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After we released our last article concerning angels it was interesting to note that Billy Graham wrote an article concerning the same subject. He said, “There seems to be several classes of angels. And the bible speaks over sixty times about cherubims and they are closely related to serphims. They too are mysterious spirit beings that differ from angels and are associated in the scriptures to the protection and guardianship of the throne. The identity of all these spiritual beings is shrouded in a certain amount of mystery. The angels are a definite special order, while their home is in heaven; their ministry is largely here upon earth. They differ in many respects as to their individual tasks and specific duties. They are assigned to watch over the believers. We are surrounded by these heavenly messengers.” And now during these great crisis upon the earth, God has preordained for them to appear in a special way here at Capstone with Him. He will gather the harvest.

Ezekiel surely suffered in sorrow but he had living creatures, cherubims, angels and wheels around him. And most of all the glory of the Lord was around him like a fiery rainbow, he was a noted prophet. “Behold saith the living God what surrounded My servant Ezekiel in glory shall appear over My appointed Temple Capstone.” Yea, I shall breathe on all My people and they shall feel an overwhelming unction of divine faith and knowledge. Behold My presence and breath shall cover them and I shall look directly over them with Godly care. Come see the acts of the Lord Jesus.

Nevertheless Jesus does take pleasure in revealing His secrets and heavenly lights to those who are humble and reverent in heart. It is indeed a fantastic miracle of the first order for Him to open up the spiritual heavens and let His presence be seen falling on Capstone. It is a supreme act, His love is wonderful. Behold saith the Lord whether some believe me or not I am coming through appearing strongly to my people, and there be not enough demons to prevent Me. Yea I am majority. Behold the messenger standeth in the pillar of fire and My voice speaketh through him. Yea the sign is sure and the Bride will receive My word. It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter. See that you do it.

The Lord will come with strong hand, and His arm shall rule for Him, behold His reward is with Him and his work before him. Yea I shall feed My flock and gather the lambs and carry them in My bosom and gently lead those that believe. Yea who hath directed the spirit of the Lord or who hath been My counselor. Who hath told the Lord when He shall move, or who hath said the Lord stoppeth: Behold he that saith the Lord hath finished His message is a liar and shall lie down with the dogs of affliction and abomination, and he shall perish in the earth even as God shall gather his precious jewels(elect). Have ye not known? Have ye not heard? Hath it not been told you from the beginning? Have ye not understood from the foundation of the earth? It is He (God) that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in. He that sitteth upon a circle sounds like the Headstone God which sets here at the circle of the earth, (Isaiah 40:22). Amen, He doeth wonders among us.

Behold the eyes of the Lord are around thee and is as close as thine own skin and shall reward those that diligently seek Him. I am closer than thine own breath. Men are confused and will grasp anything that seems to lift them out of their troubles. All nations now are slowly working towards one world currency, and world trade is coming into the evil scope of wicked Babylon and her merchants, so that they may heap high her earthly treasures and persecute the Godly upon the earth. The vile anti-Christ is soon to rise and cast his evil net among the nations drawing them towards utter ruin and destruction. The diabolical three frogs of Revelation are ready to deceive the nations upon the earth leading them to the bloodshed of Armageddon.

But before this God has plans for us, He is going to cause the blossoming of the Bride tree and His creation light will cover it. We have had the former rain which means ‘teacher rain’ and it was to restore to us the doctrines which were hidden in the Bible and to restore the gifts of healing and spiritual baptism again. Now He is going to give us the ‘latter rain’ which will produce the real living witness and manifest the glory of God on a scale unknown in modern times. The spirit of prophecy will make known to us the things which are to come. There will be such an intense power until there will really be no excuse for anyone to deny it except those who want to continue in the pleasures of the world. But His chosen will be drawn to it like a magnet and the spiritual seed of God and those who are preordained are coming together by His hand.

We will become a new creation in the spirit. The Lord Jesus will bring His people into the center of His will from this day forward. Behold saith the Lord did not I write in Job 29:23: And they waited for me as for the rain, and they opened their mouth wide as for the ‘latter rain’. And more so saith the Lord and thy weeping shall be turned into joy even as one waitheth for a new garment. And thou shall sing as the cherubim and the seraphim, holy, holy, holy is the Lord our God. The seven Thunders is when the church enters into a deeper dimension and is surrounded in heavenly things that can often be seen. And the celestial messengers come very close to us as the Bride is being led to the courts of heaven.