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Many people are looking for ways and means of acquiring and accumulating treasures in heaven. We are presently, on earth but a saved person lives both on earth and in heavenly places. We are in the world but not of the world (John 15:19). We can have treasures in earth and in heaven. You can be consumed, building treasures in earth or in heaven. You can balance it the way you want, based on your treasure or your accumulating priority; earthly or heavenly. Treasures in the earth can be cankered, rusted, moth eaten or stolen, whereas treasures in heaven are neither, cankered, moth-eating nor stolen.

There are ways to build treasures on earth and in heaven. The choice and priorities of treasure accumulation and acquisition are always yours. There are crooked and straight ways to have treasure on the earth; but treasure in heaven is only by the word of God and is straight.  No crooked ways are welcome. Treasures in heaven come by the pure word of God manifested through praising, giving, fasting, worshipping, praying, witnessing and much more. Here, I wish to deal with an aspect of treasure accumulation that is very dear to the heart of God; the salvation of a lost soul. There is joy in heaven even among angels for a sinner that is saved (Luke 15:17).

Jesus and the apostles did not spend their lives gathering earthly treasures; which they could if they wanted. Paul could have gathered a lot of money as an author and preacher, but he did not accumulate treasure or royalties of this earth. Freely they received and freely they gave, Matt 10:8. Today, many preachers keep producing so called Christian books and building financial empires out of them, exploiting their unsuspecting congregations. In many cases, they manipulate their members or visitors to buy these materials at unreasonable prices. Let us all remember that everyone shall give account of themselves before God, (Romans 14:12). Many of these preachers have even manipulated the bible to be their own production, translation and exposition. Yes, they are accumulating and building treasures on earth; mansions, jet planes, unimaginable wardrobes; but the end shall come suddenly, watch well.

Winning of souls through evangelism or witnessing is the best way to accumulate heavenly treasure, and some earthly treasures as the Lord sees fit to give you. Your trust should be in the certificate of deposit in heaven. There are few approaches to accumulating heavenly treasures based on one principle: one person sows the seed, another person waters the seed and God gives the increase. These include:

  1. If you have the burden for souls, that is where the greatest treasure is and the bible said that, he that winneth souls is wise (Proverb 11:30) and they that turn people to righteousness shall shine as the stars of heaven (Daniel 12:3) because it has a heavenly reward and it is at the center of God’s heart. This kind of witnessing is one on one; sometimes one and a few people. I am not talking about preaching from a pulpit. I am talking about approaches like Jesus Christ, the master fisherman used for example, with the woman at the well (John 4), with blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52), with the woman with the issue of blood (Luke 8:43-48) and many others. He was personal with them. Today it is still possible, but many are not ready for it because of excuses of all sort. We are at the end of time. The person you meet today, you may never meet again. As much as possible do not allow any opportunity to pass you by, of witnessing to, and encouraging other people.
  2. If you cannot talk or witness to people face to face; you can give out TRACTS. Learn to give an appropriate tract for the occasion that is why you ready, study and pray over every tract before giving it out. It is the word of God and with not return void but will accomplish something; remember God is in charge and the Holy Ghost convicts people of sin and a change through repentance as a result of godly sorrow. A tract is a portable tool loaded with a message to help one think about their life and their relationship with Jesus Christ. The end product is salvation, deliverance and translation. The tract is a tool for encouragement, joy, peace, guidance in one’s personal work and walk on earth. Consider a tract as God’s amazing tool for “catching men” for Christ. One beautiful thing about a good tract is that it is a piece of paper with valuable spiritual information. It has no geographical boundaries. A tract given to a lady at an airport in China may find its way to Canada. Suddenly the tract is left in hotel room in Canada. The room cleaner may take it home and her son who came on a weekend visit from college in USA may see it, take it back to college and give it to his roommate. Now you get the idea of how far a tract can go and how many lives it can touch; salvation is that close to them. Tracts carry life-changing information and power. A tract can be a source of blessing to the person who receives it, reads and believes the message of salvation in the tract.
  3. A tract may be left in a hotel room where a perverted person, or drunkard or disillusioned person may find it, read it, act on its message and his or her life is forever changed. There was a young man in a West African country that was sent to a university by his family. He spent four years or more collecting money and not attending college. When the expected time of graduation arrived, he could not face the shame of what he had done to his family. He concluded that suicide was the way out. While he was in the rest room, he saw a piece of paper that he wanted to use to wipe himself and it turned out to be a tract entitled, If you are left behind don’t take the mark.” He read it. Sudden fear of the unknown gripped him. He called the number on the tract and was connected to a pastor in the city he was calling from. The pastor came to him immediately, talked with him and led him to Jesus Christ. He was willing to go back and face his family as a repented person to ask for forgiveness. This is an example of what a Christian tract can do.
  4. Learn to give a tract daily. Do not worry about the outcome. Give a witness, sow a seed and let another do the watering, and God will give the increase (1st Corinthians 3:6-8). You will no doubt have treasure in heaven. If you want to accumulate treasure in heaven, learn to give and witness with tracts daily.
  5. Learn to read, study and pray over any tract before you give it to anyone. If you give one tract a day, in one month you will have given 30 tracts to 30 people and 365 tracts to 365 people in one year. You do not know what God can do with those tracts. You have planted another will water and God will give the increase. If a person is saved, you have treasure in heaven.
  6. The person who wrote the tract, the people who contributed financially, the persons who typed or proofread the tract message and the person who witnessed and gave out the tracts are all rewarded when a soul is saved, since God gives the increase. If a soul is saved through the giving of tracts and witnessing, everyone on the chain of effort gets some reward. How committed and faithful are you in the most important work in the heart of God? Remember that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son (John 3:16), for the salvation of whosever will come and take of the water of life freely, (Rev. 22:17). What part are you playing with the use of this simple tool called a TRACT? Write a tract, give out one and witness, be an intercessor or support financially. Do something; time is running out.
  7. I had a tract in my bible from 1972 and in 2017 it was given to a person during evangelism about three thousand miles away after 45 years. If that soul is saved or the tract gets to someone else and they get saved everyone involved gets a reward in heaven. One tract can be an instrument for the salvation of souls over and over again as it is passed from one person to another. Practice giving out tracts, it makes you wise, when given out of love. He that winneth souls is wise (Proverbs 11:30).
  8. The treasure accumulates as different persons participate in the witnessing process. The treasure accumulates as in a multi-level marketing layout. The people of the world have coined such process as multi-level marketing in business; but in multi-level (witnessing) the reward is in heaven. God gives the increase and rewards everyman for their work.
  9. You can reprint a tract. Invest in it; reprint it and give it out during witnessing and you will be accumulating treasures in heaven. Invest in printing tracts, reprint tracts on your own, write tracts and most important, witness, giving out tracts prayerfully. Also, be a faithful intercessor for souls to be saved.
  10. Find a place you can get tracts, if you do not have financial means to reprint one. There are free tracts for those interested in witnessing to the lost. Remember, once you were lost and who knows what part different people played to get you into the family of God by Christ Jesus. This is your chance to be an instrument of salvation and honor in the hands of Jesus our Lord and Savior.
  11. Invest your time to give tracts out to people; both to the lost for their salvation and deliverance and to Christians for their encouragement.
  12. When you prayerfully witness and give a tract out, just one a day; in a year you will have given 365 tracts to 365 different people. If you give 2 tracts a day, you will have given to 730 people in one year and for determined people who can give 3 tracts a day that is 1095 a year. Now, you decide how many you can give out prayerfully and faithfully in a day. You can now joyfully imagine where and who these tracts will get to. This is how you build eternal treasures in heaven and it does not rust, not stolen and no cankerworms.

Give out tracts, help in whichever way you may. Keep in mind that the best witnessing is one on one, personal and focused. God works wonders in those special moments. When you witness and a soul is saved, angels rejoice in heaven. You witness a new birth, just like when a woman gives birth to a new baby. New birth is a total change from your old nature to a new nature; a new creation, called being born again, son of God, John1:12.

Tell the people you witness to that God loves them and Jesus died to pay for their sin and deliver them from damnation. Always remember John 4; the woman at the well and her encounter with Jesus the Christ. Jesus witnessed to her and she got saved. She immediately abandoned her water-pot and ran to the community to share her testimony and her encounter with Jesus. Many of the people in the city came to listen to Jesus Christ themselves and believed also (John 4:39-42). She had her reward for witnessing. Look at the number of people she witnessed to in a matter of minutes! As many of them that got saved, she had a heavenly treasure waiting for her.

When you have your encounter with Jesus and you are saved, bring others to Jesus the Christ of God. That is called witnessing or evangelism. That is how you shine as the stars in heaven. That is how to accumulate and store up treasure in heaven, where your heart is supposed to be. In heaven, your treasures do not rust, and they do not get stolen; there are no cankerworms. Use tracts to help you achieve this eternal goal. Remember, time is short. REMEMBER MATT. 25:10

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