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Translative faith will appear as the Bride gets ready to take the ‘great step’ into the “King’s chamber” of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is the creating light of all ages, in Him is knowledge and the sum total of all wisdom. The elect are about to experience more of His infilling spirit shortly. Jesus Christ is a covering wherein the light radiates and rest. In Jesus is the crowning of all glory, the elect will partake and share it. The beginning of His essence of spiritual rays will start to shine more upon the chosen until translation. A vibrating living God among them, a cloud of splendor will overshadow these, a covering of love and trust. His eyes like rubies searching His own out for a greater reward to come. And the hour of actual confrontation with Jesus is not far off and what has seemingly taken so long will suddenly appear upon us; Praise the Most High Savior.

While we were preparing and getting ready to put the Pyramid Headstone upon the Temple, an unforgettable event took place. A friend of ours took a photo of the building where the Cap was to fit into place. Lo and behold when the film was developed the Lord’s Head and face was exactly where the Head stone Cap is to go. The face is so dramatic and plain that no one can deny it. It has already been confirmed that it is the face of a supernatural being. Possibly there has never been a clearer picture taken by photograph than this particular Deity of our Lord. And I personally take time to thank Jesus for honoring His work and His people on my list. Truly I have spoken with the Lord. Yea and even greater things shall I show those who love Me and are called My own. Yea they shall rise with Me and sit with Me like the sun and I shall surround them with beauty, and the splendor of the Most High shall baptize them in His halo of loveliness. The Headstone (1st Peter 2:7) which was rejected will now come in the fullest power and the elect will receive it. The Melchizedek saints and priesthood is appearing.

If the U.S. A. keeps issuing credit to cover up the dollar it will make it easy for the anti-christ to combine with this nation later. We are definitely entering a higher realm and going beyond mortal understanding, and you will be taking on the heavenly Knowledge of the Lord Jesus. Absolute changes are coming also your life and reasoning will be changing more to the supernatural element daily. Jesus dumbfounded and puzzled the world in His ministry when upon the earth and now again He will do the same thing except the Bride will believe it stronger. The scroll of God will be seen in the heavens as He wraps his people with new light making us new creatures in Him, finally circling us with heaven’s celestial mist. Thus saith the Lord thy redeemer and He that formed thee from the womb. I am the Lord that maketh all things, that stretcheth forth the heavens alone; that spreadeth abroad the earth by myself (Isaiah 44:24). Yea and behold I am now looking towards My elect man child, the apple of My eye.

The seventh Seal, the cloud of fire, is Christ unveiled in His fullness to His chosen Super King. Jehovah Rapha, chief and healer of all the tribes of the earth. He is the mighty star in the sun rising with healing and anointing in His wings over Capstone. Rejoice and let the living stones of earth be happy for He ordereth our steps and leadeth our way. Yea who can challenge the Lord for He doeth what He will in the earth and in heaven. The third sign the last pull of God is near.  Friend, we are going on into the real supernatural things of the Lord as He separates the lukewarm.

Yea saith the Lord, is not this the hour of which I have spoken in which I would return and pour out seven anointing upon My people. Yea I shall number and line My people up in position and unity like the tribes of old, and no man or evil power can stop Me For I am coming through to them like the lightning which cutteth a path in the heavens, and the thunder of My power and love shall shake them to attention and altering them, that there shall soon be time no more. Yea I shall reveal the reason that I have sent My servant, and he shall appear different than any Gentile I have sent. He shall appear to My elect bride. Yea all My mysteries will open to My people. Yea this promise I have already given in My word. Watch for it shall take the world by surprise. Partner I know we are getting near the end so stand firm and watch. What’s happening in all this now is nations are getting ready for world trade later. We are getting ready for international changes (money systems) and a new frame work for the world.