104 – Who Will Listen?

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Who Will Listen?Who Will Listen?

Translation alert 104 | 7/23/1986 PM | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1115

Thank you Jesus! Oh, it’s really great tonight. Isn’t it? You feel the Lord? Ready to believe the Lord? I am still going; I haven’t had any time off yet. I’ll pray for you tonight. Let’s believe the Lord whatever you need here. Sometimes I think in my heart if they only knew how strong God’s power is—that is—around them and what is in the air and so forth like that. Oh, how they can reach on out and solve those problems! But always the old flesh wants to stand in the way. Sometimes people just can’t accept it as they should, but there are great things here for you tonight.

Lord, we love you. You are already moving. Just a little faith, Lord, moves you, just a little bit. And we believe in our hearts that there is great faith too among thy people where you will move greatly for us. Touch each individual tonight. Guide them Lord in the days ahead for surely we are going to need you more than ever as we close out the age, Lord Jesus. Now we command all of the cares of this life to depart, the anxieties Lord, the stress and the strains, we command to depart. The burdens are on you Lord and you are carrying them. Give the Lord a handclap! Praise the Lord Jesus! Thank you Jesus.

Ok, go ahead and be seated. Now let’s see what we can do with this message tonight. So, tonight, begin to expect in your heart. Begin to listen. The Lord will have something for you. He will really bless you. Now, you know, I think it was the other night; I had a lot of time. I had probably finished all my work and everything like that—the writing I wanted to do and so forth. It was kind of late about that time. I said well, I will just go lay down. All of a sudden, the Holy Spirit just whirled and turned. I picked up another bible, one that I don’t generally use, but it’s King James Version. I decided well, I better sit down here. I just opened it up and thumbed around it a little bit. Pretty soon, you kind of feel—and the Lord let me write those scriptures. When He did, I read them all that night. I went on to bed. Later on, it just kept coming to me. So, I had to get up again and I started writing a few notes and notations like that. We will take it from there and see what the Lord has for us tonight. And I think if the Lord really moves, we will have a good message here.

Who, who will listen? Who will listen today? Hear ye the Word of the Lord. Now, there is a disturbing element and it will be more disturbing as the age closes out, of people not wanting to listen to the power and the Word of the Lord. But there will be a sound. There will be a sound coming from the Lord. In different places in the bible there was a sound that went forth. Revelation 10 said it’s a sound in the days of that voice, a sound from God. Isaiah 53 says who will believe our report? We are dealing in the prophets tonight. Over and over, we hear it from the prophets, who will listen? People, nations, the world, generally, they do not listen. Now, we have here in Jeremiah; he taught Israel and the king right every time. He was a boy, a prophet that God had raised up. They don’t make them that way, not very often. Every two or three thousand years would come one like Jeremiah, the prophet. If you’ve ever read about him and they couldn’t shut him up when he heard from the Lord. He only spoke when he heard from the Lord. God gave him that Word. It was thus saith the Lord. It didn’t make any difference what the people said. It didn’t make any difference what they thought. He spoke what the Lord gave to him.

Now in chapters 38 – 40, we are going to tell a little story here. And he told them right every time, but they wouldn’t listen. They wouldn’t hear. They wouldn’t take heed to what he was saying. Here is a pitiful story. Listen, this will repeat again at the end of the age. Now, the prophet, he had thus saith the Lord when he spoke. It was dangerous to speak that way. You didn’t try to play that you knew God. You better have God or didn’t [wouldn’t] live long. And it was thus saith the Lord. Chapter 38 through about 40 tells the story. And he stood up again before the princes and the king of Israel, he said if you do not go up and see the king of Babylon which was Nebuchadnezzar and talk with his princes—he said the cities will be burnt to the ground, famines, plagues–he described a horror picture in the Lamentations. And he told them what would happen if they did not go up and talk to the king [Nebuchadnezzar]. He said if you go up and talk to him your life will be spared, the Lord’s hand will help you, and the king will spare your life. But he said if you don’t, you will be in severe famine, war, horror, death, plagues, all manner of diseases and pestilences will walk among you.

And so the elders and the princes said, “Here he goes again.” They said to the king, “Don’t listen to him.” They said, “Jeremiah, he is always talking that negative, always he is telling us these things.” But if you noticed he was right all the time that he spoke. And they said, “You know, he weakens the people. Why, he puts fear in the people’s hearts. He causes the people to tremble. Let’s just get rid of him and put him to death and get rid of him with all this talk he’s got.” And so Zedekiah, he kind of got off the way and went on. While he was gone, they grabbed the prophet and took him to a pit, a dungeon. They threw him into a pit. You couldn’t even call it water because it was so miry. It was made of mud and they stuck him down to about his shoulders in it, a deep dungeon. And they were going to leave him there without any food, without anything, and let him die a horrible death. And so one of the eunuchs around there saw it and they went to the king and told him he [Jeremiah] did not deserve this. So, Zedekiah said, “Alright, send some men there and get him out of there.” They brought him back to the prison courtyard. He was in and out of the prison all the time.

The king said, bring him to me. So, they brought him to Zedekiah. And Zedekiah said, “Now Jeremiah” [See, God brought him out of the miry dungeon. He was on his last breath]. And he [Zedekiah] said, “Now, tell me. Don’t hold anything back from me.” He said “Tell me everything Jeremiah. Don’t hide anything from me.” He wanted the information out of Jeremiah. It might have sounded silly to everybody out there the way he was talking. The king was a little shook up about it. And here is what it says here in Jeremiah 38:15, “Then Jeremiah said unto Zedekiah, if I declare it unto thee, wilt thou not surely put me to death? And if I give thee counsel, wilt thou not hearken to me?” Now, Jeremiah being in the Holy Spirit knew he [the king] would not hearken to him if he told him. And if he told him likely he would put him to death anyway. So, the king said to him, he said, “No, Jeremiah, I promise you as God created your soul” [he knew that much about it anyway]. He said, “I won’t touch thee. I won’t put you to death.” But he said tell me everything. So, Jeremiah, the prophet, he said again, “Thus saith the Lord, the God of Hosts, the God of Israel and all. He said if you go to the king of Babylon and talk to him and his princes—he said, thou and thy house and Jerusalem shall live.” All your household will live, king. But he said if you don’t go up and talk to him this place will be wiped out. Your cities will be burned, destruction on every hand and led away captive. Zedekiah said, “Well, I fear the Jews. Jeremiah said the Jews are not going to save you. They are not going to save you. But he [Jeremiah] said, “I beseech thee, listen to the words of the Lord God.”

Who will listen? And you mean to tell me there are only three other prophets in similarity to Jeremiah, the prophet, in all the bible and they wouldn’t listen to him, and him having thus saith the Lord in great power? He said one time it [the Word of God] is like fire, fire, fire in my bones. Anointed with great power; it only made them madder [more angry]. It made them worse; closed their deaf ears to him. And people, they say, “Why didn’t they listen to him? Why don’t they listen today, saith the Lord God of Israel? Same thing; they wouldn’t know a prophet if he rose up from among them and God was riding right on his wings. Where we are living today, they might discern a little bit here and there about certain preachers and know a little bit about them. So, he [Jeremiah] told him [King Zedekiah] that you will all be destroyed. And the king said, “The Jews, you know, they are against you and all that.” He said I wish you would listen to me. I pray you would listen to me because [otherwise] you will be wiped out. And then he [Zedekiah] said, “Now, Jeremiah, don’t tell none [any] of them what you have talked to me. I am going to let you go. Tell them you talked to me about your supplications and so forth like that. Don’t tell the people anything about this.” So, the king went on. Jeremiah, the prophet went his way.

Now fourteen generations had passed since David, the prophet angel with him. We read in Matthew, fourteen generations had now passed since David. They were fixing to go away. God’s Word is true. Now in this city [Jerusalem] was another little prophet, Daniel, and three Hebrew children walking around in there. They weren’t known then, see? Little princes, they called them from Hezekiah. Jeremiah went his way—the prophet. The next thing you knew, here comes the king of kings, they called him [Nebuchadnezzar] at this moment on the earth at that time. God had called him to judge. His vast army came out. He was the one that went to Tyre and kicked all the walls down and tore them to pieces there, judging left, judging right. He had become the head of gold that Daniel, the prophet, saw later. Nebuchadnezzar came sweeping down–you know, the image [of gold dream] that Daniel solved [interpreted] for him. He came sweeping down everything on his path like the prophet said, took everything before him. Zedekiah and some of them started running out of the city upon the hill, but it was too late. The guards, the army swept in upon them and brought them right back to a certain place where Nebuchadnezzar was.

Zedekiah did not pay a bit of attention to what Jeremiah, the prophet said, not one word. Who will listen? Nebuchadnezzar said to Zedekiah—he [Nebuchadnezzar] thought in his heart that he had been sent there to judge that place. He had a chief captain and the chief captain brought him [Zedekiah] there and he [Nebuchadnezzar] took all of his sons and slew them in front of him and said “Punch his eyes out and drag him back to Babylon.” The chief captain said they had heard about Jeremiah. Now Jeremiah had to weave himself into a pattern. He had also said that Babylon would fall later, but they didn’t know that. He had not written it all out on scrolls yet. The old king Nebuchadnezzar thought God was with him [Jeremiah] because he had predicted all this exactly. So, he told the chief captain, “You go over there and talk to Jeremiah, the prophet. Take him out of prison.” He said don’t hurt him, but do what he tells you to do. The chief captain came to him and said, “You know, God judged this place for the idols and so forth and for forgetting their God.” I don’t know how the chief captain knew about this, but he did. Nebuchadnezzar, he didn’t know where exactly God was, but he knew there was God and [that] the bible said He [God] had raised Nebuchadnezzar on the earth to judge different people upon the earth. He was a battle axe against them that God raised up because the people wouldn’t listen to Him. So, the chief captain, he told Jeremiah—he talked to him a little while—he said you can go with us back to Babylon; we are taking most of the people out of here. They took most of the brains of Israel out, all of the geniuses of buildings and so forth back to Babylon. Daniel was one of them. Jeremiah was a great prophet. Daniel couldn’t prophesy then. He was there and the three Hebrew children and the others of the royal house. He [Nebuchadnezzar] took them all back to Babylon. He used them in science and different things like that. He called for Daniel quite often.

So the chief captain said, “Jeremiah, you can come back to Babylon with us because we are going to leave just a few people here and the poor people and appoint a king over Judah. Nebuchadnezzar will control it from Babylon. The way that he had done that, they wouldn’t rise up against him again. If they did, there would be nothing left but ashes. It was almost ashes and it was the most terrible thing, lamentation that was ever written in the bible. But Jeremiah looked through the veil of time 2,500 years. He also predicted that Babylon would fall, not with Nebuchadnezzar, but with Belshazzar. And it would reach right on and God will overthrow mystery Babylon and all of them like Sodom and Gomorrah in fire—reaching on out since prophesied—future. So, the chief captain said the king told me whatever you want, to go back with us or to stay. They talked among themselves for a while and Jeremiah—he would stay with the people that were left. See; another prophet was going to Babylon, Daniel. Jeremiah stayed back. The bible said Daniel read the books that Jeremiah sent to him. Jeremiah said the people would be carried to Babylon [and remain there] for 70 years. Daniel knew it was getting close when he got down on his knees. He believed that other prophet [Jeremiah] and that was when he prayed and Gabriel appeared for them to go back home. He knew that the 70 years were getting up. They had been gone 70 years.

Anyway, Jeremiah stayed behind and the chief captain said, “Hey Jeremiah, here is a reward.” Poor fellow, he had never heard that before. Those that knew very little about God at all were willing to listen to him and help him and the very house [of Judah] that was there didn’t regard God at all. They didn’t have any faith at all in it [the Word of God]. The chief captain rewarded him, gave him some vegetables, and told him where he may go in the city and so forth like that, and then he left. Jeremiah was there. Fourteen generations passed since David and they were carried away to Babylon—the prediction given. And fourteen generations from the time that they left Babylon, Jesus came. We know, Matthew will tell you the story there. Now we see thus saith the Lord. They took Jeremiah and sank him in the mire. He got out of the mire and over in the next chapter he told Zedekiah that Israel [Judah] would sink in the mire. It was symbolizing that when they put that prophet in the mire that is exactly where Israel [Judah] was going, sinking in the mire. It was led away captive to Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar went on home but oh, did he carry with him a prophet [Daniel]! Jeremiah went off the scene. Ezekiel rose up and the prophet of prophets, Daniel, was in the very heart of Babylon. God had put him there and he stayed there. Now we know the story of Nebuchadnezzar as he grew in power. You see the story now on the other side. The three Hebrew children began to grow up. Daniel began to interpret the dreams of the king. He showed him the whole world empire head of gold down to the iron and clay at the end of communism all the way out–and all the animals—rising and falling world empires. John, picked up on the island of Patmos later, told the same story. What a story that we have!

But who will listen? Jeremiah 39:8 said that the Chaldeans burned the king’s house and the houses of the people with fire. He broke down the walls of Jerusalem and destroyed everything in there and sent word that God told him to do it. The chief captain said that to Jeremiah. That is in the scriptures. Read Jeremiah 38-40, you will see it there. Jeremiah, he stayed behind. They went on. But Jeremiah, he just kept on talking and prophesying. When they got out of there, he prophesied that Babylon the great one that was doing God a service at that time would fall to the ground itself. He prophesied it and it came to pass under Belshazzar, not under Nebuchadnezzar. Only he [Nebuchadnezzar] was judged by God a little while as an animal and got back up and decided that God was real. And Belshazzar—handwriting came upon the wall, the one they would not listen to–Daniel. Finally, Belshazzar called for him and Daniel interpreted the handwriting on the wall over Babylon. He said it was going to depart; the kingdom was going to be taken. The Medo-Persians are coming in and Cyrus is going to let the children go home. Seventy years later, that happened. Isn’t God great? Finally Belshazzar called Daniel, the one he wouldn’t listen to, to come and interpret what was on the wall. The queen mother told him he could do it. Your daddy called on him. He could do it. So we see in the bible, if you really want to read something, go to Lamentations. See how the prophet wept and wept about what was going to happen even to the end of the age.

Who will listen today even if [when] it is thus saith the Lord? Who will listen? Today you tell them about the kindness and the great salvation of the Lord. You tell them about His great power to heal, the great power of deliverance. Who will listen? You tell them about eternal life that God has promised, never runs out, the quick short powerful revival that the Lord is going to give. Who will listen? We are going to find out in a minute who will listen. You tell them about the coming of the Lord is near. Scoffers arrive in the air even long-time Pentecostals, Full Gospel—“Ah, we have plenty of time.” In an hour you think not, saith the Lord. It came upon Babylon. It came upon Israel [Judah]. It will come upon thee. Why, they said to Jeremiah, the prophet, “Even if it would come, it would be over there in generations, many hundreds of years. All this talk he’s got, let’s kill him and put him out of his misery here. He is insane,” you see. In an hour you think not. It was just a little while till that king came upon them. It just took them off guard in every direction, but not Jeremiah. Every day, he knew that prophecy was getting closer. Every day, he put his ears to the ground to listen to those horses coming. He heard great chariots running. He knew they were coming. They were coming upon Israel [Judah].

So we find out, you tell them about the coming of the Lord in the translation—you go into the translation, change the people? Who will listen? The dead will rise again and God will talk to them. Who will listen? You see, that is the title. Who will listen? That’s what I got out of what Jeremiah tried to tell them. It just came to me: who will listen? And I wrote it down when I got back and these other scriptures. Famines, great quakes all over the world. Who will listen? World food shortages one of these days will set in cannibalism on top of it and will follow on through as Jeremiah, the prophet, said would happen to Israel. You will have the antichrist rising. His steps are getting closer all the time. His system is underground like wires being planted right now to take over. Who will listen? World government, a religious state will rise. Who will listen? Tribulation is coming, mark of the beast soon to be given. But who will listen, see? Thus saith the Lord it shall surely take place, but who is listening saith the Lord? That’s exactly right. We are back to it. Atomic war on the face of the earth shall come saith the Lord with the horrors of radiation and pestilence that walketh in darkness that I predicted. Because the people do not listen, it does not make any difference. It will come anyway. I believe that with all my heart. He is really great! Isn’t He? Armageddon will come. Millions, hundreds will go into the Valley of Megiddo in Israel, on the mountaintops—and the great war of Armageddon on the face of the world. The great day of the Lord is coming. Who will listen to the great day of the Lord as it comes down upon them there?

The Millennium will come. The White Throne judgment will come. But who will listen to the message? The heavenly city will come down also; God’s great power. Who will listen to all those things? The elect will listen, saith the Lord. Oh! You see, Jeremiah chapter 1 or 2 and that was the elect. At that time only very few. Those that were left behind said, “Oh, Jeremiah, the prophet, I am so glad you stayed with us here.” See; now he spoke the truth. It was right before them like a vision that he had seen anyway, like a great screen. The bible said at the end of the age that the elect would be the only ones to hear really the Voice of the Lord before the translation. The foolish virgins, they didn’t hear Him. No. They got up and ran, but they didn’t get it, see? The wise and that bride elect, the closest ones to Him, they will listen. God will have a group of people at the end of the age that will listen. I believe this: within that group, Daniel and the three Hebrew children, they believed. How many of you know that? The little fellows [three Hebrew children] with Daniel, just 12 or15 years old maybe. They were listening to that prophet. Daniel, not even knowing how great he was going to be with his visions even beyond Jeremiah in visionary works. And yet, they knew. Why? Because they were the elect of God. How many of you believe that? And the great work that they were supposed to do in Babylon to warn, “Come out of her, my people.” Amen. Only the elect—and then during the great tribulation as the sand of the sea, people begin to—it’s too late, you see. But the elect will listen to God. It’s exactly right. We will have lamentations again. But who will believe our report? Who will take heed?

The world will be led captive again unto Babylon, Revelation 17—religion—and Revelation 18—commercial, world trade market. There it is. They will be led again unto Babylon. The bible says the world closes out. Mystery Babylon and the king thereof should come into it, the antichrist. So we find out, they will be blind again; the same as Zedekiah was led away blind, in chains, by a heathen king, a monarch of great power on the earth. He was led away. Why? Because he would not listen to the words of the Lord about the destruction that would come upon them. And you realize in a few hours some people [will] get out of here, they will try to forget all about this. It won’t do you any good. Listen to what the Lord says about [the] world’s destruction that’s coming and about His divine mercy that intercedes and His great compassion that comes and sweeps away those that will listen to what He has to say. It’s really great. Isn’t it? Sure, let us believe the Lord with all our heart. So, lamentations, the world will be blind and led away in chains to Babylon like Zedekiah. We know later that Zedekiah repented in mercy. What a pitiful story! In Lamentations and Jeremiah 38 – 40—a story that he told. Zedekiah, the broken heart. Then he could see [his error] and he repented.

Now, Daniel in chapter 12 said the wise, they will understand. The unbelievers and the rest of them and the world, they would not understand. They would know nothing. But Daniel said the wise would be shinning as the stars because they believed the report. Who would believe our report? See; who would take heed what we have to say? Jeremiah, who would listen to what I’ve got to say. “Put him in a pit. He is no good for the people. Why? He weakens the hands of the people. He scares the people. He puts fear in the people’s hearts. Let’s kill him,” they told the king. The king left, but they took him to the pit and saith the Lord; they wound up in the pit themselves. I took Jeremiah out, but I left them—70 years—and many of those died in the city [Babylon] there. They died away. Only a few were left. And when Nebuchadnezzar does something—he could destroy and there would be hardly anything left unless he showed a little mercy. And when he built, he could build an empire. Today, in ancient history, Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom of Babylon was one of the 7 wonders of the world, and his hanging gardens that he build, and the great city that he built. Daniel said you are the head of gold. Nothing ever stood like thee. Then came the silver, the brass, the iron, and the clay at the end—another great kingdom—but none like that kingdom. Daniel said thou art the head of gold. Daniel was trying to get him [Nebuchadnezzar] turned toward God. He finally did. He went through a lot. Only the prophet in his heart and the great prayers for that king—God heard him and he was able to touch his heart right before he died. It’s in the scriptures; a beautiful thing that he said about the Most High God. Nebuchadnezzar did. His own son wouldn’t take the advice of Daniel.

So we find out as we close the chapters off: Who will listen to what the Lord God has to say about what is going to happen on this earth? All of these things about the famines, all of these things about wars, about the quakes, and the rise of these different systems. All of these things are going to take place, but who will listen? The elect of God will listen, it says, at the end of the age. They will have an ear. God, speaking to me again. Let me see; it’s in here. Here it is: Jesus said he that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. That was written at the end when the rest was all finished. It about slipped my mind and God Himself—it just came to me. He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. Let him listen from Revelation 1 through Revelation 22. Let him ear what the Spirit hath to say to the churches. That shows you the whole world and how it is going to come to an end and how it is going to take place from Revelation 1 through 22. The elect, the real people of God, they’ve got an ear for it. God has put it there, a spiritual ear. They will hear the sound thereof of God’s sweet Voice. How many of you say Amen?

I want you to stand to your feet. Amen. Praise the Lord! It’s really great. Now I tell you what? You can’t be the same after that. You always want to listen to what the Lord is saying and what is going to happen, and also what He is going to do for His people. Don’t let the devil discourage you. Never let the devil turn you aside. See; this satan guy—Jeremiah there as a boy, prophet of all the nations as far as that one goes. Not even the king could touch him. No. God had chosen him. Before he was even born, He foreknew him. Jeremiah was anointed. And old satan would come along and try to play down his ministry, try to play it down. I have had him do it to me, but it goes here–in three minutes–he is whipped. You know, play it down, play him down. How can you play something down that God has played up? Amen. But satan tries it. In other words, lessen what it is, put it down. Watch out! This anointing is from the Most High. They tried to do that to Jeremiah, the prophet, but they couldn’t sink him. He bounced right back out. He won in the end. Every word of that prophet is in recording today; everything that he did. Remember, [when] you that have an experience with the Lord and really love the Lord with all your heart, there will be some Christians out there, they might try to play down this great power and the power that you believe in and the faith that you have in God, but you just take courage. Satan has tried that from the very beginning. He tried to play down the Most High, but he [satan] ricocheted [bounced off] off of Him. See; by saying he would be like the Most High didn’t make the Most High like him. Oh, God is great! How many of you believe that? It’s great tonight. So, your experience and how you believe in God—you are bound to run into some of that. But if you truly believe in your heart, God standeth for you.

Who will listen? The elect are going to listen to the Lord. We know that is predicted in the bible. Jeremiah would tell you that. Ezekiel would tell you that. Daniel would tell you that. Isaiah, the prophet would tell you that. All the rest of the prophets would tell you—the elect, those that love God, they are the ones that will listen. Alleluia! How many of you believe that tonight? What a message! You know it’s a great message of power on that cassette. The anointing of the Lord to deliver, to guide you, to uplift you, to keep you going on with the Lord–travelling on with the Lord, to encourage you, to give you the anointing and to heal you; it’s all there. Remember, all those things are going to take place as the age closes out. I am going to pray for you tonight. And those listening to this cassette in your heart, take courage. Believe the Lord with all your heart. Time is running out. God has got great things ahead for us. Amen. And old satan said, hey—see; Jeremiah, that didn’t stop him. Did it? No, no, no. See; that was about chapters 38 through 40. He had been prophesying since the first chapter of Jeremiah. He just kept on. It didn’t make any difference what he said. They wouldn’t listen to him, but he kept on talking right down through there. They could do anything they wanted to him. But the Most High’s Voice—he heard His Voice as loud as you hear mine here just talking and going on down through there.

Now at the end, as far as we know there will be great signs. He said the works that I did shall you do and the same works shall be at the end of the age. And I think during the time of Jesus many voices came thundering down from heaven there. How do [would] like to be sitting around some night and hear the Most High thunder to His people? See; when we get close—he that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches. You can have ten sinners sitting on each side of you and God could make enough of noise to tear that building down and they wouldn’t hear a word of it. But you will hear it. It’s a Voice, see? Still Voice. And there will be great signs as the age closes out. A wonderful thing takes place for His children that we’ve never seen before. We don’t know exactly what each and every one of them will be, but we know it’s going to be wonderful what He does.

I am going to pray a mass prayer over each one of you and ask the Lord God to guide you. I am going to pray that the Lord would bless you tonight. I believe it is a great message to go away and listen to—the Lord. Amen. Are you ready? I feel Jesus!

104 – Who Will Listen?