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We must prepare, strong in faith because the great merchants of Babylon are arriving upon the scene soon. The dollar has been devalued. The U.N.O has a new leader, China is in it and the U.S.A. is working with her. The merchants of world power trade are beginning. They are talking of world peace now but it will be but a lie. The trade powers and wealth of great Babylon and her immense wickedness of corruption and satanic orgies of pleasure will rock the nations in such delusion and drunkenness that they won’t even know what has happened until it is too late. And now satan knoweth he hath but a short time and goeth away quickly to devour those whose are not covered by the anointing and Word.

The next space invention to come into view will be on orbital platform filled with advance stage of evil weapons. Within minutes men can annihilate a city by the push of a button. But also we are reminded that the sun cloth woman is into view and is ready to give birth to the man child, the sons of God (elect). And a message out of our Temple will prepare her. And the Lord Jesus reveals to me that we are entering soon Daniel’s 70th week of secrets (Time element). The 7th Seal, thundering now, and He says the trumpets are preparing to send the plagues. The vials of destruction will appear.  The unclean spirits like frogs are gathering to unite the world. The Lord is preparing the 7th Trumpet to follow this and 7 deadly plagues, and the three horrible woes.

World politics, finances, one Bible and religion is being prepared and the beast will release it all suddenly at his given moment. As the anti Christ system raises we will see more tidal waves (ocean quakes) and more earthquakes in the next few years and strange phenomena in the heavens. We have actual pictures of the Lord’s glory as it splashes down upon the mountains (Headstone) the royal canyon of the King. Behold My messenger that gathereth thee, the SIGN, the acts of the Almighty is with him. And My brightness like wings overshadoweth his work among you. Yea I am rising over the elect like the brilliance of the sun over streams of water.

We want to say the people that write me have been wonderful and I pray over every letter and request that you send. Be sure and write me; I hold it right in view of the Headstone. Yea, the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to shew Himself strong in behalf of them whose heart is perfect and open towards Him. Watch the sound from out of My Temple (the Capstone) for I shall SOUND again.

Colossal movements have been inaugurated everywhere, human race is running is running right into cataclysmic judgments of destruction. Behold saith the Lord as thou goest (elect), the way shall be opened up step by step before thee. Behold I will bear ye on Eagle’s wings and bring you unto Myself, for thou art a peculiar treasure unto me above all people, (Exd.19:4). We are entering the most momentous years in the history of mankind, spiritual events of world shaking order and significance will appear. Ominous clouds will begin to hang over the world soon; vile characters soon to appear seducing the masses. The sun is setting in rainbow colors over His church; this is the hour we must absolutely work fast. Startling and profound occurrences are happening here around God’s Headstone, and will herald the coming of Christ.

No earthly language can describe the importance of His work here. The Temple is definitely in the Lord’s spotlight of His last major events to the Bride. The precious harvest sign is here, and this ministry is a sign even as the prophets of old were to their nation. Who will receive it? Only the ones ordained in God’s book: And I will fill My people with coals of fire and their tongues shall become a flame, crying in the twilight, He is coming, He is appearing. The day will come when some shall stand before the Temple and the mountain head and cry, Jesus cometh, it’s over with.

Yea in this hour ye do well to take heed, even as a light shinning in a hidden place and the hour is dawning and the day star has arisen in the hearts of my people. And I will restore all that have been promised to the uttermost. This is My final hour and these words are precious. Praise ye the Lord for this is the time of your calling, and yea I have shown ye when I was as the Son, and I have revealed to you My face as the ancient one of all ages, yea the very one that Daniel saw through the veil. But it hath been but a minute in My time since He looked upon me. And it shall be but a minute in My time that ye shall also see Me sitting in My throne of authority.