103 – The Race

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The RaceThe Race

Translation alert 103 | Neal Frisby’s Sermon CD #1157

Thank you, Jesus! Lord bless your hearts. He is really great! Feel good this morning? He is great. Isn’t He wonderful? Lord, bless the people as we are gathered together. We believe in our hearts, in our souls you are the LIVING GOD and we worship you. We love you this morning. Now touch thy people Lord everywhere in here, lifting those burdens, and Lord, rest to their hearts and to the new people, bless them Lord. Encourage them that we are in the final hours Lord that they must get in and give their hearts completely to the Lord. That’s everybody here; completely to the Lord, do all you can. Believe all you can in the Lord Jesus. Now anoint thy people Lord and let the Holy Spirit inspire, not man, but the Holy Spirit inspire thy people. Give the Lord a handclap! Praise the Lord Jesus! Alright, go ahead and be seated. Now is the time that we want to do all we can for the Lord and believe Him all that we can.
1. Now are you ready this morning? Now listen to this real close: The Race: Homeward Bound. How many of you believe that we are homeward bound? We are turning the final corner. You know the seven church ages that’s in the book of Revelation—the prophetic church ages, Ephesus to Laodicea going all the way up. And the seven church ages—the first church age, the second church age, the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and we are in the seventh, going into now the turn, the seventh church age. It’s like this–I put it down like this: The Race and from that time it’s been like a long relay race where one church age with what it has learned from the Lord would begin to hand it over to the other church age by the Holy Spirit. And during that relay, it is handed out seven times. Some of those church ages lasted 300 years, some 400, some 200 years and so forth. According to the scriptures, the Laodicean age which is the last—and you find that in the book of Revelation chapters 2 & 3—it’s the shortest age we are going to have. That’s the Laodicean church age, very quick powerful church age where God pours out His Spirit in an unlimited way to His people as much as He has for them to stand. So, in that relay, and running that race we’ve come to the end and we are turning the corner and we’ve got to relay the Word of God and when we turn that corner, we are going to hand it to the Lord Jesus, and He is going to take us on up. How many of you believe that?

We are in a race. Before I go any further, here is something else. In those seven church ages in Revelation chapter 1—I hope it doesn’t get too mysterious for you—the seven church ages represented by seven golden candlesticks, Jesus stood in those seven golden candlesticks. As He stood in the seven golden candlesticks—that was all seven of those ages there and He stood there. And I wrote down here: each of those church ages, they had a head, that’s the leader. Each one was a star, a leader of that age. Jesus, taking out of the seven, He is going to take the elect for Himself. He is the Eighth HEAD. He is the CAPSTONE. We are gone! He is the Chief Cornerstone. He is the headstone. You say, Oh mine! That gives us another revelation and it does. Jesus, being the eighth (Head) taken out of the seventh. We find out in Revelation 13 the beast has seven heads and in Revelation 17 it says he has seven heads on him and even the eighth has appeared and it says the eighth was of the seven (v.11). How many of you are with me now? You see that? One symbolizing the other. And the eighth head, the antichrist, the word of satan coming to the people in unbelief and all that. And over here we have the seven church ages, Christ standing in there. See; He is Incarnate and He is standing right in there, God to His people. He is out of the seventh, of the seventh; He will take out of there and translate His elect away from there! Amen. I really believe that. And over here, we have the eighth head changing from the seventh which is said, is of the seven. One of the seven is the eighth head. He (antichrist) is incarnate satan. How many of you believe that? Coming to get his (antichrist), God coming to get His.

So, we find out we are in a relay race. And the church ages—this church age handed to the other church age and now we are finally—we know by history we are ending the seventh and out of there He will collect a bride of the Lord Jesus Christ. Oh, praise the Lord! How many of you believe it? It’s really great! Listen right here as I wrote: Now you are as we are in this time. What a time! The bible said that [at] that time of the eighth or just before the eighth; the Lord is finishing up, finishing up the mystery of God. You say, “What’s the mystery of God?” Well, He never finished it all; He’s never come to translate us yet. He’s never poured out the great revival at the ending of that yet. He came to give salvation. Now He is going to finish up the mystery of God; explaining the bible, bringing them back to the original power. It says in Revelation 10 at that time in the message that will come to His people that the mystery of God should be finished. Now finishing up the mystery of God is to reveal—He will bring His people together, reveal all the Word of God that they are supposed to hear at that time and then He is going to translate them away finishing up the mystery of God to them. How many of you see it—finishing up the mystery of God?

One of the other Pentecostal signs we will see is He will bring the Pentecostal back to the original outpouring in the book of Acts. He said, I am the Lord and I shall restore. So we are going to see in restoration—we are going to see the Lord bring His people back like it was in the days of the Lord Jesus, in the days of the book of Acts. The original seed shall be restored in original power, in original apostles and prophets. How many of you believe that? And a message will come, powerful see? We had it in that age [book of Acts]–coming back—God leads His people to the original power. It is the uniting in the early stages—it is the uniting, bringing His people together for the final mystery of God, the final Words of God. You know, sometimes we get letters. We get letters from pastors and different ones saying, “You know in the age that we live in, it seems like the love of many has waxed cold like the bible says. It’s so hard to get people to come out and pray. It’s so hard to get people to witness and testify.” Someone said it is so hard you have to beg people to pray; you have to beg people to do this, you have to beg people to do that. And I thought, well, when God unites that elect together and He brings out the harmony in that church that had never been there since days of the book of Acts, you are not going to beg them to do anything like that. You are not going to have to beg them to pray. You are not going to have to beg or force them to do this or that but there will be such divine love, such harmony and power that they will automatically do it because they are ready to see the Bridegroom. How many of you believe that? That is coming, see?

Yet, [it] is not in the church, that divine love and such power. The faith that it needs to do these things [is] just coming into the scope of things right now. Great shakings over the nation and everything that you think about is beginning to happen. The Lord, shaking and bringing His people, throwing that wheat up, watching it blow out, and watching the grains fall down for gathering. That’s where we are right now. So that original power and that original seed is coming. I don’t try to beg people. I tell them and ask them to do it like that. But it’s just like you have to go—how many things do you have to do to get people to pray or to seek the Lord or praise the Lord? It should be automatic in the heart to do these things. Oh my! Great forgiveness is coming upon the sinner. Great forgiveness will be poured out with great powerful compassion—will be poured out across the land on the people that want to seek God and find God as their Savior. Never such compassion as we feel it now. Never such great waters of salvation poured out across the land together. Whosoever will, it said in the bible, let him come. That call, the final uniting of the body of Christ, to call in the rest is going to be one of the greatest things that we have ever seen to [in] the body of Christ.

So, the great compassion of the Lord. After that, divine mercy turns in a different way because the Lord then comes for His children and the great tribulation sets upon the world and Armageddon, and so forth like that. So, this is the time of His great compassion of forgiveness across the land. Soon it won’t be here, see? Now is the time for the sinner or anybody that’s backslidden or anybody that has to have the Lord Jesus Christ—if you know someone, now is the time to witness. Powerful miracles even more powerful than we have ever seen before—a short powerful—evidently, it reaches into a realm so creative and so powerful and such restoration to it that it doesn’t stay long. The Lord only gives them a short period of time. And what it does—it is of such a power and anointing and the people’s hearts are in such a state to receive it that it just causes a quick short work and that is what is going to be. It’s not going to be long like the last revival at all. But it is going to be the head of that revival, right at the end of that.

We’ve gone through the seven church ages. History records we are through that. We are now where Christ is standing right there to receive them. So we know we are right at the point where He is standing in the seven golden candlesticks. Out of the seven shall come forth that bride, the elect of God, and will translate–those that have salvation in their hearts, believing in the baptism of power, believing in His miracles, believing in all the exploits that He has performed and they are powerful. Powerful miracles, signs of His glory. Never seen so many signs. Now this is to the ones He has gathered together to show them some things. Remember He gathered them in the desert even at that time. We’ll be in far better shape than that. He revealed His great Pillar of Fire and in the Cloud, all kinds of miracles. But at the end of the age when He gathers them under grace, gathers them under being taught by faith, and taught by power, and we have the Lord Jesus Christ—there is where He is going to reveal His great wonders, His great signs of glory in His Presence. I believe it was this week. We have a picture. It’s been a long time since we have received one of that type. This person was praising the Lord, smiling and praising the Lord, and it came down upon them just a great kind of a yellow deep dark–and just full of it—going on like this, full of it all over the picture, full of it around the picture and the bottom, and you can tell it’s the glory of the Lord. In fact, I believe in the bible it says “wings of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with yellow gold” (Psalm 68:13). How many of you believe that? How the Lord appears to His people, and it was so beautiful. They were praising the Lord and believing the Lord. Such Presence and great signs! If you are here this morning, look through the Bluestar album we have up here. We’ve seen things take place here when God showed and revealed parts of His glory and things that He reveals to His people. And we are coming in now into a deeper zone of power. It was so magnificent how God covered that [picture] up with His glory.

A joyful sound; there has been a kind of sound in the land even among those seeking God. One day they are up, the next day they are down. They can’t seem to have the joy sound—the sound of joy. We are moving into where the sound of joy in the heart must come. The merriment of the Holy Spirit must be there. When that sound of joy comes, it would actually drive out those old tired feelings, those feelings that creep in—oppression—and even try to get a hold of you and in possession and so forth. It will drive that [oppression] out; drive out the doubts, drive out the unbelief that causes that. The sound of joy! How many of you believe that’s faith? Real joy of the Holy Spirit there!

There would be an increase in faith, a stepping up of faith –where it would lessen across the world in many ways—it would increase, it would enlarge among the elect of God. It would increase by His power. Incredible things will take place. Always look for God to do more for you. Always look in anticipation of His great outpouring. Don’t be like the fellow (servant) that Elijah, the prophet, got down and said, “Go and look now. God is going to visit us” (1 Kings 18: 42 – 44). And he kept coming and he was discouraged. “I don’t see a thing.” He kept telling him to go back and look. Elijah wasn’t discouraged at that time at all. He just began to pray and bear down more, hold on to the Lord. Finally, he sent him out there and he saw a little cloud like a hand. When he came back, he [Elijah] said, “What did you see?” He said, “Well, I see a little cloud out there. It looks like a man’s hand.” You see, he still wasn’t excited and Elijah said, “Oh, I am working on it.” And pretty soon, it began to expand until that cloud expanded and brought rain in every direction and watered the land in great revival too. How many of you believe that? You know, you look out there sometimes you see a cloud a little bit. Later, they will see a cloud on the weather report that they are getting together, and all the clouds, they begin to come together. And the weather report says now they are charging up in there. They are getting thick in there—the clouds—and then they say a storm or rain is coming and so forth like that. You’ll see the elect here a little bit and the elect there a little bit and they begin to get back together in that body. God begins to bring them [those] little clouds together. And He gets the clouds together, the next thing you know we are going to have them all together and then there is going to be a super-charge in there. Then God is going to give us some thunder, and lightning, and miracles, and I mean to tell you enough of lightning that we are gone! It’s exactly right.

Man in himself has tried to do it. They have tried to say this is the great revival by manufacture [manufacturing] it. By the way, not many miracles are wrought and the true Word is not being preached. And this is the revival over television, it’s all the revival we need. Over the radio, it’s all the revival we need. All these publications, that’s all we need. Men have tried to bring revival. It’s good for them to work and let the Lord work among the people and so forth bringing revival. But the one [revival] that God is going to bring, that revival at the end that will take you out of here, man can’t do that! And he can do all that he is supposed to do right now, but he is to expect God Himself to come on down and move upon His people. God at His appointed time, see? They haven’t brought it at the time they thought He was going to come and the time [they thought] He was going to break forth—that it was going to keep on going till it breaks forth. But instead of to keep on going till it breaks forth it has a hesitation to it. There was a slight lull to it. That’s the same as a wheat crop. At first it grows like everything then there is a slight hesitation to it. Then the next thing you know [after] the slight hesitation, all of a sudden, a little more rain and the sun comes and it is ripe and have a head [of wheat]. Jesus said in Matthew 25 there would be a hesitation. There would be kind of a tarrying time (v.5). All of a sudden, the mid-night cry then the quick short work and they were gone!

So men [men’s revival] instead of increasing, it begins to fall down. Some of those that had stayed in the revival in the forefront fell to the wayside. And the Lord coming right along like the old prophet [Elijah], just bringing it right along there all the time that it came. You know the fellow that was with him fell off to the side. Elijah, he just kept on going till he got in that chariot. How many of you believe that? He had some hard times, and some powerful time there but the Lord was with him. So, it hesitated. Now when God was still yet moving—I guess I have had some of the most tremendous miracles during this time. He’s been with me. We’ve had tremendous power moving, but it’s not the last outpouring that God gives [will give]. The gifts can match it. I believe the power and the anointing on me can match it, but the people are not prepared just yet for the last great outpouring. We are in revival, but not the one that God is finally going to take us away with. How many of you believe that? Plenty of miracles—we’ve seen miracles all the time, but there has to be something even besides miracles and that connection is in the soul, in the heart that God is going to light up. No man will understand how just exactly. Even satan, it is said in the bible, will not understand it. He will not know about it. John, he couldn’t write about it. It was just there with God as God was talking in the thunders with him, he [John] didn’t know it all. He [God] wouldn’t even let him write about it. But the Lord knows what He is going to do.

I tell you we are running that last relay coming home. We are bound home. Amen. I really feel that. Those are the things: satisfaction of the Spirit, satisfaction of the Holy Spirit coming into the heart, the Great Comforter. There have been many tests. There have been many trials. There have been many aggravations along the way for the people that serve God. But the bible said against the glory that you shall receive and what God is going to do, you count it as nothing. Paul said nothing at all. In other words, count it as praise to God that you are able to suffer these things. Today, people, I believe are looking for too much of an easy way out. Anytime there is an easy way out, it’s too good to be true. If it looks too good to be true, you better figure it out. Amen. The only easy way out, saith the Lord, is my way through the Word. That is the easy way out. The Lord said to cast your burdens upon Him. He’ll carry them for you. That Word, it finally proves that at the final end of each age, at the time of each life and each church age—it proves that the Word of the Lord finally it was the easiest way out. The systems are always being judged, the world is always being judged. At the end of the age the whole world will be judged and then they’d look back and say, “Oh, His [way] was the easy way. The Word of God going up; those people are gone, those people that love God.” It may have not looked like it right now, but if you look in the book of Revelation, you are going to find that the Word of God is always the best way. Amen?

Giving part of the Word of God, leaning too much to the human system, the entertainment in the human system, the type that they have today, trying to draw a bigger crowd, it never works in the final end. They either fall by the wayside or go into lukewarmness in there and they are gobbled up and eaten by the system of man. Stay independent with the Word of God. Stay with His power because that is where He is at. He is where the people really believe Him with their heart. And you have Jesus in there and you will do alright. So, we’ll have strong anointing to create finally, coming satisfaction of the Spirit [to] create, restore what’s gone even. God in His great power, we’ve seen even that this day. And I have got divine love–which we have gone over—which has to come in there and spread out through the body. You know one time Jesus was in the room before He died and was resurrected and this woman Mary came with ointment and she began to cry. With her hair, she massaged His feet and so forth like that (John 12: 1-3). They [Jesus and His disciples] were tired. They had walked so far. And he was sitting there. Then pretty soon, the Holy Ghost got on that perfume and it said it filled up that room and the anointing of the perfume just spread out. How many of you believe this? And I’ll tell you, it set the devil on fire, didn’t it?

That woman had such divine love. Such longing to be with Jesus, such longing to be near Him and she just fell on her knees before Him, and Jesus admonished her for it. Truly out of her heart came forth divine love and when it did the whole atmosphere saith the Lord was filled with the love of the Living God, because of this woman. Oh, send it to us. Amen, Amen. One place He told that fellow, He said this woman—another woman, I believe. There were two different ones in there. And this Pharisee invited Him in and he said, “If you knew what woman….” He [the Lord] had already forgiven the woman. What kind of woman is this? And Jesus said, “Simon, let me tell you something since I have been here you’ve done nothing for me.” He said, “You haven’t done anything, but just sit there and doubt, just sit there and ask these questions, but this woman from the moment she entered this house has not ceased to rub my feet with her hair and to cry (Luke 7: 36 – 48). How many believe that’s like the church today? They are all full of questions. They are all full of doubts. “Why doesn’t God do this? Why doesn’t God do that? They are going to find out the Whys over in there. They would find out more at the White Throne. He knows exactly what He is doing. He knows human nature. Everybody that ever comes here–He knows all about human nature and all those things. So, He knows and He knows what He is doing. So, we find out when the Holy Spirit came on that perfume, when it did, the faith and the divine love just emanated everywhere in there. I think it is great. That kind of divine love, you think you can get any of that? Amen. I believe it. I believe it was something besides that ointment that was in that room there. Glory to God!

Now the Name in the heart. Today, the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, they let it come into the mind. Sometimes maybe a little bit in the heart. The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in the mind, it becomes kind of like confusion, a little argument. The day that the Lord Jesus Christ takes His people there would be no argument about who He is. The Name will be in the heart in such a way they will not believe in three gods. They will believe in three manifestations–that’s exactly right—and only one Holy God in the Holy Spirit. But it will come. It will be that confusion will go then. The Name will drop down into the heart and into the soul. Then when they speak, when they say something, he or she shall have whatsoever they say. That Name coming down into the heart, some people have been taught and divided it up in such a way. There is no way you can split it up. The bible said that (Zechariah 14: 9). They have divided it up in systems. They have baptized wrong and taught wrong. No wonder they are in the shape that they are in and the unbelief. So, people after they have heard the right [way] because there was something in them of the wrong way, they don’t know which way to go with. Remember, there is no name in heaven or earth or anywhere. All power He said is given to me in heaven and earth. No other name. Just remember the Lord Jesus in your heart. If you hope to go for a ride in the last relay, you have to have the Lord Jesus in your heart and you [have to] believe exactly who He is, your God and your Savior, then you are going. You will go with Him! That Name in the heart will produce such faith in that elect–when it comes together—that lightning and fire that we’ve been talking about, that anointing. How great that is going to be! It’s going to be just wonderful!

It [the Name in the heart] will get that confusion out of there. My, my! Renew the strength; renew the energy of the church, the elect of God. Actually, it will restore some people. The bible said, restore your youth like the eagle that mounts up so high and floats on its wings. Renewing–the bible says a renewing of strength. It energizes that body, energizes that elect. At times, you won’t feel any age, maybe. God will be great upon you there. How many of you can believe that? My! Restore the feeling; restore strength and the energy of the Holy Spirit in such a way we’ve never seen before. There is visitation everywhere. For those that have an open heart, He is going to come down and He is going to visit His people. You know I believe today, the lights of the Lord before the age closes out—the lights of the Lord will be seen. You know Ezekiel saw the lights. How beautiful they were! How that He visited them during that time—it was a special occurrence, talking about Israel–and He appeared to the prophet in glory and clouds and wonderful lights of the Lord. I feel just preceding His coming in His glory, in the clouds that the world may not even know what it is, maybe the people of God may not understand it all, but we are going to see glimpses of the lights of God.

The angels of the Lord are going to overlook this earth. There are going to be more angels that God is going to release to come to us. And these angels would be over the earth. We are bound to be able to get glimpses of them and some people already have. Not all the lights that people are going to see will be of God. There will be other things maybe UFOs and things they can’t understand. We don’t know, but when they see the others, they will know there is something there. They have seen many things in this world they don’t understand, but the Lord in the book of Ezekiel described some of that and in the book of Revelation and so forth. The Veil of His Glory opening up to the hearts of the people that they may look up and look into some of these things that God is going to do and the Presence of the Most High God.

Authority will come to the church with all of this, the right type, the spiritual type. And all power will He give you over the power of the enemy, over the power of the satanic forces. All power is given to you over the power of the enemy and it will come with such great power to His people. They will be able to stand up against all the things of this world and the things occurring all around you. Wherever you might be, you would feel the pressure and the very standard that satan tries to lift against the children of the Lord, but the Lord will lift up a Standard against him too. A great insight, will He bring upon His people, sound mind and a sound heart of peace, a heavenly feeling from the Holy Spirit coming upon His people. We’ll feel it and I do [feel it] all the time and you will [too] if you want to. They will feel the excitement of the Holy Spirit for the Holy Spirit is exciting. Exciting indeed! There is nothing in this world that has–no form of anything that you can try or drink or do or whatever it might be or drug—the excitement of the Holy Spirit. None of these things can cleanse your body, take out the cancer, heal the arthritis, take out the pain, and give you the feeling of the Holy Spirit, the excitement of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Without it today, some of you may be deep into mental problems, deep into sickness, deep into confusion, and deep into oppression. No telling what would have a hold of you without the excitement of the Holy Spirit bubbling around you. And it will bubble again and bubble all around us as the age closes out. My! It’s going to come bubbling everywhere.

You know through the ages, the Lord coming to His people—one last scripture we are going to read here, Isaiah 43:2. Now the church ages are passed like this even the Old Testament is passed into the days that we live in. “When thou passest though the waters [Now this says waters. That’s kind of like Moses and the sea, water, you see?], I will be with thee; and through the rivers [That is Jordan. He called it river that is moving right on up. Now we jump on up past Isaiah and we are going to get up to where the Hebrews [three Hebrew children] [to] Daniel, after Isaiah (Daniel chapter 3). The first two [when thou through passest the waters and rivers] were before that. When thou passest through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee. Remember, River Jordan overflowed at that time. He took them all across. “When thou walkest through the fire” [Here He goes. They threw them in the oven of fire, didn’t they]? And the Lord said, “When thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee” [Meaning stick to you and light up from you there]. And as the age that we are living in now, the church ages have gone through waters, the rivers and they have gone through the fire. Each church age closed in a fiery test, God sealing away, sealing away. Out of the seven church ages and also out of the graves those that believed in Him will come forth. At the end of the age, out of the seven church ages the living will come forth and they will make-up the group that is going to be taken away to meet those that would rise from the resurrection in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord. And they passed through it at that time.

As we pass through the fiery test at the end of the age, as we come through these tests, God is going to prepare something for us. Romans 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” Each church age was called according to His purpose. Sometimes they couldn’t see how that was going to work at all and they went on and were sealed away that believed humbly with God, and they handed that relay by the Holy Spirit. I say each church age handed its part over there and right now at the end of the age as prophesied in the great prophetic church age that relay has been handed to us. We are going to turn it in to the Lord Jesus. It is not going to go any further. How many of you believe that? The tribulation group, like the sand of the sea would be another. So, we find out back in the dark ages from Ephesus [Ephesians church age] on closing out in apostasy, but those that loved the Lord stayed with Him. Each age closed with a fiery test, apostasy. At the end of our age, we see the apostasy and fiery test closing out. Each age the same way. This church age, the great one, the last one of the ages, as it closes away we are going to prepare our hearts. God is going to take this one out. Amen? How many of you believe that? Isn’t that wonderful? In all of it, everything from those church ages to where we live today, all the trials and tests, what they went through there—and we know that all things work together for the good of them that love God and those who are called according to His purpose. Each church age was called according to His purpose by His divine will, each time right up to where we are living today. I think it’s just great. What an age we live in! What a time! You say you could have been born back in the days of Ephesus [Ephesians church age] or Smyrna or Pergamos or Sardis, Thyatira or any of those ages at that time, but you are in Laodicean or the Philadelphian age. It is still running out into Laodicea. The age of Laodicea is fading away. We are going out of the seventh and it’s going toward the lukewarm system, and we are going toward heaven. Amen. How many of you believe that?

I want you to stand to your feet. This morning here, just a few pieces of scribbles that I did while I was sitting there. I decided to make this message out of it this morning and it worked right into a revelation. Such great power upon His church! Such great wonders that God has reserved for His people. How many of you are ready to hand that relay in? Run; run while you have got the opportunity! You believe that? Believe in the Lord with all your heart. The closer we get to the end of the day for 6,000 years now—we are closing the chapter. He has chosen you, each individual that is here–I believe in this auditorium here—to close the that chapter of the age out in here and let the rest of them handle that on the other side of the antichrist system. Amen? Now I pray that the understanding of the Holy Spirit will guide all those that will listen to this later on in the cassettes and the people on my mailing list—that God really heal, bless their hearts, give them an enduement of power, enduement of joy, something to look forward to, something to be encouraged by, a lift of the Holy Spirit—that they may know. Many of those [partners] are not right in here [Capstone Auditorium] where you are. Yet, coming off of this, they say it just feels so powerful, so wonderful for them.

This morning what I am going to do is that I am going to pray a mass prayer for you people in the audience. Now let’s thank the Lord for this service. Get them up high [your hands], begin to rejoice. Let the excitement of the Holy Spirit just take it over in here. Amen. Begin to rejoice! Come on and rejoice by His Spirit! Amen.

103 – The Race