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The Lord Jesus is pouring a blessing on His elect like jewels out of heaven and will pick up momentum each day. But first before we start let us speak of the rare photos that you have seen, including Jesus, His glory, the Headstone, pillars of fire and other signs. We are in the dimension of the Most High God, all the treasures belong to Him. This to the elect is like the Ark guidance was to the children of Israel. And the two pictures of the Headstone and Christ is worth more than all the galaxies in the universe. But I am going to conquer, believe and posses these things for the saints of the Most High. Praise Him you are a chosen people. The Lord’s Temple here is more valuable in spiritual things than the nation’s Capital. The world has built up Satan’s tools long enough, let us uplift God’s.

Also, in the photograph the key stone light of Revelation appears, “He is the fire in the twilight” , sunset of time. And notice the one God appears in all three forms of deity. We can see the tide of world history moving erratically into its final climax, the incredible time measures of prophecy although they do not the exact dates; they do reveal the significance of the near future and end. We are in the shadows of His coming. World systems will unite but Jesus will overrule in His divine plans. Spiritually we are entering a startling and extraordinary era. What men in this generation have talked about is actually occurring here literally and on film to prove it? And one can see by the glory falling on the barrel that God is really going to bless and prosper those that are associated to His ministry. Jesus said there was nothing like it anywhere on earth.

The building here was providentially  predetermined to bless and prepare the elect and the powers of deity are controlling the outpouring. Also, the Bride will play her role in this appointed drama of the Almighty God. Thus, saith the Lord whose fire is in Capstone and whose furnace is in Jerusalem. “Behold my witness that gathereth thee, even the messenger before My face, the SIGN, the acts of the Almighty is with him. And My brightness like wings overshadoweth this work among you. Yea I am rising over the elect like the brilliance of the sun above streams of water.

An extreme supernatural change, in the “spirit workings” will appear and gather the Bride the “dove light” of God’s anointing is going to rest like a pyramid over His people. And they will leave with translative power on the wings of a lightning quick God. We have a space now in which to preach the gospel and must hurry. Each of us was born to meet at certain times in destiny of special events and this will be a milestone in your life. The earth is ready to give forth her precious fruit, the harvest is here. Also, scientists have lately discovered that there is a type of thunder sound on the sun, and we know now that we are going into the revelative Thunders upon the earth. This earth is ripe for gathering the first fruits bride and the others for judgment.

 Also, various beautiful little angelic “Living creatures” will make their appearance on earth now as Jesus is coming down closer than ever. His full attention will be given to the Bride. Right now, He is gathering His people as stones in His crown and will lift them up as an ensign across the land, for they are jewels in His Rainbow. And His eyes will flash like lightning against Satan if he tries to harm them. Concerning the glory on the ground and the doors and windows of heaven opening up, those associated to this ministry will have the same blessing in their homes. So be happy and believe. And now my work will go to the Bride in the Thunders.

We are being transformed into a new cycle and dimension of forceful power; it was the sevenfold anointing of Elijah that brought great rain. He prayed and finally a rushing wind set in carrying thunder and lightning and the torrent of rain (revival) came. (James 5:18). In his courageous dramatic words, he said, “ there is the sound of the abundance of rain,” (1st King 18:41). But first he saw a cloud, like a hand, and in prayer he united under it and the storm of God’s presence burst forth after his intense 7th time of prayer. And it is at this time just before the rapture that God will break forth upon His elect again in mighty rain (deliverance).

Jesus is getting ready to reveal His regal splendor among His bride with rays of healing glory, and will make His last outpouring as sweet as honey in miracles and rest to his chosen, but bitter to eat for the foolish and the world. Jesus reproved the Jews, because they neglected to watch the signs in their time. They could tell everything but the signs of Christ around them. Certainly, every lukewarm church is going to miss His real visitation. God’s people will be alert to these prophetic pictures and their ultimate fantastic significance.

The touch of a divine preciseness is upon the pictures. The timing was by divine providence. Should any ministers write against these sign photographs, you can mark them as a sinner and brand them as total unbelievers, “Thus saith the immortal words of the Lord thy God.” The Lord is getting ready to reveal just who loves Him and just who does not. I know this, the Lord Jesus told me He surely loves the people on my list, and no matter how many trials and testing occur, His hand is upon them.