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Unnecessary—Worry | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1258 | 04/16/1989 AM

Praise the Lord. The Lord is wonderful! Isn’t He? Let’s pray together here. Lord, we love you this morning. No matter what is bothering the people’s hearts, no matter what is going wrong or whatever they need, you are the answer, and you are the only answer. There is no other answer. It’s easy to go right to you, Lord. We cast the burden upon you. That means we get rid of them, Lord. We know that you are going to work for us. Touch each, individual taking all the anxieties of this old world out, Lord, guiding them in their daily lives and preparing them for your soon coming. Let an urgency come upon the church and in the church’s [people’s] hearts that we don’t have forever [on the earth], Lord. Time is drawing short and we don’t have long. Let that urgency be with every Christian, Lord, in their hearts right now. Touch each, individual here. The new ones inspire their hearts, Lord, to know how much you love and care for them, Amen, and what you did to save each of them on this earth. Praise the Lord. [Bro. Frisby made some comments].

Leading into this message—it’s about worry. Now, did you know that if you don’t pray and if you don’t do certain things that the Lord said and act upon what He has given you to do—did you know that without prayer and praise, your body will set up in a worry situation? You don’t even know the antidote to get rid of worry. That’s part of it. In fact, that is powerful enough, it can get rid of all of it. Why you worry is because you don’t praise the Lord and give Him thanks enough. Your very body is upset because you are not giving the glory and the praise to God. Give Him the glory. Give Him the praise. Give Him the worship that He desires. I can guarantee you one thing: He will drive [away] some of those things that are born with the nature of man, that came through the world, and the oppression of the world. So, that is one antidote. And if you get uneasy, sometimes, know that you have to keep your prayer life up, attend the service with an open heart, allow the anointing to move for you and to drive those things out….

Now, as we enter the message, listen: Unnecessary—Worry or Unnecessary to Worry. Watch this real close: it will help everyone of you this morning. I mean everyone including the ministers. Everybody, even little children, nowadays have nervous conditions that they have never seen before…. It is occurring even to the children. They are worried and upset and frightened, even at a very early age. It’s the age that we are living in. Now, the worry; it does what? It poisons the system—won’t let go. It blocks the mind from peace. It weakens salvation. It delays spiritual blessings. And God wrote that when I wrote that. Exactly right. There is a message right in there…. It delays the spiritual answers and things that you get from God.

Entering the age that we are living in—that we are going into—the bible predicts that at the end of the age, satan will try to wear out the saints through fear, anxiety and frustration. Don’t listen to him. That is a trick of the devil to try to get the people uneasy. We’ve got a great God. He is going to stand on your side. It gets a hold of people in such a way—some people say, “You know, I have worried all my life.” It will finally get to you too. You find a way in the church to get rid of it. Some people in the world, they worry until they are in the hospital…. They worry, you know. Of course, that is human nature, sometimes. I want to really get into it and show you the difference here. It can come upon you and it can take hold of you if you are not careful. Now, see; you look at a termite, you can hardly see it. Those little bitty termites, you know, one or two, you can hardly see, but you get a bunch of termites together on concrete or on wood…. When you do, you go back there and there will not be enough of wood, that foundation is going to fall through there. But you can’t see it; little bit of worry there, you can hardly tell it. But when you get a lot of worry going on there, it’s going to eat the whole of your mind, your foundation, your body is going to go apart. How many of you believe that? The very thing you cannot see.

Sometimes that’s your problem [worry] and you don’t even know it. It’s been with you so long, you think it’s part of your nature. Oh, when it gets out of hand—unnecessary—and it gets out of hand. Oh my! Possibly, a little bit once, in a while will probably alert the system, but it’s still not good for you. Let’s get down and see what Jesus has to say to all of this here…. It’s a timely message. James 5 says at the end of the age, three times, “Have patience, brethren.” Now, the number one problem besides fear and confusion is worry. People, actually create a habit; they get a habit out of it. They don’t realize it. It opposes faith. So, use divine faith and positive mind to curtail it. The bible says, “Fret not, fret not.” How many of you believe that? Don’t fret about the rich. Don’t fret about this. Don’t fret about that. Don’t fret about the importance of somebody else. Don’t fret about those things of life and God will delight you. Delight yourself [in God] and God will take care of it. Jesus said you can’t change one thing by worrying., The only thing you are going to change is your stomach, your heart and your mind and that won’t work properly, saith the Lord.

Now, listen to this right here. Jesus is the Expert; hidden and couched in parables and different ways, He brings the treasures to those that will seek out the treasures of the bible. Some people never seek them out, they can’t see them because they don’t have time for them. They’ve got too much time to worry, too much time to fret, see? Get alone with God, then you will have less time to worry, less time to fret. It also bears this out here: He said think of the things of the immediate, of today. Then He went further and said in Luke 12: 25, He said you can’t change one cubit of your stature. He said tomorrow will take care of itself. If you take care of what needs to be done today, you won’t have time to worry about tomorrow. It’s because you didn’t do it today that you’ve got worries about tomorrow. Boy! If you keep your prayer life up, you stay with the anointed service of power, you stay with the faith and power of the Lord. Faith is a wonderful treasure. I mean, faith gets rid of all kinds of diseases. In the Word of God, it says, there is nothing that God will not do with faith. He said all thy diseases are cast out, all the new ones and all that will ever come to this world. I don’t care how severe they are; if you’ve got enough faith, that is sufficient to get rid of everything.

So, Jesus said don’t worry about that. One half of all sicknesses is caused by worry and fear, and even more than that, the doctors say. Not in one place in the bible did we see Jesus where He worried. Now, let’s bring this out right here; concerned? Yes, I wrote. I stayed there for quite a moment and wondered what the difference was. He was concerned; yes, but not worried. His concern brought us eternal life. He cares, that is what it was. He cared; He knew all who would be in the book of life. God knows the beginning from the end. He knows that the Lord will not miss one of them. He didn’t worry about the cross. That would do no good. It was already settled in His heart by faith that He was going, and He went. He wasn’t worried about that; He cared in His heart. He had care in His heart… It was care for His people.

Now, seriousness: get this close now. Don’t let the devil trick you up. Seriousness, sincerity or caution is not worry. If you are sincere and serious about what you are doing, and you are cautious about things, that is not worry. But if you drop that and get uneasy and do a lot of things without faith in God, it will work into something else. So we find out, being serious, sincere and cautious is not worry. Worry is something that continues when the switch is turned off. You go to bed, see; maybe ten to twelve times a night. It seems like you turned it off, but it continues. You’ve turned the switch off, but you can’t get rid of it, see? You say, “How do you know so much?” Well; l I have prayed for so many cases in the mail and so many cases in California, and on that platform. I think a third or more cases, up here or more, have been because of worry and strain. Many people, coming into this country, in different ways like that, puts a strain on them—the way in which we live and what we do. Many of those people have been delivered by the power of God.

Once in my life before I became a Christian, when I was a young man, sixteen or eighteen years old, I didn’t know what worry was. I told my mother, one time, I said, “What is that?” She said one day you will find out. Even at an early age of 19 or 20 or 22, when I began to drink—I wasn’t a Christian—when I got over there, then I began to worry about my health and different things began to happen to me. But oh, I turned it to the Lord Jesus and He took that old strain, that old pressure off there. Ever since I have been delivering people like that. So, there is a real problem there, so we finds out, worry is something that continues after the switch is turned off. You see, the spirits begin to torment you, if they can. But I tell you what, if you set your heart, you can come to one of these services at Capstone and you can sit here. If you’ve got any worries, you just relax, get your mind on the God of peace. Get your mind on the Lord and you begin to relax in the Lord and I guarantee you, if it has reached the point where you can’t shake it off, God will shake that thing for you. He will loosen you from that. Then you will give Him the glory. Then you will give Him praise.

So, worry is something that doesn’t stop when you turn the switch of But caution, sincerity and seriousness in God is not worry. You can be cautious about your children, sure, serious about your children, sincere, see? We have all of that in there, a small amount may break into a little worry, but when it gets so deep that your health is involved, it’s time to shake it loose. People are born into this world, it begins to come upon them. Even little children like I said, but you can shake it loose…. Listen: I wrote, a brilliant star lasts for millions of years, then it finally collapses. It depresses itself, see? Worry does the same thing. It starts, the energy is getting negative and turning inward in a human being, and then it turns into a black hole. That’s what confusion and worry would do for [to] you.

In similarity, you come here as a bright new star born of God. If you begin to think negative—and worry will cause you to be negative—remember, it interferes with faith and so forth, the first thing you know—like that star, at a certain time, it collapses inward—and it will pull you in and depress you. It will oppress you in such a way, then you have to seek prayer to get loose from that thing before satan begins to torment you in there. Jesus has every answer to take care of your problems today; you won’t have to worry about tomorrow…. Now, if you get Jesus’s faith in you, it will promote peace, rest and patience. But if you have an extreme amount of fear and worry and confusion, those three things [above] will be gone. If you get rid of confusion, fear and worry, those three things will be there. They are set in your body. They are there. “My peace I leave with you.” But you cloud it up with worry. You cloud it up with confusion. You cloud it up with doubt, all kinds of things. But my peace I leave with you. You have my peace.

What this means is [that] worry is a troubled state of mind, the dictionary said. I just looked it up. David said He delivered me from all my troubles. That means all his worries, all the problems that he ever had. Probably, as a little boy, he learned how to get rid of worry. He was a little lad, maybe 12 -14 years old. He was out with the sheep. There was a lion and there was a bear. If I knew David, a little boy, he just got between two of those little warm sheep and laid their peacefully with God. And if anything came, he didn’t worry about it; that old slingshot can put a move on a giant. It can sure put a move on anything else. Amen. He slept right there with them. Those were the only friends he had; those that he was taking care of. And that’s like the great Shepherd. He is at our door. He is standing right there and believe me, He can take care of us. How many of you believe that? So, he said God took care of my troubles.

Daniel and the King: there was a Median king. Old Daniel, they were going to throw him in the lions’ den on account of what the king had signed. Oh my! He [the king] was in a mess. He didn’t want to do that, but once it’s the law, they had to carry them through. All night long, the king was just wringing his hands. He was pacing, walking up and down. He was worried. He couldn’t sleep. All night long, he was worried about Daniel. But on the other hand, Daniel patiently waited in the lions’ den. He wouldn’t get anything stirred up in there. He couldn’t do anything about it anyway; worry wouldn’t do anything about it. He just believed God. Nothing else to do, but to believe God. But the king was like this—it said roared all night long. He couldn’t wait; the next morning, he ran down there. He said, “Daniel, Daniel. Daniel said, “Live forever O King, if you have got salvation. I am ok.” Boy, just a few minutes after that, those lions were hungry. God took the appetite away until they threw them down there and they [the lions] just chewed them to pieces. This is just to prove God is the real God. He got right out there and he had no worry.

Three Hebrew children: He [Nebuchadnezzar] was going to cast them into fire. You talk about worry now; he gave them a little time to worry. But they knew worry wasn’t going to do it. In fact, they said, down in this place where this guy is, our world will be over with if God does not see it fit to deliver us. But our God, they said, will deliver us. They didn’t worry. They didn’t have any time to worry. They had time only to believe God. How would you like to be faced with some of the circumstances those in the bible—prophets–[had to face], such as death, and they stood right there as if it didn’t matter? They had God and He was with them.

Paul said be content, no matter in what state of the mind you are. He proudly went out and laid his head down at the end of the line and became a martyr. See; all that he practices and preached, all that he told them was inside him. Everything was such in him in such a way, born in Paul, that when the right hour came, he was ready like a sheep to lay down his life at that time. It was because of what he did from the day that he went into the ministry and all the rest of the prophets what they did when they went into the ministry, that they were about to hold such a power—the three Hebrew children, Daniel and so forth like that.

In 2 Corinthians 1: 3, He is called the God of all comfort. Boy, peace, rest, quietness. He is called the God of all comfort and He is called the great Comforter in the Holy Spirit. Now, the God of all comfort is His name. I tell you, if you’ve got God in such a way and you believe Him with all your heart, then you’ve got the God of all comfort—any kind of comfort you need. What kind is it? A broken heart? Somebody said something to hurt your feelings? You lost all your money? It doesn’t make any difference what you did. Are you in debt? He is the God of all comfort. Did you lose your husband? Did you lose your wife? Did your children run off? What happened to you? Are your children on drugs? Are your children on drugs or on liquor? What happened to them? Are they in sin? I am the God of all comfort. Everything is covered, saith the Lord. That’s right. There is a fight. Sometimes you have to contend for the faith. And when you contend, you really contend in there. There are a few scriptures to go with this right here.

Worry—you know, when you have worry, it disturbs the mind. It cannot find God’s direction. An uneasy mind, a mind that’s shaken with no patience, it’s hard for them [it] to settle in and to find the mind of God. He is going to bring that church together. He is going to soak it with the different messages, pour that faith…. They are going up, instead of down, they are going away. Instead of sideways, they are going up. So, a disturbed mind cannot find God’s direction. It’s all confused. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart. Not part of it; but all of it, it said. Lean not to thy own understanding. Don’t try to figure things out yourself. Just accept what God said. Forget your figuring out. In all thy ways [no matter what you are doing], acknowledge Him [even it doesn’t—You say, “this doesn’t…whether it is or not] acknowledge the Lord, and He will guide you in some of those things you don’t understand. And then, He shall direct they path (Proverbs 3: 5 & 6). He shall direct thy heart, but you must lean on Him with all your heart.

And then it says here: “And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ” (2 Thessalonians 3: 5). What is it? The love of God brings the patience. Another thing; people get uneasy. Sometimes—we’ve got people—if you don’t have salvation, of course, you will start worrying about it. But if you believe God in your heart; say, you have done something wrong, you still have your salvation. Sometimes, you don’t know [why] you are so disturbed, then why don’t you just repent and confess to the Lord. That will wipe that [disturbance] out and the Lord will give you peace and comfort. Sure, that’s what confession is all about…. If something is bothering you, I don’t care what it is, all you have to do is confess it and be honest with God. If you have to go to somebody and tell them, “I am sorry, I said that about you,” if it won’t leave, then you have to do that. But you can pray in your heart and put it in God’s hands.

This world today, they would not accept God’s Word, God’s truth and salvation. That’s why you see the hospitals full of mental [patients], and so many of them are full of fear, frustration, anxiety, worry and all that are out there. Because they have rejected the power and the Spirit and the salvation of the Living God. A great confession in the heart and turning, and all of that will be wiped out. God is the Doctor and a better doctor than we have ever seen. He is the great Physician, mentally and physically, and every other way. He is the God of our body, our mind, and the God of our soul and spirit. So, why not just turn it over to Him and believe with all your heart? Sometimes, they are worried about their health too, but turn it over to the Lord.

The bible says here: be careful, for nothing, but in everything in prayer and supplication…. In other words, it means, anxious, when you look it up. Don’t get anxious for anything, but in everything by prayer…. If you pray and you pray enough, you seek the Lord enough, then you are praying, you are not worrying. How many of you believe that? Exactly right. It says here: let your request be known to God and then the peace of God should keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Oh, don’t be anxious, but be in prayer. Why are they so anxious? Prayer—not seeking the Lord, not listening to the service, not really getting in, not allowing that [the Word, anointing] to purge—to come on through, bless your heart, make you happy and full of joy. Let the anointing soak through you and it will really bless you there.

Of whom shall we be afraid (Psalm 27: 1)? The Lord said the Only One you have to worry about is Me. I am the Lord. This whole world needn’t fear anything; but fear the Lord for He is able to take body and soul and do away with them. No one else can do that. So, if you fear, put your fear in the Lord. That’s a different kind than the other. Oh, that’s good medicine to fear the Lord, to believe the Lord, delight thyself—and so forth like that. It says here: that we may rejoice and be glad all our days (Psalm 90: 14). But if you are worried and upset, you are not going to rejoice and you are not going to be glad all of your days. It says, “My son, forget not my law, but let thine heart keep my commandments. For length of day, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee” (Proverbs 3: 1 & 2). Great peace shall they add unto thee. For the joy of the Lord is your strength. Great peace have all they that love thy law and nothing shall offend them (Psalm 119: 165). All this is joy in those messages [scripture passages] there. Peace, rest; only it says to believe. Do what the Lord says and follow after the Lord. They have perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon the Lord…. Oh my, how great God is!

I want to read something here: Proverbs 15: 15 gives a secret insight. “…He that is of a merry heart [listen to this right here] hath a continual feast.” How many of you believe that? Solomon wrote that, the wisest man in the world at that time. He that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast and add all the days of joy, and all the days of your life as much as you want to, if you can shake the confusion, if you can shake the anxiety of this worry and shake the worry of this world. Turn it into concern. Turn it into trust and the things that we have spoken about, caution and sincerity, and get rid of the other. God will stand with you all the days of your life. Remember, it [worry] poisons the system, blocks the mind, confuses faith, weakens salvation and delays the spiritual blessings of the Lord.

Frisby read Psalm 1: 2 & 3. But his delight [that is you and me]—delight means rejoice, pleasure in the law of the Lord, pleased in the law of the Lord—and in His law doeth he meditate day and night. He meditates on the Word of God. He meditates on everything God says. And he has no time to fret, to worry…because he is meditating. Even in the world, they have many religions, they get their minds in meditation and it even helps them some, and they’ve got the wrong god. What in the world if you took that much time to meditate on the Lord? What kind of a mind would you have? You will have my mind, saith the Lord. And the scripture says, have the mind of the Lord Jesus Christ. Have the mind in you that was also in Him. Your mind will begin to think positive then. Your mind will have compassion and power. You will have confidence, positive faith; all of those things that you need today. All the things of the world will not do you any good. But all the things that I mentioned right there, they are going to carry you through, and they are more than enough to carry several more with you when you go on through. `Amen. God is building your heart there. So, it say “day and night” there, you see, steady (Psalm 1: 2). “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water [he is sturdy like that, the same all the time] that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaves shall not wither…” (v.3). His leaves shall wither. Worry shall not wither his body. Did you know that? And he shall have the touch of prosperity upon him….

You know, getting back to the tree. You know, a young tree growing for an example, if it is placed in a wrong way and the wind happens to blow stronger all the time, that tree will lean which way that wind is blowing…. The wind blows, the tree leans with that. In the same way with you: if you are worrying all your life and you can’t get it under control, you are beginning to have ulcer, heart problems and different things like that, you begin to poison your system. You are like that tree, see? Pretty soon, you are going to lean right in the direction of the oppression. You are going to lean right in the direction of a dark hole. You are going to lean to where you will have mental problems and depression. See; erect yourself and let God blow you back into condition and He will put you back into place. There is no way you can help anybody except you preach it this way, and I confirm it, saith the Lord. You know, they say, “That’s kind of hard.” That’s why you worry. You see; you don’t listen, that’s another thing that’s involved with it. How many of you believe that? If you listen to what the Lord has to say, if you open up your heart, you will be surprised how many things you should blow out there, by just sitting there. It doesn’t take a lot. Just sit out there and believe the Lord. Don’t let the devil trick you. Just accept it right there and praise the Lord.

One half of your diseases, mentally or otherwise, is connected to the worry element there. Therefore, being justified by faith, we have peace with God. But you only have it by faith. How many of you believe that? You say, “We have peace.” Sure, my peace I give unto you. My rest I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled. I have given you peace. It is there. So, when you get rid of the other [worry], then it [peace] balloons out, you see, and then it lights up in there. But the other covers it up. It takes away the light; it cannot grow into the perfect peace. It cannot grow into the element of rest. When you get alone with the Lord and you mediate and seek the Lord—remember that song, they that wait upon the Lord—you see, you get alone with the Lord in prayer and wait upon the Lord in prayer, the next thing you know the peacefulness of the Lord will become part of you. That rest and comfort of the Lord will become part of you. When it becomes part of you, it will drive out the anxiety…. Then we have the powerful gifts. We have the gift of healing, we have the gift of miracles, we have the gift of discernment, and the gift to cast out any kind of tormenting spirits that would bind up the mind. We see it all the time up here.

Most of them [sicknesses] are caused by worry, even cancer. All kinds of things are caused by it. Get rid of it; shake it off. Go back to what the bible says. Jesus, Himself, never worried, but He cared. He was concerned for the soul, but He didn’t worry about it. He knew that it was finished…. He knew what was written in the book. He didn’t worry about the cross, yet He knew what was going to happen…. He went to the cross faithfully. Even before it finished, He saved another soul—the thief on the cross. He got him out of there too. That’s exactly right. But I tell you, the other fellow [thief on the cross] woke up in a bad condition down there worrying, didn’t he? But He said, this day thou shall be with me in paradise. Your worries are over, son. Boy, he laid back and said Ha! That other guy, he was concerned alright. He was worried and upset. He didn’t even see God; he was sitting next to Him. See; they had him scared. He didn’t know what to do. He said that Man couldn’t remember him. That was the very One that could help him. You say today, “What are you preaching about that Person, Jesus?” That is the very One that can help you or you will be like the other one [the other thief on the cross]. He said you can’t remember me. But the other fellow said, “Lord, remember me….” Boy, his worries were over, saith the Lord.

Oh! Looking for that faith. Looking for somebody that loves Him, somebody that will take Him at His Word, somebody that will go all the way with the Lord and believe what He says. He will wipe it [worry, anxiety] out. Satan will set up snares and traps for you to worry all kinds of ways through your children, through your work, through your friends. Anyway that he can, he will set it up. He is sneaky too. Did you know that? He will sneak around. [ Frisby illustrated the point. He mentioned that someone came to the temple–Capstone Cathedral–grounds. He was up to no good. One of the workers politely asked him to leave. The man just smacked the worker on the head. The worker did not retaliate. He just looked at the intruder and just walked away from him]. You have to be awful cautious and wide awake. He will set all kinds of things up for you. Any of you, if you are not watching what you are doing, satan will do that to you. Don’t worry about it. What that means is to get a hold of the Lord and let Him clean it up. Now, the thing to do is to watch out. If anything happens like that, don’t worry. Leave it to God. God will handle all those things. Perfect peace for the mind that is stayed upon the Lord; strength for the day. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against all this confusion. The world is full of anxiety. It’s full of confusion. It’s full of all kinds of spirits, murdering spirit, all kinds of doubts, all kinds of spirits mentally. It says put on the whole armor. How many of you believe that?

Put on the full armor of God. “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). The bible has already told us how many ways we can get rid of it. If you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, one of them is to get rid of worry. Paul had to get rid of it. You talk about somebody worrying—when they said he was in tribulation—Paul was in cold and nakedness. They said, “Why didn’t he have any clothes [on]?” You know, they put him in jail and took them away. That’s why he did; he didn’t walk around like that. Some people said, “What did he put that down in there for?’ He wrote the truth. He didn’t have time to explain all that he went through. But all the trials and the sea, and shipwreck and all that. They took the poor, old prophet and they just took everything he owned, and they just took everything that he had and threw him in a dark dungeon, wet. The only thing he had—I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. They said, “That man is naked, cold in that jail. He is crazy.” No, Paul had his right mind. They were nuts! And one time, they threw him in there and they threw another fellow [Silas] in there with him. Paul [and Silas] started praising God… and the next thing you know, an angel came down, “Don’t worry, Paul. Be of good cheer.” He is always telling him to be of good cheer. He [the angel] came down and shook an earthquake. The door was rattled and flew off. Paul walked out there…. The keeper of the jail was saved and converted with his household.

Of all the evangelists that we have ever had and all the trials alone by himself without much of the other apostles, Paul going his own route in his own way and contrary to what many believed…yet he was able to face them [the trials] one by one. He left a record in there and he left a record for us. If Paul worried, he would have never gotten out of Jerusalem, saith the Lord. The fellow, the prophet Agabus ripped up his clothes and he said, “Paul, if you go down there, this man should be bound up and put in prison and bound up there.” But Paul didn’t worry about it. He said. “I have got something I have to do over there. No doubt, God told you that and he is telling me that. But I am going to go over there by faith because I want to do something that I have already purposed in my heart.” Then Paul got a hold of the Lord and the Lord said, “Yes, it will happen, but I will stand by you.” Paul went on there and you know it happened…. He went, didn’t he? Because he had promised something and he wouldn’t break that promise. God saw that that man would not break a promise. So, Paul went on without breaking that promise. When he did, God had to turn it back. The prophecy didn’t take place exactly as they thought it would, but it did take place and Paul got out of it…. If he had worried, he would never have gone in there. If he had worried, he would never have gotten on that boat. If he had worried, he would never have gone to Rome and he would never have left the testimony that he left.

See; in this life, if you are worried, in unease, frustrated, upset and in anxiety, how can you testify properly? You must be bold and full of the peace of God. In the world that we live in, out in the world and the way that the government is, not only this, but all the governments, there are things set up that are going to cause the populace to start worrying. Satan jumps on it; he creates out of a little breeze, sometimes, a great storm upon your life. If you just turn, you wouldn’t have to go through the storm of your life if [unless] you listen to him. We are coming to an age when the number one problem with fear is worry. The doctors know it and the psychiatrists know it. But to the Christian, “I am the God of all comfort.” How many of you believe that this morning?

See; if you are patient, you are quiet with the Lord, when you get alone—- There are other times when you shout the victory and you pray with others. But there is a time to get alone with the Lord. That would get your strength for the day. Behold, I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. But his delight is in the law of the Lord and in His law doth he meditate day and night [and all His promises too]. He shall like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth fruit in its season. His leaves shall not wither—neither his body—and whatsoever he does shall prosper. Do you believe that? On the other hand—worry—unnecessary—poisons the system, blocks the mind, confuses the faith, weakens salvation and delays spiritual blessings. I wrote that from the Lord, myself. You’ve got a good one! This will go all over the nation to help the people because I pray for them. Some have oppression, it hurts them and it strikes them in the home. Some of them write me for prayer. I send prayer cloths and I have seen tremendous and powerful miracles that you’ve never seen before.

This message, when it goes out, if you would do exactly, and listen to it, there is anointing to bring rest. There is anointing to bring peace. It will bring the rejoicing of the Lord in your heart. Leap for joy! When you get that rejoicing started, that joy started up and you begin to get your faith working in the right direction, it will wipe out that unnecessary worry that got you down. And each time, a trial comes to you, you may wipe it out once, but old satan won’t give up one day. He will come back through something else, see? And if you get real victory about it, he will really look you up again. But I can tell you one thing with all my heart, you must keep on doing what this message says here. I guarantee you, yes, you will finally discourage the devil, himself. Amen. And you will build yourself up, mentally and physically strong in your mind and your heart and God will carry you through. Jesus said you can’t change it anyway; worry won’t do it. But prayer will do it.

You know, 80% of people say, “I have worried off and on in my life.” Probably, that is human nature too and everything…. Did you know that 80% of their worry, there wasn’t anything to it, 20% was probably a reality? But do you know what? Even on that 20%, worry didn’t change anything. But if you worry, that means you ought to pray. Whatever it is, God will change it. How many of you believe that? I believe that with all my heart. Now, the statistics are there and they are there for us right here. We know today that the hospitals…are all filling up to the brim. But oh, He is the God of peace and the God of all comfort, out great Physician! Have patience, the Lord said, three different times, have patience, brethren. But if you fret continually and [something] is bothering you all the time—let me tell the audience right quick—there are pressures coming upon this world that the world has never seen before, crises that they have never seen before, all kinds of pressure that are going to happen in nature and different things…just before the translation. Satan has said he is going to try to wear out them [the saints] clear down to nothing in there. Now is the time to anchor in the Word of God. Anchor in the promises of God. You can blow it any way you want to; but get hold of that anchor.

So, this sermon is going to help us and it is futuristic. It is going to help you now and it is going to help you in the future. And all those who are listening to this, in my heart there is enough of power, faith in here to take care of that uneasiness and all that fretting in there. When you go through that, turn it [the recorded message in cassette or cd]—listen to the Lord. He will bless your heart. He will give you peace and the peace of mind. That is what the church needs. Once the church gets into that rest and peace, and unity in their hearts—the church, the body of Christ—when that types comes in at the end of time, when it comes into that peaceful rest and the power of faith, she is gone! How many of you believe that? The great revival breaks out; the translation of the church is going to take His body out. I tell you they are going to be mentally prepared and their hearts will be prepared. They are going to believe it with all their heart, mind, soul and body. They are going to go away from this old world right here.

I want you to stand to your feet. Amen. Glory to God! Hallelujah! Lord bless your hearts. Amen. Get happy. Praise the Lord! Prayer is a good antidote. We are going to worship the Lord and we are going to pray. And as we are praying, all the problems of the world, everything that you have, put them in His hands. Let’s worship the Lord. If you need salvation and that’s part of your problem, just turn it over to the Lord Jesus. Repent, confess and believe Him. Take hold of His name, get back in these services…. Now, I want you to put your hands in the air. I want you to pray. I want you to get a hold of the Lord. I want you to just thank Him. Your mind should rest this morning. Rest to your soul! Thank you, Jesus. Come on, now, get that rest! Lord, drive out that anxiety. Give them peace and rest. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. I feel Him, now. Thank you, Jesus!

Unnecessary—Worry | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1258 | 04/16/89 AM