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Yea the splendor of the Most High shall burst forth; yea a revival is coming and shall explode upon My elect in every nation! Look yea look for it cometh. World satellite TV of the future will have great bearing and change many nations suddenly. I predict after 1973 a massive increase in wickedness and more violence will fill the world. I predict because of crime and a variety of events along with over population that America will finally come to an advanced police state. I predict all organizations will unite directly or indirectly and promise a false spiritual utopia. Some day the governments of the world will announce they have made contact with people from outer space but it will be a supernatural delusion.

I will bring forth this Temple in the nation and My cloud and pillar of fire will rest upon it in the day of my visitation and coming. Yea all those who set their hand to help I will overshadow in power and blessing and I will be a guide and a lamp unto their feet. Behold have ye not read this scripture? The stone which the builders have rejected is become the head of the corner. This is the Lords doing and is marvelous in our eyes, for now I shall fit the head stone in place, (Mark 12:10). Yea work while it is yet day for the night soon cometh when no man shall work saith the Lord of Host unto His chosen. The Lord Jesus will guide us safely to the throne. He promised us the pure Pillar of Fire Power and it certainly is coming.

Many churches are silently merging together which we can see every day in the news. Jesus is definitely going to visit His last golden candlestick (Rev. 1:20) in a very incredible and absolute amazing way at the end time. And you are right in the midst of His overshadowing presence, like the spreading of the sun over the “wheat harvest,” (Bride) also His electrifying anointing will protect and guide you in His perfect will. The sweet influence of the Holy Spirit will bring a great refreshing to those that He has called. Rejoice just open up and believe. The Lord foreknew us before the foundation of the world and knew both of us would be working together at this exact time in His work. Behold I led the children of Israel step by step, although they wondered for forty years, suddenly and quickly I took them into the Promised Land, and at the appointed I will hurriedly take in My Bride. Yea ye have seen many things before but thou hast never seen the likes of this that I am about to do for thee in this hour. Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, for the same hand that wrote in the rock stone for Moses has written the word of this utterance, “For I am the Lord and My host is many,” AMEN. And if the Lord should stop me from writing the manuscript seals possibly they could never be replaced again in this age, so let us keep them in a safe place.

I must tell you of a strange incident, “One night I was shown many faces of my partners and this I do know the hand of the Lord is upon you and is certainly going to guide you no matter how hard any force would try to stop you. The Lord has shown me through His ministry He is going to lift you up in grace and power, the Elect is entering a new dimension and will look and feel different than the world around them, (Yea it cometh). Shortly I will be able to send you some pictures (color art renderings of our Headquarters Auditorium). This effort will truly be strategic in preparing the Bride at Harvest Time. I must say by the authority of the Lord, those supporting this were positively predestined to be associated with me at this hour and your effort is recorded in God’s Book. Behold I shall rise like a hot wind, yea like a great whirling wind upon My Elect and I will cover her with an anointing fire of glory, unfolding thunder and amber brightness out of My cloud. Yea I shall draw My people underneath it, even the shadow of My wing. And I will overcome them in My glory saith the Lord, for I am the Lord, and they shall cry the Lord Jesus cometh. The Lord appeareth and is very near. Yea even unto the door shall they cry. Behold all the mighty are made ready, and I shall cut a path out, and My Elect shall follow it in the light of My Word. And yea suddenly like Elijah they shall be taken up for they are those that walketh after Me.

One night as I was praying over the “ Blessing Barrel” it felt like a volcano under me then I looked and a crack had split all the way up the side walk of my home drive way and came right up and entered the open room and stopped at the barrel under me. It left about a 30ft trail. This I felt was the Lord showing His power in answering prayer it was truly a most electrifying experience.

The super church is coming together right under the peoples noses. The papers report the Catholics may be ready to join with the World Council of Churches. Also the Pope said, he would like to see a large Temple built in Jerusalem for a center of world faiths of which Rome would eventually control. ONE