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The Book of Letters to the Saints is a series of admonitions and encouragements to the elect, warning that the end of the age is near. It will create in you a steadfastness to be an overcomer. Bro. Neal Frisby said, “The Lord Jesus told me the Capstone Pyramid was built for a sign; it is a time clock revealing the last days are here.”Out of the little veil room came the dazzling white creative hand of Jesus formed in snowy brilliance. You can see the shepherd’s cane or what we call the ancient staff or rod across His wrist upside down pointing towards heaven. He is holding a “little opened” book of glory directly over where I minister. This little opened book in His hand is to the bride, only God can open it. The 7th Seal Book of Thunders (Rev.10:4) is to the redeemed, predestined first fruit. Thus saith the Almighty deity hand of truth. The last hidden plan of the ages was concealed and is being revealed at the appointed time.

My ministry and the elect are represented in the Capstone wings, wherein is symbolic of the bride who shall take her flight in the translation. We are heading soon for a dramatic spontaneous gathering of the harvest. The Book of Letters to the Saints, contain living photos that blend perfectly with the scripture. Jesus is bringing the Bible in picture form, like visions on paper. Each shows a separate phase or dimension of the spirit; their key work is to bring love and unity to produce translative faith in the 7 Thunders. The spirit of God is like the sun shining through a glass. He pierces or can shine through all things that He creates.

The Face of God in golden twilight picture shows the “Great Seal head” formed in Pyramid Temple, the long awaited Capstone and the Amen Messenger. Behold I send My prophet before My face. O thou brethren dwell in sweet unity. The magnetic amber cloud of fire that led the children of Israel will now lead the bride joined to the Pyramid Temple. He is her head, Ephesians 2:20-22. Talking about the Pyramid Temple was actually the Lord’s way of showing us it was to be a very important place for Him to unfold the last mysteries and signs gathering His true bride.

The letter to the saints is a series of admonitions and encouragement to the elect warning the end of the age is near. God’s spiritual jewels will be sparkling like coals of fire around the reader, mysterious events will be revealed and the presence of the Lord will be near. Although in these letters to the elect, the Lord Jesus does bring solemn warnings of pending retribution at the same time they also abound with the anointing of joy, love and will bring wisdom and knowledge. It will create within you steadfastness in the Lord.                                                                                                                                                                                                   2nd Peter 3:16 reminds us that some things are hard to be understood, but let the spirit lead each one who reads the Book of Letters to the Saints. Behold it cometh and let thy enemies, O! servant, fall like the lightenings for My hand shall be upon thee and upon thy people that the Lord God sendeth unto thee.

This is a gradual presentation of highlights from the Book of Letters to the Saints. You need to get to know what these letters contain. It is a compilation of God’s intimate talks to His bride. Time is absolutely running out. In an hour you think not the Son of man will come; like a thief in the night. This is time to be sober, watching and praying. This is only an introduction. Expect part one of the highlights of the Book of Letters to the saints.