105 – The Original Fire

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The Original FireThe Original Fire

Translation alert 105 | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1205

Amen! Lord, bless your hearts. How wonderful it is to be here! It’s the best place to be. Isn’t it? And the Lord is with us. The house of God—there is nothing like it. Where the anointing is, where the people are praising the Lord, He lives there–where the people praise Him. That’s what He said. I live in the praises of my people and I will move and work among them.

Lord, we love you this morning and we thank you for this congregation. Move on their hearts, every one of them, answering their prayers, Lord, working miracles for them, and give them guidance, Lord. In all the unspoken requests, touch them. And the new ones, Lord, inspire their hearts to look into deeper things in the Word of God. Touch them. Anoint them, Lord. And those that need salvation: reveal thy great truth and thy great power Lord. Touch every heart together and we believe it in our hearts Lord. Give the Lord a handclap! Praise the Lord Jesus! God bless your hearts. The Lord bless you.

Sit down. It’s really wonderful! I want to thank the Lord for all the people that in the beginning moved down here and the ones that moved down here lately, to come to this place [Capstone Cathedral]. Sometimes, you know, old satan like he did at the beginning, he will discourage. No matter where you are, satan will try this, he will try that. It’s just like the weather; one day it’s clear, one day it’s cloudy. And satan tries all kinds of things because we are drawing near the time that God would unite His people and take them away. That is the time that we are in and such a perilous time; perplexity on every hand, in everywhere that we look today. And so, as the people are gathering, satan is kind of panicking, and when he does [panic], well, he is going [to go] against the real thing. He is kind of cutting loose and allowing the others to go on, but the real thing [real people/elect of God] that gathers together and unite together, well, he will try to discourage you. He will try everything that he can to try and keep your eyes off of the Lord Jesus. You want to keep your eyes on the Word. That’s really great!

If you want to know we are living in the future, all you have to do is look back at the past and you could see some of it repeating itself today. Satan is alive again in the Pharisees and so forth. How many of you believe it? Now, you know, different sermons–I had different sermons and so forth like that. I said well, Lord now—and I said this one over here—I got some more [sermons] for some writings and some for this, and I said I am going to preach on it. Sometimes, you are just talking that way. And the Lord told me, He said the Jews—and then He began to give me some scriptures. Amen. You want to hear it?

Alright, now listen very close: The Original Fire was the Word of God. The Original Creative Fire that we see in the heavens was the Word that came among mankind and dwelt in the flesh. That’s exactly right. Now, what happened at the Jews’ hour of visitation? Well, they didn’t know it. Do you believe that? That’s exactly right. What happens? I wrote this down right here. What is happening to the people today? Are the people today beginning to do as the Jews did at Christ’s first coming when He spoke to them? Almost identically now, are the systems uniting against His pure Word? They have part of the Word, but they are uniting against those that got the full armor. See; they don’t want all the Word. Are the systems uniting against His pure Word? Yes, that is exactly right. It’s underneath, but it is uniting together. Have they listened to man’s instructions of a humanistic system like the Jews did and wound up—they said, they had the Word, but they misplaced the Word? They didn’t have it. Like the Jews, man is doing that today.

Now before we finish, we will show how vital the Word is and the Word is the Original Fire. Now when we get to that, we’ll find out why I have preached how important the Word of God is, how I have tied it to the people’s heart–bringing the Word of God, bringing the scriptures, allowing it to sink into the hearts and allowing it to go down in the heart—because that Original Fire has fire in it. And when He calls you up or you get out of that grave well, what I have set in your heart will get you out of there. Nothing else can. You’ll find out how they have—they’ll say a few things, but the Word is left out of there. They will bring man’s systems and traditions and so forth. The Word is kind of hidden in there. But without that pure Word, without that Word dropping into their hearts, you are not going to have what it takes to get out of here. You are not going to have what it takes to come out of that grave. The Original Fire is the Word. Amen. No man can approach the Original Fire, Paul said. That is really the Eternal Fire, but he can approach it through the Word. Amen. And it comes back and He placed it in the Word. The whole bible is [not] just pages and sheets. If you act upon it, it’s on fire. Amen. If you don’t, it just sits there like that. You have the key to turn it. See; people are doing just like the Jews in the systems today.

Let’ start here: The Jews could not believe because they received the honor one from another. Now, do you see what the mistake was? When Jesus came—He didn’t mean to exalt Himself nor anything like that, but the tremendous power and the way that He spoke, it seemed like He had the upper hand on them right away. They wanted honor from one another, but not anything to do with Jesus. And Jesus said, “How can you believe which receive honor one from another and seek not the honor that cometh from God?” You are seeking it from the one over here that is rich or one over here that is politically powerful or one over here that has this, but you are not seeking honor from the Lord. He said, “How can you believe?” That’s John 5:54. The Jews saw, but believed not. But I say unto you that ye also have seen me, looked upon me, and have seen my works that I have done and ye believe not. Looking right at Him, you say, “How in the world could they do that?” Oh, well, if you are not the original seed and not the sheep, you can do that. Amen? Now the Gentiles right in the age that we are living in right now, the time that we are living in, how easy it is for satan to blind them and the Messiah, Christ, to slip right through their hands like the Jews because they didn’t want to hear about it at the time! See; they had all kinds of other plans. They had all kinds of problems of their own and they didn’t want to hear it—at the time that He came, at the exact hour of visitation.

Today, many times they don’t to hear about it, see? The age that we are living in today with so much going on–sometimes prosperity, people seem to be doing well from time to time and so forth like that, and so many ways that they can take away their attention, the cares of this life—they’d rather not hear about the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. See; they are acting the same way. In fact, He said they will turn their ears finally from the truth and become like follies [turn their ears to fables] and so forth like that (2 Timothy 4: 4). See; it will be like a fantasy and so forth—and turned their ears from the truth. He said you have seen me and believe not (John 6: 36). Today even with the miracles and tremendous power to preach His Word and the anointing, and the instruction as the Holy Spirit is actually blowing over the earth, trying to turn their hearts, they are doing in [it] the same way [as the Jews]. And they looked right upon Him. Now the Jews would not believe the truth. They just wouldn’t do it, see? Now, today, what this is—see how the people are doing. Why criticize the Jews if they are doing the same thing? Now the Jews had the bible, the Old Testament. They claimed the Old Testament. They claimed Moses. They claimed Abraham. They claimed everything to shove Jesus Christ out. But they didn’t even have Moses. They didn’t even have Abraham and they didn’t have the Old Testament. They thought they had the Old Testament, but it had been rearranged by the Pharisees in a political system. It had been rearranged; when Jesus came, that was why they didn’t know Him. Satan had forerun ahead and had all of that tied up in different directions that they could not see the Messiah and he [satan] knew exactly what he was doing to them.

Now remember, not all Jews are the seed of Israel. There are different kinds of Jews and all kinds of mixture of Jews. Evidently, they [some of the Jews would] come through the Gentiles or they could come through the great tribulation there. But Israel, the real Jew, that is the one that Christ is coming back for at the end of the age and He will save. He will bring them back together there. But the false Jew, and the sinner Jew, and the one that will not accept it [the Word], he will just be like the Gentile. He will go right on through the mark of the beast and so forth like that. So, there is a difference between all Jews and a difference between Israel and the real Jew. So, Jesus ran into some of those that were not real Israelites. They were not the real Israelites yet they sat in the places where the real Israelites should have been sitting. Many of the Israelites accepted Him from the distance. But the gospel turned to the Gentiles. Now, let’s get along; another sermon there.

The Jews would not believe the truth. “And because I tell you the truth, you will not believe me.” Now that’s in John 8:45. I have told you the truth and because I have told you the truth, and raised the dead, healed the king, and worked miracles, you will not believe me. Because they had been trained to believe a lie and they could not believe the truth. Now all the systems today, outside of about 10% or 15% of the true believers or next to the true believers—they have been trained so much in tradition, so much against the true power of God. They claim God, a form of God, but they deny the true Spirit, the Original Fire which is the real Word of God, and it will be, becoming more and more as the age closes. Now, the Pharisees, the scribes and the Sadducees—the Sanhedrin—they all got together and they joined together. It was religious and political and they had a trial that way for Jesus. In fact, His trial was held before He came. It was all trumped up. Amen. He didn’t have a chance in there. The political and religious got together and tried Jesus. The Romans were just there, Pontius Pilate, all of them—just there. It was the Jews, Paul said, that killed Christ. And it was the Romans that did nothing about it and just stood there. It was a political system and a religious system that got together; known as the Sanhedrin, that brought that down upon Jesus, which He knew at the time of His coming, when He was going to go. There He was. He said I have told you and you believe not—looking right at me. Now today, we have the Word of God. We have our faith and we believe Him with all our heart. Somehow the Holy Spirit has done something for the Gentiles. He has moved in such a way for that heart to be opened up to accept that gospel or else it would be like the Jews sometimes. How many of you believe that? And the rest of the Gentiles [religious] though, they are exactly as the Pharisees. They will join the political world and for a while ride upon it, in the great beast [antichrist] and then be turned upon. Now, let’s get in here. That’s another deep message.

Though the Jews saw Christ—sinless life, His perfection [His profession], His miracles, the miraculous—they would not believe. No matter what He spoke. No matter what signs He gave. No matter which way He turned. No matter how much power. No matter how much divine love. No matter how much power. They just did not and would not believe. They turned their ears from the truth and they listened to man. Now you see why it’s so hard today to gather people to the pure Word of God, but it will come. Now the Original Fire–the title He gave—is the True Word. At the end of this you are going to find out—and at the end, He gave me some scriptures just to prove why. Now that Original Fire broke out, the whole universe was created and all the things that God ever created, the angels and everything. That Original Fire out there as He spoke. The Fire, the Original Fire talks. And then at the end of the age, the Original Fire is the Word that came down into flesh and it was glorified. Now we’ll find out what the Original Fire will do for you and why that you are going to live again or be translated. Amen.

Now watch: to the Jews, He was the Pillar of Fire in flesh, the bible says that. He is the Pillar of Fire, the Bright and Morning Star. There He was in flesh. He was the Root and also the Offspring. That settles that, doesn’t it? Now chapter 1 of John, the Jews would not hear. Therefore, they could not understand. And Jesus said, “Why can’t you understand my speech? Because He said, you cannot hear. They did not want to open their spiritual ears. Now today, you take a message like this and if you set down in here, you can get them in here, before service–all of the Pharisees that hold on to part of the Word of God–they’ll begin to fly out of these seats. You couldn’t hold them back with a gun. Why is that? They have the wrong spirit, saith the Lord. It is the spirit in them that jumps up and runs. He brings this Word like this; at the end of the age that Word has to come that way or no one is going to be translated and none would come out of the grave. The Word has to come that way and after it finishes its course up as God preaches that Word, then it is going to ignite. I mean whoever listens to that or is around that or believes that Word in their heart, they are going to be gone! They are coming out of that grave. God is going to do it.

Now, so the Jews, they would not hear. They could not and they would not. Now, Christ’s Words–to judge at the last those who believed not. His very words that He spoke will judge them. Now the Jews, they rejected the prophecies of the scriptures and they rejected them on every hand. The Jews had not God’s words abiding in them. And see; they said they did. Listen to this right here: they were told to search the scriptures which they professed to believe. Jesus said you professed—and throughout the New Testament you will see allusions to the Old Testament where Jesus would quote the Old Testament. There were more scriptures [allusions] than what you think and He kept quoting those scriptures all the way through there. He said you professed to know the scriptures. Search them for they tell of me and I came just as the scriptures said. They were told to search the scriptures that they professed to believe. But see; they could not. They were only trained to believe part of the truth or a lie. They were trained that way. There was no other way that you could get it loose from them. The writing of Moses accused the unbelief of the Jews. The way that He wrote showed the unbelief of the Jews. They were condemned by that, Jesus said. The Jews had drifted from the Word, the Original Fire and Word, the Pillar of Fire that came and gave that Word. They had drifted so far and in the Old Testament–The Pharisees stood there looking at Him and all that, joined with the Sadducees and joined with the scribes and so forth like that against Jesus. They had the Old Testament, but they had rearranged it in such a way.

The days that we are living in, if you do not preach the Word of God for exactly what it is, and preach the Word of God, the pure Word of God, all you’ve got going is a money program and let the signs follow. Why is it that all of those even those that preach salvation quite a bit and so forth—why is it that all of those that preach salvation are gradually beginning to turn into all the systems that we see today? We need the Original Fire. There is one group that is not going to turn back into a system and that is the elect of God that has the Word of God. They are going out of here and they are going out of here very soon! When He said to me what I was going to preach about–comparing the Jews with the Gentiles—He is comparing the Gentiles now, the Gentile bishops, the Gentile preachers, the Gentile priests and so forth, all of those great systems that shove back the Word of God and only give people part of that. And that seems to agree with the flesh. They don’t want any more of it because it won’t match the way they want to do out here in the world. Identically, as the world is, there is no difference if one goes to church or if one doesn’t out there. They do not have the Word of God. Neither will they hear it. See; they are trained. Therefore, when that sound comes at the midnight hour, those [virgins] went on to sleep and those awake woke up in there. See; they are trained. They couldn’t hear the truth. See; they are trained to hear a lie. If you told a lie, they would wake up. Amen. That’s what the antichrist does; he tells a lie. They are gonna wake up, you see?

So unbelief in Moses resulted in unbelief in Christ. But if ye believe not Moses’s writings, how shall ye believe my words, Jesus said? (John 5: 17 & 47). Moses gave the law, but the Jews did not keep the law. And here they came to Him and said, “We’ve got Moses and the prophets. They were going to go up against this One Fellow. They were going to go against this One, God Prophet. They said we’ve got Moses and all the prophets and Abraham. He said, I was before Abraham. I talked to him. He rejoiced to see my day. I stood at the tent. I was standing in theophany when I talked to Abraham.” Remember when he [Abraham] said, the Lord. He addressed Him as the Lord although three [men] stood there, he said the Lord. How many of you believe that? He addressed Him like that. And He stood in theophany meaning God came down in the form of flesh and talked to Abraham. And then the Lord told them, He said Abraham saw my day and rejoiced at the tent when I was there. It’s exactly what He meant–Then I went on down and destroyed those that wouldn’t believe down there in Sodom and Gomorrah. The same [thing] that He was trying to tell the Jews and they said, we’ve got all the prophets behind us, we’ve got Moses behind us and we’ve got Abraham behind us. Jesus said, they wouldn’t do anything like what Moses had said, to do or the law. They said they had the law, it was all twisted up. They had the law twisted up—the Old Testament—all it was, was a money program.

If you don’t preach—it’s alright, I take up offerings. The work of God must go on and I am commanded to do that and it must go on. But at the same time if the pure Word is not preached and the miraculous power in there, generally, it just winds up as a project. How many of you know that? That’s what we ought to look at today. It will speak about what is going on all over, the different personalities today and what is happening. See; they got away from that Word. Look at what they did: they got away from the Original Fire which is the Word of God. You must—if you are going to preach the pure gospel, then we know it will go to the Lord. That’s right. Moses gave the law, but the Jews did not keep the law. The scriptures cannot be broken, He said. Yet, the Jews believed not and Jesus, standing there, and He told them it cannot be broken. The Jews were not of God and Jesus said, you are of your father, the devil himself. Amen. The Jews had not the love of God in them. The Jews knew not God. Those who are not of God’s sheep believe not. Now there is real Israel and there is false Israel, but they were not the sheep of God and they believed not. My sheep know me. Now you see, you can preach and you can do all you want? Sometimes you say, “How in the world are you going to convince them? How many in this world would listen to the pure Word of God and the miraculous power of the Lord? This morning all over the world, you might get 10% or 15% to really jump in behind it and that may be even too much.

But as the age closes, He has promised a stirring upon all flesh. It will come upon all flesh but that does not mean all of them will receive it. How many of you believe that? So, we are having a great stirring. It will be a quick and powerful work. Yet, during the great tribulation, He works more, somehow in Jews’ work. The great tribulation, as the sand of the sea, which is another group. He works on through the millennium. It comes on clear into the White Throne Judgment long after the elect have been taken up. I believe we are in the age. The elect will be taken up in our generation. We are getting closer and closer to it. So we find out, those who are not God’s sheep believe not. The Jews believe not and they were not of God’s sheep. They received not Christ, but He said because you did not receive me and I came in my Father’s Name, the Lord Jesus Christ, and you received it not, another will come in his name, the antichrist, and you will receive him. The Jews, in all these scriptures, they turned their ears from the truth. It was a lesson for the Gentiles. It was a lesson for the whole world. They did their work well, the Jews did at that time—the false Jews did. Every one of them and everything that they did was an admonition for us not to be like them in unbelief. He would go to the sinner on the street, to those who had committed all kinds of sins and confessed [them] to Him, and the general people, the poor and different people and they would come to Him. Some of the rich did too, but not too many of them. He would go to them [the poor and sinners] and He was received–great power many times–but unto the Pharisees and the church systems of that day and the political system of that day a hundred percent turned against Him.

What would be at the end of the age? Just like before the people that really need help, the sinner that really wants to turn to God—some of whom they won’t give them an hour to be around them in those churches—will turn to God. God will bring His people together in such a way that He is going to translate them. Amen. Now that Word—how important the Word is, this morning, to put it in your heart. The Jews refused it and they died in their sins. Jesus said, you will die in your sins. Now the spiritually dead bury the physically dead, Jesus said. The believer will pass from spiritual [physical] death to spiritual life. The dead who hear the Voice of Christ shall live. Those that did what? Hear the Voice of Christ. Those that know the Word of the Lord. He that eateth of the Bread from heaven shall not die. The Bread from heaven is the Word of God. Now there is coming—where that Fire, where that power is going to work. Listen to this right here: He that keeps Christ’s sayings shall never die. That is spiritually speaking. He shall never die, he that keeps Christ’ words. Let these words sink in your heart.

Now what is the difference between the Jews or those Pharisees and the Gentiles today who would not listen to the Word of God? What is the difference there? They don’t have the Original Fire which is the Word in them. They will not rise and they will not translate because they will not allow that Word to sink into their heart. You can’t get there in any other way. It’s got to come down and sink in there by faith in God. And he that keeps Christ’s sayings shall never die spiritually speaking. He really puts it on there! He accused one church [age]—Sardis–and said this: They had the works, but they were spiritually dead. He goes on to speak, He said those in Capernaum would be brought to hell, into hades [Matthew 11:23]. The rich man died. He lifted up his eyes in hades, but the other one [Lazarus] was taken up with the angels. There was a great gulf fixed there. Then it says here: Belief in the scriptures is the only hope to escape hades or hell. How many of you believe that? And Jesus said, I have the keys to death and hell. I live for evermore. How many of you believe that right there? So with it [the Word], you shall never die. Why? That Word is planted there. Besides working miracles, no matter where I go, no matter what happens we have miracles that God gives us. Besides the miracles and the anointing that happen on a daily basis when we pray for the sick, I know that it is more important to place that Word, the same as that miracle. Without placing that Word in the heart, the miracle alone is not going to get them there. It’s going to be very hard to get there. You can see that miracle, but there is nothing like the Word that’s been placed in your heart.

Now, the Original Fire that spoke everything into existence is in the Word that is planted in your heart. If you hear this Word before—when He sounds and says, “Come forth”—you know the Word is in tune with you and that Original Word planted in you is going to fire. When it does, and when it fires, that body is going to be glorified. And we which remain and are alive—that same fire is going to glorify our body. Right! So, the same thing that created every one of you is the very thing that is going to be inside of you in form of the Word. And when He speaks that Word, it is going to change to glorified Fire. So the secret is: Keep the Word of God in your heart at all times and listen to it. Don’t be like the Jews, Jesus said. No matter what he did, it would not convince them. See; they were not of His sheep. And the same thing today, those who are not of His sheep, you can’t do anything about it out there. They just turn their ears from the truth. But there would be many that would begin to hear more as the Holy Spirit blows across the earth, that Original Fire blowing in there. He will bring in His final people at the end of the age from the highways and the hedges and from everywhere. There will be a great outpouring. It will even affect the churches. It will be a short and a powerful one. It will affect some of the historical churches there, but mainly it will come to those that have the Word in their heart–from the former rain—they are going in now into the latter part of the power of God. There will be a quick work—and the graves—those that are going with us will be resurrected out of there. We will join them in the air and we will meet Him! How many of you believe that?

That is the Original Word. It’s a Fire, the Original Creative Power. That Original Fire is not like a fire you can set a match to. It’s not like the atomic bomb. It’s not like the hottest temperature on this earth. It is the living thing. It created all things that have ever come and it’s spoken in the Word like that. So, the Original Fire is the Word of God. And the Original Fire that created the universe stood right there in Jesus. There it [He] was standing right there. So, that Word sinking into your heart is going to translate you or you are going to come out of that grave. How many of you believe that this morning? The Lord said, bring the importance of the Word with the miraculous. Bring them together and when you tie the miraculous with the Word of God and follow it, then you have really got something that is right in the center [of] where God wants you at there. Then God will work out things in your life. He will help you. You get the Word in there and you will see more miracles too.

I want you to stand to your feet this morning in here. If you are new, you won’t probably be used to hearing sermons like this. I tell you one thing, there are other preachers that probably somewhat preach like that. Nevertheless this is—exactly at the end of the age—this is what is going take that church away. You say, “Maybe the Lord is going to do it some other way, maybe the Lord will just show miracles and so forth and do it some other way.” No, no, no. He will do it just like this. You can count on it! It won’t change. You can raise 400 more of the false prophets of Ahab and Jezebel. You can raise up 10 million of these false prophets in the earth and you can raise up all the leaders on this earth. You can raise up everybody on this earth to think that they know something in the sciences and so forth like that. I don’t care what they say. It is going to be just like this. It has to come through that Spoken Word where that Fire ignites in there. Now, let’s praise God this morning that we understand all that. That is why I preach the Word and get it stuck in your heart in there, and I hope it is hooked in there forever. Amen. And that will sure help you. It will stay right with you through thick and thin; it will stay right with you. No matter what happens, it will be there with you.

Now if you need Jesus this morning, all you have to do is accept Him. He is the Word. Accept Jesus in your heart. Like I said, there is not a million different names or denominations. There is not a million different systems. There is only one Lord Jesus. That’s Him. You accept Him in your heart. You repent in your heart; say I love you Jesus and get that Word of God. He is going to guide you. Give God the glory! Amen. Alright, happy now? Are you rejoicing? You know the Lord loves happy spirits. You know there weren’t many times that He was around laughing all the time; He had such—only three and half years [Duration of the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ]—He had such a serious message that He had to bring. But the bible said, that He rejoiced because such a message was hidden from those that didn’t want it anyway; all those people out there in the systems and so forth like that like the Jews back there. He was happy about that, wasn’t He? He knew predestination, providence—He knew all these things and they are in His hands and He is taking us on home.

I want you to rejoice this morning. Let’s just thank the Lord. We come to church to worship and He lives in the praises of His people. Put your hands in the air. Begin to praise the Lord! Are you ready? Everybody ready? Come on, Bruce [praise and worship brother]! Praise God! Thank you Jesus. I feel Him, wow! I feel Him now!

105 – The Original Fire