the horse rider of Revelation 6:1-8.

Jesus tells me, “He did not just put us here  and to raise children and die, He has a plan for His Elect seed to rule and work with Him in His massive solar system—— I see He is preparing a group to share in His secrets and work.——- During the last 6000years God has been predestinating who will take the place of many angels who were cast out with satan. No doubt the Lord is planning to refill the vacant spots the angels left; for it says we will be known as the angels of God, (Mark 12:25).” Read scroll 37.

The devil has his three steps of destruction and God has His three plans of glory. Where do you belong in this battle? Hold fast and let no man steal your crown. As the season is upon us with the signs in the world and Israel coming to the forefront in the news; it is a warning. Wake up, Stay awake, This is no time to sleep. Quicken your pace, prepare, focus, do not be distracted, do not procrastinate, submit to every word of God, Stay on the chosen path (special writing 86). The Craft for glory has arrived and Holiness and Purity are a must. Remember, Matt.25:10 (scroll 319), Galatians 5:19-23 and James 5.