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Translation Faith | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1810B | 03/14/1982 AM

You feel good? Well, He is wonderful! How many of you feel the Lord here? Amen. I am going to pray for all of you for the Lord to bless your hearts. He is blessing you already. You can’t sit in this building without being blessed. There is a blessing here. Can you feel it? Sure, it feels like a glory cloud. It’s like anointing of the Lord. Jesus, we believe you this morning. All the new ones that are with us, touch their hearts and let them not forget thy Word. Guide them no matter what problems they are in or the circumstances, Lord. We believe that you are going to meet their needs and daily guide them in their problems. Touch all the audience together here and anoint them. We thank you, Lord Jesus. Give the Lord a handclap! Praise the Lord!

Now the important question is, how do we prepare for the translation? How do we do it? We do it by faith. Do you know that? You have got to have faith, and by the anointed Word of the Lord. Now let’s see how important faith is. We know miracles are being wrought supernaturally [on the people] by God. That is to build their faith…for one purpose—He is preparing them for the translation. Should they pass on in the grave, He is preparing them for the resurrection because the healing power speaks of the resurrection power. See? It’s just a step towards that….

Now the potentials of faith are incredible. It is doubtful if anybody on this earth, even prophets, realize how far out faith can reach. Here are some scriptures to encourage your heart to believe for greater things. Yea, saith the Lord, all things are possible to him that believeth, putting his trust and actions in my Word. Isn’t that wonderful? Your trust and actions in ios His His Word; notice how He brings that. Mark 9: 23, by faith major obstacles are definitely removed. Luke 11: 6, by faith nothing shall be impossible. Oh, you say, “That’s a bold faith statement.” He can back it up. He has backed it up and He is backing it up some more before the end of the age. Matthew 17: 20, if a person doubts not in his heart, he shall have whatsoever he saith. How do you like that? Oh, He is reaching on out. Mark 11:24, by faith whatsoever you desire, you can have. By faith, even gravity can be overruled by the power of God. In Matthew 21: 21, it talks about moving obstacles. Even the ax head floated on the water for Elisha, the prophet. Can you say, Amen? Revealing God would overrule His law of forces that He had predetermined in the heavens, in the storms, in the weather patterns—He would change those laws. He would suspend them to work a miracle. Isn’t that wonderful?

Faith can cause the Lord to turn back, change His laws; look at the Red Sea. He turned around and turned back the Red Sea on both sides. How many of you believe that? That’s absolutely wonderful! By faith one can enter a new dimension and see the glory of God (John 11: 40). That’s right. Close enough to God, the three disciples the cloud overshadowed them, His face changed like lightning and He stepped into a new sphere. A new phase was before them even as Moses also stood on the cleft of the rock and saw into another world. He went into a heavenly dimension of God’s glory as He passed by him. He said, “Moses, just stand on the rock and I will pass by and you can see it differently now than you’ve ever seen it before. After that point, it was said that he never aged anymore—that he looked about the same. We have the bible scriptures saying that at the time when he died, God had to take him. It said his natural force was unabated. He was as strong as a young man. His eyes were not dim. He had eyes like an eagle. He was 120 years old.

So, the glory of God can renew your youth…. If you obey the health laws and the rules of this bible, even people that are gradually getting old can do something about it. The Psalms give us the scripture for it. Speaking about those who are feeble, when they [Children of Israel] came out, none of them was feeble. Later, they disobeyed the Lord and curses came upon them at that time. But He brought two million out, not one feeble person among them because He gave them health and He healed them—divine health until they broke His law. So, he [Moses] was on the Rock. Oh, he was on the Rock, wasn’t he? It’s here; the power to do these things for you here.

Also, Elijah entered a new celestial sphere, a phase in his life, when he entered the fiery chariot as he went over Jordan, smote it and it bent on each side of him—laws were suspended. Now he is fixing to travel. He is going upward; the laws are going to be suspended again. He got into the fiery chariot and was carried away…. The bible said that he is not dead yet. He is with God. Isn’t that wonderful? By faith in the anointed Word, we also will be translated. How many of you believe that? The other night we preached that at Elijah’s weakest point, at the most discouraging point of his life, God moved on him. He came to him. At his weakest point, he had more faith and power than most saints today. At his weakest point, he drew an angel to him and the angel cooked him a meal. He saw the angel and then went back to sleep. They [angels] did not disturb him. He lived in another world. Can you say, Amen? He was preparing. God was giving him that food, a spiritual type food. He was fixing to translate him. He was going to bring his successor. He was going to drop his mantle. He was going in that chariot. He was symbolic of the the rapture of the church; he was translated.

Yea, saith the Lord, my chosen children’s faith shall grow into a new realm. We are going into it…. You know, when He steps up to do more for the people and He begins to go into a deeper realm of power—and He goes with this power to the peoplesome turn around and go backward. Others jump on and ride with God…. Now, if Elijah had gotten to the chariot and fled back across the river, he would never have gone anywhere, but back into delusion. He kept on going, no matter if he had to go into the air. Can you say, Amen? Somebody said, “Well…” See, they haven’t seen what he had seen before in his life…except that he had experiences. It’s not easy to walk up to a chariot like that that is on fire. It looks like and it’s spinning…like a wheel within a wheel. I think Ezekiel described what he [Elijah] got into in the first chapter if you want to read it. And they flashed…like a flash of lightning. God sent an escort to get him, His patrollers. Now faith is powerful and he had great faith. But he had to have supernatural faith beyond mortal conception to get into that thing that was on fire, knowing that it was going up because he had seen it coming down. It took more faith than all that he did in Israel probably.

The Lord interrupted me; you would have run too. In our days, I was going to say that some might do it [walk up to and get in the fiery chariot like Elijah]. You wouldn’t do it. You really have to have God. Can you say, Amen? We are getting ready for the translation. It’s wonderful. People on television need to hear this too. The Lord said [in the] supernatural realm—He will prepare them for my [His] soon coming. He will increase the faith. It is coming…. Now, listen to this right here: evidently, the gift of faith and faith will operate strongly in God’s people just before the time of the translation. That is the rapture. Rapture means caught up. It’s an ecstasy that just happens here, but you have to have faith to go in the translation. It is impossible to please God without faith…. We never want to lose how important faith is. Each man or woman has a measure of faith. It is up to you to put more wood on that fire and allow it to leap out and work for you. That is exactly right.

Now, it was faith that caused Enoch to be translated. The bible said that Enoch was taken by God that he did not see death. Just like Elijah he was taken away. The bible said how he did it. He had this testimony that he pleased God. But then it said, by faith Enoch was translated. So, we see here today, by faith you will be translated into another dimension. By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death. Notice the calm faith that Elijah had. He knew that God was going to take him. He knew it. He [the Lord] had already spoken to him about it as seen in his reply to Elisha who had requested a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. He said, “If you see me when I am taken from thee….” He knew he was going. How many of you say, Amen? Evidently, he knew. He was moving fast because they went away like a speed of lightning when he got in there.

“If you see me going away….” In other words, “You are so bold. You want to be my successor. You went back and killed the oxen. You run behind me. I can’t shake you no matter where I go. Calling fire out and doing miracles, you wouldn’t flee. They threatened to kill us; you are still on my short tail. I can’t shake you loose.” But then Elijah said, “But if you see me going away, then this mantle will fall back and you would have a double portion.” Because Elijah said [thought], “When he sees that fiery chariot, he just might run.” If you see me go away…you see? When it came down, he could have run. Amen? But he didn’t, he was stubborn. He was very confident that he was the man that God was going to use. He was staying right there with Elijah. He did see him [go away], didn’t he? He saw that fire; like a flash of lightning in a whirlwind, it spun out and he went away. The immortal Elijah has not been seen since except that the scripture says in the last chapter of Malachi, “Behold, I will send Elijah the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” He is coming to Israel. How many of you believe that? Oh, they will think it’s some crazy old guy there, but he is going to call those asteroids out in the trumpets. Oh! People won’t believe that. Read Revelation 11 and read Malachi, at the end of the [last] chapter, you will find out what the Lord is going to do. Two great ones are going to rise in there. It won’t be for the Gentiles; they will be gone, translated! It will be only for the Hebrews. They [the two great ones] will challenge the antichrist during that period of time. He can do nothing to them until the right hour.

Now, listen to this: his faith was calm. A great calm was on him as he talked with Elisha—if you see me being taken away, it shall be unto thee, but if you don’t see me, you won’t receive anything (2 Kings 2: 10). The saints of God will not know the day or the hour of the rapture, but no doubt in various ways including certain cases of supernatural transportation, they will be prepared for the event. It won’t be a daily affair that somebody is transported. Elijah was transported several times according to the scriptures; not like in a chariot, but he was taken and put down in several places. But at the end of the age–mostly overseas–see, the Lord never moves people around unless it’s for a cause. He doesn’t do it just for display. How many of you realize that? At the end of the age, remarkable things could take place, but it wouldn’t be like a daily occurrence. God will transport His people, but we will see it probably overseas and possibly here. We do not know how He will do it all. He can do anything He wants to do.

So, we see with this great miracle here, there was calm. Now just before the translation, I feel besides the faith of God that God gives—that will bring calm—He will give them [the elect] stronger faith and it will come off of the anointing power…. All over the earth, He will touch His people that are His, and like Elijah, there would be a calm come to the people of the Lord. Just before the translation, He will calm His people. How many of you realize that. That’s one wedding you are not going to be nervous at. Oh, oh, oh! Can you say Amen. You know how nervous you were when you got married? No, not here. He is going to put a calm on it. Excitement? Yes. Anxiety and excitement, slightly, you know; but suddenly, He will calm. This calm will come through great faith in God and it would be like your body changed to light. Oh, this is fascinating! Isn’t it? We go through the time door into eternity. How blessed the Lord is! So, you see, by faith we will be prepared calmly. God will touch His people and prepare to take them out.

So, Jesus answering said unto them, “Have faith in God. One rendering is to have the faith of God…. It [the bible] says again, he shall have whatsoever he says. And so, we have unlimited possibilities of faith. By faith the sun and the moon stood still for the children of Israel. They had time to destroy the enemies that were in front of them. It happened by a miracle…. God was right there with them. By faith, the three Hebrew children were shielded from the flames of a fiery furnace. It could not harm them. They just stood there calmly, by faith, in the fire. Nebuchadnezzar looked in there and said the Son of God was walking in there, the Ancient One with His children! The three Hebrew children were standing in there; they were calm, just walking around in intense heat, seven times hotter than a normal fire. It was like ice water; it didn’t hurt them. In fact, they might have gotten a little cold; they wanted to get out of there. He reverses—He suspended His laws of the hurt in the flames. They saw the flames, but He took the sting and the fire out of the flames. It was cool in that furnace, but to anybody else, it was hot. Can you say, Amen?

To those that love God, this message will calm and cool them, but anybody that doesn’t have God, it’s pretty hot! Amen? It will burn you; you see. See where it makes you put up or shut up. Where do you stand with God? Where are you with the Lord? How much are you believing, the Lord? Who are the sheep and who are the goats? Who will really believe God and be determined in the heart to love God? That’s where we are this morning. So, at the end, He will have a showdown like Carmel with Elijah. There is a showdown coming. Who is going to believe Him and who is not going to believe Him? Amen. Well, I believe the Lord and I believe like Joshua; He will suspend nature and all His laws for His people. When we are translated, all of those laws are going to be suspended for we are going up into heaven. So, we see, the fiery furnace was cool for them. It didn’t hurt them a bit; calm, supernatural faith.

Don’t leave out Daniel, the Lord said. He went to sleep on a lion. How much calmer can you get? It was the king that was awake all night. He was worried to death and Daniel was low [down below], praising the Lord in the lions’ den. They were so hungry yet they would not touch him. So God, I would say, just took the hunger out of them. He [Daniel] might have even looked like another stronger lion to them. God is great. Can you say, Amen? The King Lion, the Lion of Judah—He must have turned him right in there. Nevertheless, the Lion of Judah was in control of that–which is the Lord Jesus. He is called the Lion of Judah. Those lions couldn’t move because He is the King of lions. Can you say, Amen? However He did it, the lions couldn’t hurt him. They brought him out, threw those men in there and they were eaten up. The other men fell in the fire and were burnt up showing that this is the supernatural power of God. By faith Daniel was unharmed in the lions’ den.

By faith, the apostles wrought signs and wonders and miracles so that great power could be disseminated about the reality of the Lord Jesus and His resurrection. With these great examples before us, I believe with all my heart—these faith examples—that we too will prepare our hearts in faith. Are you waiting for more faith? Are you wanting more faith? You have a light inside of you of faith, a small pilot light like you see on a little gas stove. You have that pilot light, each man and woman. Now you can begin to praise the Lord for more gas, the anointing, and you can even begin to turn on a full fire. We have had a little pilot light in this last revival which is called the former rain. We are coming into the former and the latter rain together. Therefore, He is going to create more anointing. We are going to have a regular fiery furnace. Can you say, Amen? All those that get near it that do not have faith are not going to be able to stand it. But God is going to increase the faith of His children for the translation. It is coming!

Anybody with sense doesn’t have to read most of the scriptures on the restitution of all things– I will pour out my Spirit on all my people. He said all flesh, but all won’t receive it. Those that do the scripture says, that a great latter rain would come, in Joel. All the power of the Lord will be upon His people. You don’t have to read all those scriptures. All you have to do is read the ones about the translation where it is impossible to please God without faith, and look at the examples of Elijah and Enoch when they were translated, and just look where God said, by faith Enoch was translated. And so was Elijah. So, we know one thing, without looking at any of the rest of the scriptures for revival, we know that we must have more faith to be translated. That faith is revelation faith and it will be in the cloud of wisdom at what time God is going to reveal it to His people…. Without any [other] scriptures, you are trapped into one thing here this morning, and that is, faith shall be increased to every child of God; double fold, triple fold, from what you have today. That is translative faith. It is as powerful as the resurrection faith. God is going to bless His people. That is faith in the Lord. Isn’t that wonderful?

How many of you feel Jesus this morning? Do you feel the Lord Jesus? How many of you want more faith this morning? This morning, I am praying. I want the Lord to begin that increase of faith. From this day forth, I want that faith to grow powerful…. I want to see God’s children full of faith until it just glows! Amen? Remember, Moses’ face just glowed, so much faith there! How many of you want to reach out into the faith realm this morning? The only way you can get through this world in a normal manner is to have great faith, a positive determined attitude of determination. That would pull you through this world. Otherwise, you are going to be negative, nervous, upset, frightened, worried and confused. Thank you, Jesus! I couldn’t have [put] all that together myself. That’s right! You’ve got to have faith—determined, positive—and the influence of the Holy Spirit guiding you, and the Lord will bless you. You’ve got to be dogmatic with faith. Don’t let anything move you. Just become part of the Rock and be like the Rock. Get your feet in concrete and keep them there with the Rock of ages, the Very Capstone, the Lord Jesus Christ. He will lead you. Don’t let anybody say you don’t have any faith; you just let some doubt and unbelief wipe it out, but it’s still there.

Just praise the Lord. Begin to shout the victory. Expect in your heart and the faith will begin to grow from the anointing. The anointing of the Holy Spirit—by seeking the Lord—causes faith to grow and it grow until exploits. It’s like you plant a little seed at first. You know, if you dig it up, you can’t tell if anything has happened. Just leave it alone. Pretty soon, you look and it is growing. The next thing you see, it comes out of the ground. It’s like a little seed of faith that you’ve got right now. As you begin to praise the Lord, He begins to water it with the Holy Spirit and the anointing. Pretty soon, it grows a little more, it sprouts up. My! The bible says, it gets to be like a tree finally. Can you say, Amen? That’s like the three Hebrew children and Elijah, the prophet. It just grows and grows in great leaps and bounds by the power of the Lord.

If you need salvation this morning, just reach out. Confess, repent in your heart if you have anything that is not pleasing to the Lord. Accept Him.s You can’t earn [it]—you can’t crawl on your belly; you can’t stick yourself and you can’t even pay anything for it. It is a gift. Salvation is a gift. There is no way to earn it; only by having faith and accepting what He has done at the cross, and you will feel Him—and you have salvation. How many of you believe that? It is a gift for every child; whoever will, let him believe. It’s for whosoever will believe—and these signs shall follow them that believe.

I want all of you in the congregation to stand up here this morning and ask the Lord to increase your faith…. Allow this faith to work in your heart…. Come on down and increase your faith. Reach on out! Can’t you feel His power? JESUS!

Translation Faith | Neal Frisby’s Sermon | CD #1810B | 03/14/1982 AM