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When a young fellow begins to notice certain changes, in their physical features and looks, certain thoughts begin to come to mind. The human body is like the world. It gets abused, sometimes maintained, the effects are often visible. But we must do our best, no matter the circumstances to maintain both the physical and spiritual aspects. Both the earth and man are answerable to God. But for our purpose let us focus on man. When a man sees notable and enduring changes (that is why people do certain cosmetic surgeries, to look younger) like wrinkles, sight and hearing issues, baggy eyelids, dentures, wigs, slowing down in activities, digestive problems, hair growth and color; then you know certain things are going on. But it won’t be long, just watch. All who are truly in Christ Jesus will soon be home with our Lord and God and there will be little or no more changes to be done in us after the translation experience.

It is called aging, and many of us can identify with it. It is no excuse to relax, when you are expecting a change to come, (1st Corinthians 15:51-58). Many men and women of God, say they are retiring from the field when the battle is moving to its critical stage. Uncertainties are the order of the day, but not for the believers. According to brother, Neal Frisby, our economy is not tied to man’s economy but to God’s economy. Many things cause old age signs both to the world and to man. The world has wrinkles and man has wrinkles. The world has birth pains, man has birth pains too, (Romans 8:19-23 groining in pain).   These birth pains come through the struggles of each day. Stress of the unknown, changes the body’s working conditions; when you cannot have a nice sleep and good digestion, it shows on the body.

The world is experiencing strange things even now and all directions are leading to Matt. 24. Nations are against nations, economies are crumbling and merging, the world population is exploding and preparing the youth for wars, rumors of wars and anarchy. The tempo of things will increase. In the groaning of the creation, the four elements in nature will step up actions. These elements include earthquakes in diverse places on earth (you may experience one or more earthquakes in your personal lives). These earthquakes measure out destructions of different magnitudes and are wrinkles to the earth. According to Luke 21:11, “And great earthquakes shall be in diverse places,” said Jesus Christ. This He said was to occur in the last days. This can happen anywhere, according to brother Frisby, these things will begin to happen in places they have never even occurred before. Do not be too comfortable where you are, because it could be that place next. The earth is groaning, with earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, floods, sinkholes, mudslides and much more.

Volcanoes can blow up anywhere anytime. They are no joking matter, volcanoes erupt and spew out hot pasty materials, lava, rocks, dust, and gas compounds in huge amounts and can kill any living things around its path of flow. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other underwater explosions above or below water, all have the potential to generate a tsunami: which is a series of waves of a water body, caused by a displacement of a large volume of water; which comes up land along the coast causing deaths and destruction. No beaches or coastal areas are immune to these. This is God using nature to call people to repentance; God is preaching sermons to the world.

Noah’s day experienced a universal destruction by water but today it will come in a different form and localized. These days even the waters are groaning.  God is the one preaching to man through nature, for time is short. Drowning is terrible in the midst of groaning. All kinds of flood are occurring even in places never imagined. The global warming is on and the ice at the north and south poles are melting. The tides are rising, causing flooding in the earth’s rivers, seas and oceans and the lands are getting flooded. These floods have being causing damages, deaths, draughts, and population displacements.

Fires are a reminder of hell and the lake of fire. God is also preaching to man, when some preachers are retiring from active service, from the Lord’s vine yard. Look at what fire does from year to year in different parts of the world. Look at California fires, destructions and deaths. It is happening in other parts of the world and as the draughts set in more fires erupt. Fires by humans, by lightening, occur every now and then and more is on the way. God is preaching and creation is groaning because the sons of God are getting ready to manifest. Remember 2nd Peter 3:10, “And the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burnt up,” this is fire also brethren. When we go in the translation everything left behind will eventually be burnt by fire. Are you going?


Look at the hurricanes, the tornadoes, cyclones, typhoons, thunderstorms, and other storms; the deaths and damages caused are unimaginable. The winds are just starting to groan. These winds are atomic in power when they combine with either fire or water or earthquakes. Some of these winds are over 200miles an hour, carrying vehicles as debris in the winds, acting as projectiles or weapons of death. In all these it is the love of God, calling man to repentance, because the great tribulation has no adjective to qualify the death and destruction coming to the world, of those left behind.

These elements of nature that are instruments of God, will step up preaching in the days ahead and man has to face the music. Bank runs and bank collapses will be common and increase. Jobs will be unstable like the governments. Religion and politics will take front seats as the one world formation matures. The truth is the time has come for everyone to follow his or her leader. If Jesus Christ be your God follow him and believe all his word. If Satan and the world, culture, money and pleasures be your god follow that way.

According to the writings of bro Neal Frisby, in scroll 176 he said, “The number 20 is always associated to troubles, problems, and struggle.” Before us, in a few days will be the year 2020. If 20 is suspect then 2020 forward could be strange and mysterious, this is 20 – 20 double. Trouble means difficulty, disturbance, unrest, disorder, anxiety, worry and much more. Matt. 24:5-13 gives you some of the sources of troubles causing men’s’ heart to fail. Problems and struggles are going to be global and personal. Where there are problems and struggles you always have deceits and manipulations. Whole nations will be manipulated. The religious spirits will take many captive. Bankers will control money in a different way. Technology will be used to police the people. Because of the troubles, problems and struggles a police state will look like a solution. People will be forced to be electronically identified, for reasons of travel, medical, work, banking and terrorism: but in the final analysis it is all about control and worship of the anti-Christ system. Sons of God no matter what, we know who is in charge, JESUS THE CHRIST.

During periods of trouble, problems and struggles, in the face of elemental forces and religious and political manipulations; you have to ask God for wisdom to stay out of debt. Cut your coat according to your size; watch your appetite (put a knife to your throat), be prayerful, watchful, careful and sober.  The economy is worse than the government and banks are telling us. Everyone is forced virtually to go into debt with credit cards, school, house, car, and business loans at ridiculous interest rates. Taxes are facing the people and increasing steadily. Four major subtle weapons of the devil in these last days are economy, politics, religion and culture so called. In the midst of these will be anxiety, bitterness, anger, fear, wickedness and according to Matt. 24:12, “And because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold.”

Politics today has brought out the worst in men and women. Consciously or unconsciously many are drawn to it, in the hope of participating in good governance. But the truth is that the political spirit has taken many people captive and manipulated them. Now they are the new tools of the wicked one in trying to control the world. A lot of deceit, problems and struggles are coming. If you really believe the scriptures you will know that we are at the end of time and that the anti-Christ is rising to rule the world with flattery, lies and deceit, which are all part and parcel of politics. Remember that politics has no morality. There is no such thing as a good Christian politician, may be good going in but never good coming out. They become eagles without wings and feed with the chickens.

You would think that serious minded believers, would keep the prophecies of the bible always in view. This is actually not the time to take chances with the word of God in terms of the sudden rapture. Anyone who calls himself a Christian and does not take heed to the coming of Jesus Christ for the translation is either not a committed believer or is deceived and now a make believer. Many of such people are in the church today, as leaders, and many are taken by the devil through such leaders. These leaders do not believe all the scripture; from such leaders and their defenders turn away before you are left behind.  Some of these have joined themselves to politics and encouraged their followers to enter politics to help change the world. The truth is if you follow that path of lies, manipulations and deceit you cannot be of service to God but to the devil. You may think you want to fix a world that has been commissioned to be burnt with fire, after you have gone through the great tribulation, if you survive it. Many leaders have sold out to the devil and handed their followers over to the wicked one. Remember every man will give account of himself to God, your leader cannot speak for you, on that dreadful Day of Judgment. When politics and false religion marry, your guess is as good as mine, what will they give birth to? What many preached this year, they will deny those things in the New Year. Unstable as water. Many are not just doing spiritual and physical church merger; no, they are returning to their vomit Babylon. According to Proverbs 23:23, buy the truth and sell it not. When you sell the truth you sell your anointing.

So called culture is drowning even the best of believers into damnation. When you see some sincere believers in Jesus Christ, when he or she is faced with certain cultural issues they may stumble. Who died for you Jesus Christ or your culture? Growing up I knew burials could be done any day any time but unfortunately today, politics, religion and culture have come together to decide when such can be done. The financial burden each of these three monsters have put on the people is unimaginable in many situations. These are the last days and expect new laws in every aspect of human lives. Do not allow culture to over shadow your Christian belief. It is growing and coming to pollute the faith. Remember a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. Look at the damage that culture, nepotism and tribalism is doing to the church. If you cannot see it you need a second touch of the Holy Spirit. Misplaced culture is eating up the church like palmerworms and many are lulled to sleep by these. But thank God that the foundation of God standeth sure, the Lord knoweth his own 2nd Timothy 2:19-21. Come out from among them and be ye separate, 2nd Corinthians 6:17.

As we approach the final seven years, if we have not entered it, iniquity and wickedness will become the order of the day. But for the Elect we are also approaching our wedding day. Every marriage has a love story. Study Songs of Solomon 2:10-14; 1st Corinthians 13:1-13 and 1st John 4:1-21. These passages talk about love, divine love. Not the human love (Philia) but divine love (Agape) unconditional, which is from God. While we were yet sinners he died for us, unconditionally; for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son——, John 3:16. Think about the level of divine love in you. It will count in been able to make the translation and keep the wedding appointment with our Lord Jesus Christ. You need faith, hope and love to make the translation; but the greatest is divine love to be able to partake in the translation. We all need to pray for divine love and check our growth in divine love against 1st Corinthians 13:4-7. Time is short.

These negative force should not terrify you, but recognize the workings of Satan in these last days; just before the sudden appointment with the Lord in the air. You can see the viper eggs laid in politics, economy, religion and culture (there are cultures that do not mask or contradict the word of God, such as respect your elders, but not against the word of God) and they are about to hatch, as they get on the trail to Armageddon. Deliver thyself brother, deliver thyself sister; and the only way is to focus, obey and follow every word of God. Remember, this is not our home. The year 2020 is already here in a matter of days, it will come with the unknown to the world. Bringing troubles, problems and struggles. All in the face of political, religious, economic, and cultural volcanoes, earthquakes, fires and winds. But in all these, those who have confidence in the promises of God will be awake, no time to sleep, preparing, focusing, not distracted, not procrastinating, surely obeying every word of God and walking on that path, Elijah did walk after crossing river Jordan and was suddenly carried to heaven. Look up O! Elect it could be anytime now and we shall see Our Lord and Our God, Jesus Christ in the air as He promised. It is a divine appointment, be ye ready it won’t be long anymore.

Translation moment 53