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Behold it cometh as the sun riseth and increases and sets. It is the evening time (now) the last sunset. And then a new day shall dawn and ye shall be with Me forever more. Behold a new era of time has come for the USA: As I prepare the people in different groups. Some into the foolish group, some into the anti-Christ system and My elect I shall reserve for Myself.

Sometimes I believe a few people misunderstand me, and some would like to know what is the 7TH Angel? It is Christ in a prophet revealing mysteries. This doesn’t mean a person is a literal, but only that Jesus is with me in a personal message to His elect. Some people are so full of the world that they wouldn’t know if God was moving or not, and that is just exactly what is happening. It is hidden from them and yet right out in plain view. W e feel the Lord will keep measuring the time right down to where the Bride will know the season and rejoice (but not the exact day). He will not leave us in darkness concerning it. And this was the time to build the “Capstone” for it is the hour in which the angels will gather His elect. We are entering an hour of absolute urgency.

God will give us guidance through the scriptures, but He also will reveal His plans through divine providence and various gifts of the spirit. Supernatural leading shall appear through a word of knowledge, wisdom, prophecy, vision and dreams; a heavy anointing generally accompanies it. This is the hour of full restoration, so be ready. His eye is on those who are watching. The elect will be called into position by the spirit. The true gifts will come into prominence again among His elect, but this time they will abide more in His word concerning all things. God’s next move is to bring His Bride into razor sharpness, perfecting them in His mysteries and spirit. We are at the time wherein Paul wrote, “I press toward the mark for the prize of the “High calling” of God in Christ Jesus,” Philippians 3:14.

The power of the printed scrolls are immeasurable, some say possibly in this century they are the most effective way of anointing the elect quickly in association with the Bible. And the wings of the spirit will carry the message far and to the right place leaving firm faith. Yea saith the Lord this is the hour that I will move upon My children to take advantage of the things promised them. Truly in this hour I am calling My elect together, but not through man’s systems. And after I have united mine own together spiritually. I will do a powerful work through them which the world has never seen. And they shall testify, He healeth them all who believeth. Another shall shout my eye hath been replaced. Another shall claim He hath created a finger which was gone. And they shall say even the dead liveth again. Behold a wondrous visitation shall pour upon My people. I shall walk among My elect like the fire in the field when it is lit, yea I will do a quick short work. {P. S. We would like to correct a mistake on scroll 51 concerning C. Price. It should read instead of 1619, corrected to 1916. It was in the 20th century that he wrote that prophecy, amen}.

Behold the veil; the mighty ones shall come through here which are My own. And these shall receive anointed faith and supreme joy. Behold the anointed one hath come down among you, even the Lord thy God. And My brightness shall increase thine understanding, and ye shall know from henceforth why I have led thee in the way thou hast come up. And I shall show ye a more perfect way and thou shalt know even that which was hidden. For I shall guide thee, and ye shall know My will. Watch, for a stirring cometh. And suddenly My elect shall be drawn to My side, and My hand shall lift them up.

We know the harvest and the rapture of the saints is very near, and someday soon here will be taught God’s last mysteries and then we will know He is even at the door, Watch. The hand writing is slowly being written on the wall, we are getting nearer to God’s last hour. The building is very low, modern and streamline like a new pyramid style tent. For it is the very last thing that the late prophet Wm. Branham saw coming upon the earth for God’s people for a sign to prepare them for the rapture.

This is the very day of the Elijah saints upon the earth. They will be anointed like unto Elijah to prepare a people in this generation. They will be unconquerable and will thunder woes and warnings unto this age of apostasy. The elect will enter into an experience with dominion and faith by reading God’s word and the anointed scripts, like Elijah did on the mount (rock of God) so will those associated with “Capstone”. Behold saith the living God they shall walk on clouds of deity with Me. I shall make their soles like the lightening.

The prophet has the key to unlock the Thunders revealing God’s final mysteries and plans, a message to the bride and unfolds the Headstone. Remember the open door Rev. 4:1 signifies rapture. “Behold the Headstone Ministry and the Revelation Key has been given to My people,” Thus saith the Lord. It is from this place He will declare “There is no more Time,” Rev.10. Jesus is in His elect. He is the Headstone and the Headstone ministry is in His people, exalting a wheel within a wheel of blazing deity around us. You can see a “Tip of Red” on top denoting the pillar of fire over us.