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We are at the Lord’s final call, Word and outpouring. Behold I stand at the door. O elect your time is here, the sweet voice to thee is in the air, listen, O listen “prepare.” When a person lines up with the Headstone, diseases and devils fall like the lightning. Yea those the Lord chooses and loves He reveals precious things to.

President Nixon is not only making plans to go to China, but now plans are also being made for him to go to Moscow. The Vatican is also sending Ambassadors to Russia, and Russia sends men to the Vatican. Each step these nations take will form a pattern for the rise of world trade and the anti-Christ later. Air pollution is linked to increase in illness, symptoms include eye and throat irritation and chest pain President Nixon is mixing under cover with many top Catholics giving support to various projects, which are against the USA heritage. The nation is creeping slowly towards new moves. Pleasure has reached an all time high in Sodomite fashion, flouting the lowest forms in the open. The sins of Belshazzar are in the nation, the hand writing (scrolls) is on the wall. The rapture is near.

The voice of the seventh angel is near saith the Lord Jesus. And at His cry seven Thunders of power will roll over My people as a covering of translative power. Soon the terrestrial shall take on the celestial and time shall be no more. Behold the shadow of a GREAT ROCK in a weary land. The sign and the acts of the Almighty: Behold My messenger is sent to inspire and exalt the Word of God like never before. Beware of those who do not believe, less that come upon you which is spoken of in the prophets. Behold, ye despisers, and wonder and perish: for I work a work in your days, a work which ye shall in no wise believe, though a man declare it unto you. Yea but the elect will receive and believe My appointment of destiny which is upon them and they will love the Lord in His acts.

And those who live here will be the most blessed and happiest people on earth, there will never be anything like it for you anywhere. Just think of living in the shadow of the great creator, you will know more about it when you come or receive the pictures in the book. The building itself is more than the 7th wonder of the world. It is the resting place of the living God in a marvel and sign to His people, like in the days of Moses.

God is going to throw out His net (bright covering) pulling you into the light of destiny, and by His preordained powers has chosen those who are ordained to love Him and those on my special list. It will take a spiritual eye to see how He is going to unite His. Although it will be mysterious, the elect will catch it, while the foolish follow the bag of gold “mark” and the pale horse to Babylon. But (Christ) the star out of Jacob shall smite satan’s forces and catch the bride away. Both classes shall reach their fullness; the saints more of God, and the wicked more of evil.

The Lord shows satan’s end. The very fire in him shall explode, the Lord has prearranged his destruction and judgment and his light shall go out. Ezekiel 28:13-19, shows his down fall; therefore I will bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, it shall devour thee and I will bring thee to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that behold thee, and never shall thou be any more.

Capture the heart of God by praising Him, for He is looking unto thee. His glory light is shinning over thy place. Thus saith the Lamb, Lord of His people, yea come sit in the shadow of My royal cloud, rest ye under the prince of fire, King of Host. The Most High, the Regal Angel is among His people, from henceforth I shall do a mighty work before them, Amen, Amen. Let’s exhort Him for He is going to greatly loom over His elect. The flame that’s before His throne will descend upon Capstone and His people for the final call.

On the third night of the crusade we saw something that has not been seen for thousands of years. The Lord opened His spiritual “veil” on the platform and a light appeared upon my hand, before the line in front of me. And using my tongue He spoke what He would create for the person and then create the part missing, and the explosion would hit the crowd. It left the audience in awe and wonderment, with immense excitement. He would speak to the cripple to touch the garment I was wearing and they would immediately be made whole in front of the crowd. He would speak to the person what He was going to do before hand then, He would create parts of a spine or whatever they needed right in sight of the audience. Jesus would speak by prophecy and the cripple would work, the blind would see, the tumor would disappear and the lumps on faces would vanish. Nothing has been seen like his before, as He spoke the Word and they were made whole, the same as He did in Israel. In other words people were face to face with the Almighty as His presence overshadowed. People witnessed the light and the spiritual veil. Jesus is amazing.