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Tremendous events are coming and I want you to be a part of it. All the spirit that was poured into Christ will be poured into us soon. I was told the seven revelative spirits of the Almighty will rest upon the true Elect. Yea the sign and voice of the Lion shall thunder across the nations. A tongue of fire shall leap forth out of this place and shall anoint My Elect greatly. Behold the Lord God hath spoken who can but prophesy! “Yea soon the flight of the Lord will take place and who shall be able to go? Yea those who hear My words now will also hear My words when I shout, and ye shall ascend with Me.” This was a direct word from God.

I was shown in a few years a complete new monetary system will appear upon the scene. Later on there will be greater prosperity but it will fall into the system of the anti-Christ. The Bride will speak the Word only and many miracles will occur without touching people. Jesus did not finish his work up when He was on earth, but He will finish it up in the Bride. He said we would greater works.

I saw in spirit a man trying to work with different rays and cosmic lights; they were trying to make people reappear and disappear, and somehow use it for travel. But I don’t feel they will be allowed to finish the invention. Also about that time, I feel a certain group of people will disappear and be with the Lord. I was told to name the Auditorium “Capstone” which means the finish or ending of spiritual things. The most amazing part of this is that only, a certain and small group has been called to help me do it, and we are doing it, and later multitudes will be blessed by it.

The serpent look is now appearing in many advertisements concerning the dress wear. But the brightest view in perspective now is the translation of the Bride soon. “Yea saith the Lord, prepare O! people prepare for there will be no time when all these things suddenly happen and I say ‘come up hither’ and I will shut the door.

Surely we are at the zero hour, midnight and only a short time left to work; it is as if the sun was going down and we have to hurry to bring in the harvest before night. A citizen committee has proposed a compulsory health insurance for everybody. They feel it is the beginning of a major step similar to Social Security in 1932-33. This may look good at first, but it would be the devil’s tool in the end. Later after all medical men come together no one would be allowed any service unless they received the mark.