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What a momentous hour of the Lord’s destiny we are truly living in. The Lord Jesus is preparing His living witness (the elect) among the people, like the appearance of a bright lamp shall He clothe His chosen, Amen. And they shall stand out in the spirit of the Lord of Host. And He will spread His immense wings over them, covering them with His translative anointing. He is preparing a royal priesthood and is choosing spiritual kings, (Rev.1:6, 2:26, 27). Those who are faithful will participate in the rule of the gigantic kingdom, increase of which will be of no end. At last Jesus is really dealing and moving among His Bride. This we know, the second coming of the Lord must be close: Because the signs are being revealed right in front of us, for the first time in history like this: And at a certain time He will move even more quickly to gather the precious fruit of the earth.

In this hour the world will advance into a stage of utter chaos and consummate into judgment for the evils appearing. The gateway to the world system is forming, opening up into dead religious systems, pleasure, corruption and debauchery, and we must all work quickly before the great deluge of vileness covers the continents. Behold the hour is late and ye must do a quick work and I shall supply the elects’ needs as they trust in Me. It is the midnight hour wherein I shall call those with oil in their vessels and they shall know My voice. Open up your heart and believe for your needs for this is the hour that I will work in a greater way than ever before. Behold I gather the harvest. Blessed is he that hath part in it.

As we have written elsewhere before, Isaiah describes His body and face while upon earth. It was marred and veiled; it showed the suffering and the rejection of all the prophets before Him, and the persecution of His saints. It revealed the torture, rejection and the sorrow, yet in all of this He could show forth the greatest joy and love of anyone that ever lived. Another mystery that has been hard for people to understand is when Jesus would speak from His body to the heavenly spirit. This is simple; the flesh part corresponded with the spiritual part from whence He had come. The body of Jesus was made for God’s light to dwell in, showing His role as sonship upon the earth in Christ, from that of His role of the ancient one, who will judge all, (John 1:1-3). And the Word was God, and all things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made. Matt.1:23, “Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel (the God man) which being interpreted is, God with us.” Matt. 2:9, And lo, the star, which they saw went before them till it came and stood over where the young child was, “The eternal prophet” among His people. The order like unto Melchisedec, king of righteousness: Having neither the beginning of days, nor end of life, (Heb. 7:2-3). But made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually.  Believe me we have a great cloud of witnesses around the Temple to prove all things (angels, principalities and powers) and the Lord Himself displaying tremendous signs.

We have some tremendous photographs of God’s spirit, some I am saving and will release later, but we will say this, Jesus is making it so real that there will be no cloak to hide under for the unbelieving, lukewarm movements. Jesus is inaugurating a marvelous move to bring forth His children.  Behold saith the Lord, I will bring you into the wilderness of the people like as in old times, there I will plead with you face to face and I will be good to you saith the Lord, and bless thee, and will cause you to pass under the rod and bring ye into the bond of the true covenant. Yea and even purge out from among you the rebels and them that are against me, and ye shall enter into the holies of holies of my spirit as ye shall begin your sojourn into heavenly places. My people have wondered as sheep, their shepherds have caused them to go astray, they have gone from mountain to hill, they have forgotten their resting place. Return O children to the mount of the Lord of Host, for I have settled there, like as I did at Horeb when even the Lord spoke to Elijah the prophet. The faith that I have given him shall be upon My church shortly. Yea a sound of battle is in the land, prepare ye the hammer, stand ye strong, put yourselves in array against Babylon, all ye bend the bow, shoot at her, spare no arrows, for she hath sinned and turned many against the Lord and His true servant. Behold I shall cut her off; the Lord will open His armory and will bring forth weapons of His indignation. For this is the work of the Lord God of Host in the land of the Headstone. “And I will bring a sword against the despiser and the unbeliever and they shall dwell in the furnace together for their abominations; but unto My elect I will give peace and rest in this hour. Stand ye firm like the rock, your redeemer cometh forth.”

The 7th Seal Thunders covers the elect like the sun covers the earth. The bride is also sealed as she turns towards Christ and will be clothed in the sun’s anointing like jewels of rain drops. In other words the Lord is getting ready to imprint us with His supreme anointing, sealing us for rapture. And ye shall be My witness in earth and heaven that the Lord is true and faithful in His promises.

The Common Market of nations is laying the ground work for a single currency, their spokesman reported. Men are preparing to overhaul the world monetary system also. You see the seed has been planted during the last revivals and then the work of the Holy Spirit has continued the intricate work and its growth; man can present the Word and miracles but it takes the Holy Spirit working among the seed to mature it (ripen) and bring forth the good seed, (Mark 4:26) verse 27 says, “he knoweth not how.” It is a very mysterious process but it will be done, the spirit is preparing the bride. Christ is in the sea of people seeking the lovely and precious pearl, His church elect. It is though they have been hidden in a shell and now openly revealed in shiny beauty, prepared for a king.

The true church has been wrapped in a cocoon of wisdom, so to speak, and now the bride is going to break forth like a butterfly in beautiful living revelative colors of His shekinah brightness of anointing faith. His pillar of fire resting near, to soon lift them up on the wings of God; the flight of the bride is near. Also, the Headship ministry of His crowning work will unite the bride body into Him and His overshadowing presence. The pictures are direct from Jesus and the hand of the Lord has definitely been with you in seeing them, so you can see sometime why you were tested, it was because these wonderful things were coming to lift you up. Come ye, to the Lord for the hour is getting late.

Spy peril seen, wired nation plan unveiled. The government wants to wire every American home into a central communication system under government control. The real seed of the Lord is now coming forth into its final form, perfection and fruition. In this last revival most of the messengers went to what we call the shuck or the husk, which appears on the stalk just before the wheat head is revealed and ripened out. Now this wheat head according to the scriptures will be the true bride, when this bride appears into view. Then the Lord gives a warning for the false churches and groups to keep their hands off of it, because it is His jewels, the elect. The husk which forms around the wheat looks almost like the wheat but is not, and the last husk looks so much like the elect that it will almost deceive the elect, but it will not. Because now God is going to inaugurate this last move to separate the different ones. This is what you call Organization system (tares) which grows near the stalk of wheat, then out of this stalk comes a tassel, then later the husk comes forth, then the full head of wheat from that. That is the final work and it is starting now. Matt. 13:24-30, let them both grow together until harvest. Then the Lord said, gather first the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them; but gather the wheat (bride) into my barn. The Lord’s destiny is opening the door for the bride and she is being shaped and entering into the image of God. His head joined to the Pyramid Temple reveals this.